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December 20, 1993

Trivia #12 - Published 20 Dec 1993



This is part of a series on Skiing and Ski Area TRIVIA.  It is posted
separately from our companion series on "THE LOST SKI AREAS OF



 A.  It's time for our quarterly explanation.  Yes, you do reach "The
     Colorado Skier" ...  We 
     (TCS aka Snavely) are too cheap to buy a modem so have no
     Internet access.  We write the newsletters on our own PC,
     transmit them to Mark via floppy and he posts.  He then prints
     all E-Mail replies and gives them to us via hard copy.  Clear?
     (Feel free to believe that Mark, Boris, TCS, and Snavely are all
     one person - we don't mind.)

 B.  Some of the data in this post was obtained (with permission) from
     "THE WHITE BOOK OF SKI AREAS", which is copyrighted by Inter-Ski
     Services, Inc.


 a.  From whence deriveth the ski area name "JAY PEAK"?  (If you don't
     know, ask your teenager.)

 b.  What two ski areas match up to the following sets of trail names?

   o Valentine, St. Patrick's, Easter, Independence, Witches Haunt,
     Veteran's, Turkey Chute, Christmas

   o Champagne, Mardi Gras, Independence, Firecracker, Mistletoe,
     Reindeer, Tannenbaum

 c.  Where and when were the first T-BAR, J-BAR, and ROPE TOW in the

 d.  Where is/was the PLAYBOY SKI AREA?

 e.  Which U.S. SKI AREA hosted a world-class "sport (rock) climbing
     contest" on the outside wall of what HOTEL?

 Bonus One:  There is a HERTZ print ad (in many magazines) featuring a
   Ford Aerostar van, and a Ford Explorer at the base of a ski area.
   Which SKI AREA?

 Bonus Two:  At what SKI RESORT was the movie "Ski School" filmed?

 Bonus Three:  The new movie "Gettysburg" is over four hours long.  
   What is the only line spoken by a female character in that time?

 HOLIDAY BONUS:  What very popular Christmas SONG contains lyrics
   indicating the rather unusual address of "Beverly Hills, L.A."?


 a.  At which SKI AREA do all the TRAIL NAMES begin with the letter
     "W"?    To Wit:     Witness:     Watch this:

          Wall                          White Way
          Waltz                         Why Not?
          Warm Up                       Wing "N" It
          Warpath                       Wipeout
          Way To Go                     Wise Acres
          Wedel                         Wolverine
          What's Next?                  Wonderama
          Whirlwind                     Wonderfully Wicked
          Whisper                       Wooly Bear
          Whistler                      Wraparound
          Wheelchair   (Never say "wheelchair" to a skier!)

     [We assume that the ski SCHOOL slope is called "Wossamotta U"!]

   ANSWER:  The ski area is SKI WINDHAM in New York.  (Of course
     Bullwinkle Moose matriculated at Wossamotta U.)

 GUESSES:  TOM knew the answer.  JAN-ERIK cleverly concluded that the
   area name started with a "W".  STEVE P (Ohio) suggested Whitetail,
   Winter Park, Telluwide, or Bweckenwidge!

 b.  Where and when were the first TRIPLE chair, the first DOUBLE
       chair, and the first SINGLE chair (in the U.S.)?

   ANSWER:  TRIPLE - Boyne Highlands, MI - 1963,  DOUBLE - Berthoud
     Pass, CO - 1947,  SINGLE - Sun Valley, ID - 1936.

 GUESSES:  MICHAEL (UT) knew about the single at Sun Valley and JEFF
   (CO) got the double at Berthoud.  RIMA (city?) suggested that the
   oldest EXISTING single chair is the one at MAD RIVER GLEN, VT circa
   1949.  Could be.  The only other operating single is at KRATKA
   RIDGE, CA.  We can only trace that one back to about 1960.

 c.  Name two or more ski areas which cross state lines.


 GUESSES:  There were several guesses for Heavenly and Catamount.  
   There was one guess for Stateline, which is actually a town.  JAN-
   ERIK suggested Mt. Rose and Incline.  Those areas are both well
   within Nevada.  FWIW, MT. ROSE and adjacent SLIDE MTN operated
   jointly as SKI RENO back around 1980.  Does anyone know if SLIDE
   MTN is now part of MT. ROSE?  (or is it closed?)

   New reader JOSHUA mentioned a closed area with 3 different names
   near the NY/MA border.  We found PETERSBURG PASS, 4 miles east of
   the town of Petersburg, NY; name changed to MT. RAIMER around 1976;
   and finally changed to TACONIC TRAILS IN 1980 (last reference).
   The key find is a 1968 map which lists PETERSBURG PASS as a
   MASSACHUSETTS ski area, "3 miles southwest of Williamstown, MA".
   Thanks Joshua, we love the opportunity to do research.

 d.  WHERE are the following ski runs and WHO were they named after?

   AL'S RUN  -  TAOS, NM  -  Named after DR. ALBERT M. ROSEN who, when
     his doctor said he couldn't ski any more after a heart attack,
     continued to ski, wearing an oxygen bottle.  (some pundits say
     that actually, Dr. Rosen was a knee surgeon who made his money
     off accidents on the super steep run!)

   ALF'S HIGH RUSTLER  -  ALTA, UT  -  Named after ALF ENGEN, former
     ski jumper and long time director of the Alta ski school.  (BTW,
     there is now an "Alf Engen Ski Museum" at the new ski jump
     facility near Park City.)

     who skied there as a little kid (he was also U.S. Attorney
     General at the time).

   GRETCHEN'S GOLD  -  SUN VALLEY  -  Named after local ski racer
     GRETCHEN FRASER who won an Olympic gold medal in the 1948 slalom.

   JILL'S RUN  -  MAMMOTH MTN, CA  -  Named after local ski racer JILL
     KINMONT whose life story was depicted in the movie "The Other
     Side of the Mountain".

   STARR  -  STOWE, VT  -  Named after CORNELIUS VANDER STARR, early
     financial backer of Stowe.

 GUESSES:  We expected that AL's RUN would be the best known, but the
   honors went to ALF's.  STEVE H knew C.V. Starr.  JIM CARR didn't
   play trivia this time but he was the one who suggested "Gretchen's

 e.  What two sports items is HOWARD HEAD best known for?

   ANSWER:  Metal skis and metal tennis rackets.

 GUESSES:  Jan-Erik, Jeff, and Steve P knew this one.  MICHAEL had the
   best line:  "The two sports items were RIGHT and LEFT metal skis".
   Cute.  Whatever happened to Head Skis?  For a time the Head 360 was
   the most popular ski in the U.S.  (while we skied Hart Super-Pros).

 Bonus One:  In which JAMES BOND MOVIE did the Bond character actually
     "shred - board - ride"?

   ANSWER:  In the prolog of the movie "A View To A Kill", Bond was
     trapped by the baddies in Alaska.  He lost his skis so he jumped
     a snowmobile (which crashed) and fashioned a snowboard out of one
     of the runners.  In succeeding scenes no doubt a real
     (camouflaged) board was used.

 GUESSES:  New reader DAVID (NC) suggested "The Living Daylights"
   (right thought, wrong movie?).  Actually that movie started with
   the practice parachute assault on Gibraltar.  JAN-ERIK listed some
   of the other great ski scenes in other Bond movies, most of which
   we have covered in previous TCS Trivia issues.  (Altho we never did
   discuss Bond riding the cello case.  Perhaps that was what David
   was referring to.)

   [It was summer, so we used some non-skiing trivia questions]

 Bonus Two:  Who played basketball CENTER at UCLA between the Lew
     Alcindor and Bill Walton eras?

   ANSWER:  STEVE PATTERSON, who later played for the Phoenix Suns.
   Patterson once remarked that his greatest claim to fame would
   probably be as an answer to a trivia question!  True.

 GUESSES:  None (no interest in basketball from skiers - conflicting

 Bonus Three:  Where do the names "AAMCO, ARBY's, JARTRAN, MAACO, and
     WBUR come from?

   ANSWERS:  Anthony A. Martino founded the A.A.M. COmpany (AAMCO
     Transmissions).   Later he reversed the AAM to MAA and started
     the MAACO car painting chain.    ARBY's comes from "ARE BEE" or
     "R.B." or "Roast Beef".    James A. Ryder founded the Ryder truck
     rental company ("Ryder Rents Trucks"), which he sold.  Then he
     got bored and founded another truck rental company called J.A.R.
     Transportation, or JARTRAN.    WBUR stands for Boston University
     Radio.  Lots of college stations use the acronym format.  
     Examples:  KUNC at Univ of Northern Colorado and KRCC at Colorado
     College.   (What schools do WGBH and KQED represent?)

 GUESSES:  Two of you knew WBUR but then assumed that everything else
   was also Boston related.   (no acronym nuts out there?)


 a. SUNLIGHT, CO  -  This relatively tame area has opened several
    double black diamond runs (50 degrees?) in an area formerly called
    East Ridge but now referred to as "Sunlight Extreme".

 b. ASCUTNEY MT, VT  -  There is a rumor that this area is reopening.
    Is it true?

 c. PARK CITY, UT  -  correction - The old King Con triple chair which
    was moved to the base area will be used for race training only.

 d. WOLF CREEK, CO  -  BILL (CO) says that Wolf Creek dropped out of
    "Colorado Ski Country" because they didn't think they were getting
    their money's worth.  Unfortunately the snow reports have now
    become sporadic (which is fine with Bill if it reduces crowds).

 e. KILLINGTON, et al  -  Last time we kiddingly said that the big K
    should buy SUNDAY RIVER to stop their squabbling.  TOM pointed out
    that K did actually own Sunday back in the late 70's but gave up
    on 'em.   (Here is a shocker.  The stats for Sunday River in 1978
    list one chairlift and 20 acres of snowmaking!)

    Also, there are still rumors about K buying nearby PICO.
    Apparently the buyout attempt is in the papers.  The last official
    thing we read (1-2 years ago) was that the deal was dependent on
    acquisition of a major water supply.  K obviously believes that
    snow making is the way to go to run an eastern ski area
    successfully.  At that time the water deal had fallen thru (due to
    the "greening" of the Green Mountain state) so K turned the deal
    down.  Anyone know the current status?

 f. HESPERUS LIVES!  -  New reader ILANA (CO) reported that some of
    her friends and relatives assured her that this small area west of
    Durango is, indeed, still open.  Then the peripatetic KELLY
    reported that a motel operator in Cortez "skis Hesperus every
    year".    Thanks gang.

    BTW, if you folks are so good at this, what is the status of the
    CHAPMAN HILL area in Durango (east of downtown climbing the hill
    up to Fort Lewis College), and the CRANOR HILL area just north of

 g. GENEVA BASIN, CO  -  The folks in Park County tried to pass a
    measure which would have collected a tax on recreation activities
    in Park Co.  The tax monies would than be used to buy and reopen
    the GENEVA BASIN ski area.  Hunting and fishing interests were
    irate, as they would pay the tax and receive nothing in return.
    The measure was defeated back on 2 Nov.   [CHESTER, please don't
    read the rest of this!]   The next day, without notice, the U.S.
    Forest Service BURNED DOWN the Geneva base lodge!  Apparently the
    USFS is bound and determined to erase any evidence of this ski
    area (must have learned from the Stalin purge!).

 h. MONARCH - Bad news.  Monarch has given up on their expansion plans
    (4 new chairs and doubled acreage) because they can't afford to do
    the EIS.

 i. ASPEN HIGHLANDS - The buyer, Gerald Hines, scaled down the size of
    the planned base area "village" in order to get county planning
    commission approval.  Once he got approval (just a few days ago),
    he bought the ski area from Harvard, and then traded it to Aspen
    Ski Co. in return for part ownership of Aspen.  After the
    contracts were signed, the area finally opened for the season on
    14 Dec.  It will, of course, be operated by Ski Co.  No word on
    lift ticket price, which was only $30 last season.


 a. SNEAKY TRIVIA  -  STEVE (MA) and JEFF H (city?  D.C.?) knew that
    "Nellybelle" was the jeep ridden by Pat Brady on the Roy Rogers TV
    show.  FWIW, Pat Brady was part of the singing group "Sons of The
    Pioneers" ("Cool Water", "Tumbling Tumbleweeds").

 b. "BRISCO COUNTY, JR"  -  We asked where the steam train used in
    this TV show is located.  KEVIN (MN) guessed the "Durango &
    Silverton" or "Cumbres & Toltec" railroads.  Good guesses; they
    are used in lots of movies.  However they both use 1923 type steam
    locomotives and the TV show takes place around 1895.  The railway
    most used in movies (e.g., "Unforgiven") is in Jamestown, CA, in
    the western Sierra foothills.  It has an 1891 locomotive.
    However, in one show the locomotive was shown travelling thru an
    orange grove.  None in Jamestown.  We wondered about the 1881
    locomotive (formerly of the Colorado Southern) at Knott's Berry
    Farm.  It used to travel thru an orange grove, but we would think
    that by now, due to expansion, the orange grove has become an
    employee parking lot.  Any thoughts?

 c. "PLUNK YOUR MAGIC TWANGER, FROGGIE"  -  We bet that no one was old
    enough to remember that line.  Wrong, two of you old geezers
    (names withheld) remembered.  The line came from an old children's
    radio show called "The Buster Brown Show". ["I'm Buster Brown and
    I live in a shoe.  This is my dog Tige and he lives there too."]

    Other characters on the show were Squeakie and Midnight and there
    were stories about young boys named Baba and Ghangi (Michael
    Jackson has all the audio tapes).  The show debuted on NBC radio
    on Saturday mornings in 1943 and ran for several years.  We polled
    some 50+ year olds who remembered it and one guy only 45 years old
    suggested that he probably heard it in 1952.  Both alert TCS
    readers called it "Andy's Gang" (?).  The sponsor was Buster Brown
    Shoes (do they still exist?) and the host's name was Ed McConnell.
    No Andy there.  (??)

    Questions:  Are you sure about the title?  What year(s) did you
    hear the show?  (names will continue to be withheld)

 d. WHAT WE THINK  -  Isn't it great that we have a Constitution and
    that Colorado judges have read it.

    CONTRIBUTIONS TO SKIING?      Which items or processes have
    contributed most to the success of skiing in the U.S.?  

    OK, you have sent in your suggestions.  After reading them, we
    decided to limit the question to "success since WWII".  That
    eliminates the obvious invention of the ski lift (rope tow, J-bar,
    T-bar, et al), and in general assumes the invention of a primitive
    ski, ski boot, and binding.

    So, what factors contributed most to the SUCCESS of skiing?  Pick
    five choices from the following list (write-ins are allowed):

    Release bindings, metal edges, metal skis, buckle boots, plastic
    (warm) boots, step-in bindings, ski brakes, chairlifts, high speed
    chairlifts, snow grooming, snow making, waterproof breathable
    fabrics, increased leisure time, Ski Patrols, Winter Olympics on
    TV, Warren Miller films, condo tax writeoffs, stretch pants.

6.  FAVORITE SKI VILLAGES  -  When you have taken a week long or long
    weekend ski trip, what have been your favorite ski villages?  That
    is, what ski towns have the best restaurants, shops, and all-
    around ambiance (we picked Vail mostly because it is a pedestrian
    village).  Send in your votes for your top 3 ski villages, in
    order of preference.  We will tally the votes with our Talleyrand
    (or is that Sally Rand) computer and print the results in the next
    "TCS LISTS".  There have been several entries already but we won't
    discuss the leaders so as not to influence your vote.


 a. BYRON (CO) skied A-BASIN on 3,4 July.  He reported excellent
    conditions.  It snowed hard on the 4th.  There was a wedding and
    the party had to use umbrellas to ward off the heavy snow.

 b. BYRON (again) skied STEAMBOAT over Thanksgiving.  18 inches of new
    snow on Wednesday and easily the best conditions in the entire
    country on Thanksgiving Day.  He was tired from skiing the deep

 c. AMIE (SC) was at STEAMBOAT from 11-19 Dec  (How was It?).

 d. HAROLD (PA) was visiting friends in Boulder from 9-14 Dec and
    planned to at least get up to ELDORA.

 e. PHIL (Chelmsford, MA), the official TCS stockbroker, skied
    KILLINGTON on 10 Dec.  The runs that were open were in good shape,
    he reported.  However, he quit after six runs when the "snow" (ice
    pellets) started flying horizontally.  The next day it rained, so
    he quit and went home.

 f. BORIS and NATASHA plan to ski SANTA FE and TAOS on 27 and 28 Dec.

 g. JAN-ERIK will be at 49 North, Red Mountain, Kimberly, Panorama,
    Fernie, The Big Mountain, Silver Mountain, Schweitzer, & Mt
    Spokane from 15-23 Jan.  Looks like a list carefully calculated to
    keep him in First Place on the "Areas Skied List"!     [Do you
    suppose that "Jan" and "Erik" are really two people?]


 a. Thanks for providing your CITY NAME in E-Mails to TCS.

    "Most of the people we know who've skied in Europe and Colorado
    say the skiing in Colorado is much better.   There aren't as many
    people - and they're friendlier."

                             Former President Jimmy Carter

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