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March 24, 1994

Lost Areas #14 - Published 24 March 1994



Researching "lost" Colorado ski areas is the hobby of THE COLORADO
SKIER.   But we ran out of lost areas in Colorado.  So we started on
another region of the country, namely the southern Mid-Atlantic
states.  Next stop NEW HAMPSHIRE.  Is your state next?

For more info on skiing and ski areas, check out our separately posted
companion articles entitled:   "THE COLORADO SKIER - TRIVIA"  (with
skiing trivia questions),  "THE COLORADO SKIER - SKI NEWS"  (current
ski area news), and  "THE TCS LISTS"  which contains statistics on ski
areas (and other related subjects). 

  [NOTE:  We will be posting to "rec.skiing.alpine" in the future (and
  to "rec.skiing" until it shuts down in June).  Is this OK with you
  TCS  readers who are switching to ".snowboarding" and ".nordic"?]

 A. Lots of neat stuff to cover in this issue.  Section 1.0 finishes
    off the ski areas of the southern Mid-Atlantic states, and also
    the rest of the Southern ski areas (both open and closed).  In
    Section 2.0 we answer a request by covering some states in the
    Plains region.   In Section 3.0 you finally get a taste of New
    Hampshire.  And in Section 4.0 we discuss our new plan to research
    and document ALL of the "Lost" ski areas of the entire U.S. 

 B. Some of the data in this post was obtained from "THE WHITE BOOK OF
    SKI AREAS", which is copyrighted by Inter-Ski Services, Inc.

    {Copyright 1994, The Colorado Skier.  All rights reserved.}
    [Note:  TCS defines "Mid-Atlantic" as Delaware, Maryland, D.C.,
    Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.]

1A. Here are ten "lost" areas from the last issue plus some "planned"
    areas  [Note:  If you have any updates or corrections to this
    info, we would love (OK, like) to hear from you.] 

 OREGON RIDGE   (Hunt Valley, MD),  [closed],  Located 15 miles
   north of Baltimore off I-83 at the Hunt Valley exit, near the town
   of Cockeysville.  Now used for sledding.  Opened in 1964, was
   definitely open thru 1969.  We have one obscure reference for 1974.
   [Curiously, we never found this area on a highway map.]  
      Vertical Drop:  300 ft       Top:           Base:
      Lifts:   1 chairlift, 6 rope tows 

   JOSH (city?) remembers this area being open around 1974.  RICK (now
   in Colorado) says it was definitely open when he left Baltimore in
   1965.  He believes it was used as a ski test area for Head skis,
   located in nearby Timonium, MD. 

 SNAGGY MOUNTAIN   (Terra Alta, WV),  [name change],  This was the
   first name (circa 1968) for MOUNTAINTOP (early 70's) which
   eventually (1976) became ALPINE LAKE (still open).
      Vertical Drop:  300 ft       Lifts:  2 Pomas 

 SHAWNEE-LAND   (Winchester, VA),  [obscure], References in 1968 & 74.
      Vertical Drop:  400 ft       Top:           Base:
      Lifts:  1 T-bar, 2 rope tows 

 SHEEPBACK MOUNTAIN   (Maggie Valley, NC),  [planned],  Reported to be
   under construction in 1968.  Note that CATALOOCHEE (at Maggie
   Valley) was already open at that time.  A 1990 reference says "No
   info since 1985".    Lifts:  2 chairs, one T-bar  (planned) 

 SKILAND   (Charlesville, VA),  [obscure],  Used "polysnow" (circa
      Vertical Drop:  140 ft       Lifts:  2 rope tows 

 SKI WAY   (Braddock Heights, MD),  [name change],  Changed name to
      Lifts:  1 T-bar, 1 rope 

 STRUDEL RUN   (Braddock Heights, MD),  [very obscure],  "Located"
   next to SKI WAY (see above) at Braddock Heights, sharing same phone
   number, in 1964.  Probably the same area.
      Lifts:  1 T-bar 

 TORY MOUNTAIN   (Harman, WV),  [obscure],  We had this one listed as
   a "planned" area, circa 1984.  However, we have found a ski area
   south of Harman near the town of Job, on three different brands of
   maps, from the 1983, 84 period.  Therefore we will have to assume
   that the area did actually open.  No other data.  Note that two of
   our four sources spell the name "TROY", rather than TORY.  Anyone
   got a detailed map with a "mountain" named Tory or Troy?
 ???  (Renick, WV),  [very obscure],  While researching Tory/Troy Mtn,
   we found a ski area off US 219 on a 1983 WV map.  No other data. 

 WEISS KNOB   (Davis, WV),  [obscure],  Located on WV 32, just east
   of CANAAN VALLEY.  Historic area built by the Washington (D.C.) Ski
   Club in the mid-fifties.  The area eventually closed when the
   larger CANAAN VALLEY area opened in 1972.  Currently used by the
   White Grass Ski Touring Center.  The lifts have been removed.
   Thanks to DONALD (Chantilly, VA) for some of the info.
      Vertical Drop:  625 ft       Lifts:  3 rope tows
   Note:  We (with help from DON) are 90% sure that SKYLINE and
   RAPPAHANNOCK are the same ski area. 

 SKYLINE/RAPPAHANNOCK   (Washington, VA),  [closed],  Located 2 miles
   west of Washington on VA 625.  Founded by the Skyline Ski Club in
   1961.  Used the SKYLINE name until 1972, then switched to 

   RAPPAHANNOCK.  Closed about 1975.  Data are for 1972.
      Vertical Drop:  575 ft       Top:  1500     Base:  925
      Lifts:  1 chairlift, 1 T-bar, 2 rope tows

Other Planned Areas: 

 COLLEGE MOUNTAIN   (Emmittsburg, MD),  [planned],  1992 planning for
   a $20 mill day ski area.  No current activity.  There was
   opposition from St. Mary's College which, curiously, is located
   many miles away in SE Maryland.  Perhaps the college owns land in
   the projected ski area location. 

 FLAT TOP MOUNTAIN   (Flat Top, WV),  [planned],  Planned around 1979
   for private land, with a vertical of 500 ft.  Probably turned into
   WINTERPLACE (still open), which opened (600 feet vertical) around

 LAUREL CREEK   (Lewisburg, WV),  [planned],  Originally scheduled to
   be a private area for homeowners.  Now planned as a private area
   open to the public.  Phase I was to include 100% snowmaking and a
   quad and double chair serving 1000 feet of vertical.  Development
   had not started as of 1992. 

 MACE KNOB   (Cheat Bridge, WV),  [planned],  To be located north of
   SNOWSHOE, near the town of Cheat Bridge.  Also known as CHEAT
   MOUNTAIN.  Planning, circa 1991. 

 RICHWOOD   (Richwood, WV),  [planned],  Municipal area, no funds,
   circa 1990.
 Note:  No downhill snow skiing areas were discovered in DELAWARE,

 [Note:  For bookkeeping purposes we now have combined the Southern
 Mid-Atlantic and the Southeast into one new region called "SOUTH".]

 CLOUDMONT RESORT   (Mentone, AL),  [still open],  Opened in 1972.
      Vertical Drop:  150 ft       Top:  1800     Base:  1650
      Lifts:  2 rope tows    Used a polysnow surface some years.

 MARBLE FALLS   (Dog Patch, AR),  [closed],  Located on Hiway 7 south
   of Harrison.   Operated from about 1973 to 1978.
      Vertical Drop:  220 ft       Top:  3000     Base:  2780
      Lifts:  1 chairlift, 3 rope tows

 VINING'S RIDGE   (Atlanta, GA),  [closed],  Located 9 miles north at
   I-75 and I-285, on Vining's Rd in Vining.  Operated in late 70's
   (77-80).  Used an "astroturf" ski surface.  Open year-around.
      Vertical Drop:  140 ft       Lifts:  1 Poma 

 SKY VALLEY   (Dillard, GA),  [still open],  Open since 1971.
      Vertical Drop:  210 ft       Top:  3325     Base:  3115
      Lifts:  1 double chair, 1 rope tow

 GENERAL BUTLER   (Carrollton, KY),  [name change],  Original name for
   SKI BUTLER (which is located in General Butler State Park).
 SKI BUTLER   (Carrollton, KY),  [still open],  Area opened around
   1982.  Changed to this name in 1986.  Night skiing.
      Vertical Drop:  300 ft       Top:  800      Base:  500
      Lifts:  1 triple chair, 2 double chairs, 1 T-bar, 3 rope tows

 CEDAR CLIFF   (Waynesboro, TN),  [obscure],  Open for the 78/79
   season with 1 T-bar and 1 rope tow.     

 ENGLISH MTN  (?),  [very obscure]  Only one reference, circa 1977. 

 LONG MOUNTAIN   (Nashville),  [obscure],  Located 1 mile from
   Nashville on Hiway 46E.  Quad chair and rope tow in 1979. 

 MT. HARRISON   (Gatlinburg),  [name change],  This was the name for
   the OBER GATLINBURG ski area (which is located on Mt. Harrison)
   when it opened in 1960.  The name changed to GATLINBURG in the mid-
   sixties and the current name was adopted in the mid-seventies. 

 RENEGADE   (Crossville),  [closed],  Located at Crab Orchard exit off
   I-40, 10 miles east of Crossville.  Operated from 1969 to 1978.
      Vertical Drop:  425 ft       Top:           Base:  2700
      Lifts:  1 chairlift, 1 J-bar, 2 rope tows 

 OBER GATLINBURG   (Gatlinburg),  [still open],  Opened in 1960.  The
   tram is used for access only.
      Vertical Drop:  600 ft       Top:  3300     Base:  2700
      Lifts:  1 Tram (120 pass.), 2 quads, 2 double chairs. 

 Note:  No downhill snow skiing areas have been discovered in FLORIDA,


 GREENWOOD HEIGHTS   (Beaumont),  [closed],  Located 1 mile southeast
   of Beaumont (50 miles due east of Wichita).  Operated from about
   1968 to 1973.
      Vertical Drop:  158 ft       Top:  1578     Base:  1420
      Lifts:  1 chairlift, 2 T-bars 

 MONT BLEU   (Lawrence),  [closed],  Located 4 miles east of Lawrence,
   off Hiway 10.  Operated from about 1968 to 1983.
      Vertical Drop:  230 ft       Top:  1230     Base:  1000
      Lifts:  1 T-bar, 1 rope tow 

   STEVE (city?) says that MONT BLEU had a chairlift in the mid-
   sixties but sold it to a ski area near St. Louis.  Well, HIDDEN
   VALLEY, MO opened in 1968, but sans chairlifts, which weren't added
   until the 70's.  Can we pin those years down, Steve?

 DEVIL'S NEST   (Crofton),  [obscure],  Located to the north of
   Crofton, near Lewis & Clark Lake.  Operated in the 1972, 73 time
      Vertical Drop:  450 ft       Lifts:  1 chairlift, 1 Poma 

 TRAIL RIDGE   (Gretna),  [name change],  Located about 30 miles
   southwest of Omaha.  Opened in 1980.  Changed name to NEBRASKI
   (still open) in 1991. 

 NEBRASKI   (Gretna),  [still open]
   Vertical Drop:  200 ft          Top:  1250     Base:  1050
   Lifts:  1 doublechair, 1 T-bar, 3 rope tows    night skiing

   Finally, a new state!  Who remembers these "Lost Ski Areas"?
        Alpine Ridge                  Bobcat
        Crotched Mountain             Dundee
        Evergreen                     Fitzwilliam
        Garrison Hill                 Hogback Ski Track
        Inn at East Hill Farm         King's Grant
        Lakeview                      Mittersill
    Note:  We are currently tracking 60 "lost" ski areas in New
    Hampshire, which places it among the top five states, along with
    Colorado, California, New York, and Maine.

4.  "LOST" IN SPACE - Back in January we got restless and decided to
    expand our list of LOST ski areas to include all states.  Two
    weeks and a lot of typing later, we had a list started (just ski
    area names and towns) for ALL of the Lost Ski Areas in the entire
    U.S. (42 states).  Now we can easily red-line as we find data.
    Why do we bring it up?  Well, the list currently stands at about
    910 names.  Consider this:  So far, in the LOST posts, we have
    covered 80 Colorado areas and 30 southeastern areas.  That's 110
    Lost areas in 1.5 years.  Subtract 110 from 910, assume 10 areas
    per post, assume 6 posts per year, and you can see that it will
    take about 13 years to cover all the currently known areas.  Wow!
    To pick up the pace, we will try to do one "Lost" post every three
    issues, about every six weeks.  [our pattern will be Trivia, Lost,
    News, Trivia, Lost, Lists, repeat.]  We will try to cover a major
    state (e.g., NH) and some minor region (e.g., Kansas/Nebraska)
    each issue.  AND we will try to cover the states that YOU are
    interested in.  You may remember that we had a vote on which
    states to cover after Colorado.  The winner was VA/NC.  Next was
    NH and then NY.  There were a few votes for Utah and Calif.  Care
    to vote again?  (NH is next, regardless - we are heavy into
    research).  BTW, OUR vote is for California.  That's the state
    (besides CO) we know most about.


 a. DEEP CREEK - DON (VA) says that DEEP CREEK, MD (circa mid-60's) is
    not the same area as WISP (1968 - still open).  BTW, many thanks
    to Don for checking his maps and actually calling a historical
    society to provide some lost ski area history.
    Oh, yes - Don claims that while climbing nearby Mt. Bierstadt, he
    observed that the ski runs at GENEVA BASIN, CO spell out the word
    "S K I".  It's amazing what happens to flatlanders when they hit
    that thin air at high altitudes, isn't it?  Take some deep
    breaths, Don.  Actually there is a run on the left side of the
    main chair which has a very definite "S" shape.  Then you can
    build a case for the next run to the right touching the chair
    line, making a "K".  Of course the "I" is easy, there are lots of
    them, altho one ends up with S K I I I and some "J"s and an "X"
    and even the Roman numeral III.  And people call us weird! 

 b. MT. ROSE - Three folks have written to state that SLIDE MOUNTAIN
    is indeed now part of MT ROSE.  (altho, to complicate matters, the
    combined area is actually located on "Slide Mountain".  There are
    no downhill facilities on "Mt. Rose".) 

 c. MT. CHARLESTON - a ghost gondola?  We mentioned finding a gondola
    listed back in the 70's.  JAN-ERIK has seen the terrain, but not
    the gondola.  Consider a horizontal rectangle with the east side
    being US 95 to Las Vegas, the top being hiway 156 to LEE Canyon
    (the existing ski area), the bottom being Hiway 157 to "Mt.
    Charleston", and the left side being Hiway 158 connecting the two.
    At the lower left corner is the "Mt. Charleston Lodge - Village"
    with no signs of a gondola.  Anyone else with an idea? 

 d. CHAMA - George (New Mexico?) wants to know about a planned area
    near Chama, NM.  Here is what we have:
  ARRIBA   (Chama),  [planned],  There was planning for an area by
    this name circa 1990-92.  The area was to be located on Brazos
    Peak (Elev 11,400 ft), about 10 miles southeast of Chama.  Some
    runs have been cut, but status is uncertain.  Previous attempts at
    building a ski area here used the name RIO BRAZOS (1979) and SKI
    ENSENADA (Penasco Ski Corp. - 1990).  The ski area name comes from
    it being located in Rio ARRIBA county.  Note that there is also a
    prominent snowmobiling area outside of Chama. 

 e. CATAMOUNT - DAVE (Boulder) took exception to some of our remarks
    about the planned LAKE CATAMOUNT ski area near Steamboat, CO.
    1)  He says Steamboat doesn't need a second nearby area to survive
    as a destination resort.  They are doing just fine on their own.
    Apparently so (the same could be said for Crested Butte).
    2)  Steamboat Springs (the town) doesn't really need the business.
    They are a prosperous town summer and winter.  Can't argue.
    3)  This growth may be too fast and could (if not carefully
    planned and controlled) ruin the Yampa Valley.  We agree.  When
    you drive down off Rabbit Ears Pass you (now) look out over open
    space and ranchlands and the view from up on the ski area is much
    the same.  The idea of a strip city from Steamboat to Catamount is
    appalling.  It would look like Park City.  Good points, Dave.  Any
    other opinions out there? 

 f. INSERT (SKI AREA) NAME - If anyone wants to see a repeat of a
    specific "lost Colorado ski area", just ask.  Or if you are just
    curious about a lost area anywhere in the country - bring it up,
    we will do the research.


 a. Have we mentioned lately that we love this "job".  Researching
    lost ski areas is fun.  And you guys help in two ways.  You read
    the newsletters, therefore we have to write them, therefore we
    have to do the research, it keeps us moving.  And, you write in
    with data on areas and questions about areas.  That's great.   We
    already thanked DON.  Thanx also to JOSHUA (Bedford, MA) who sent
    us his list of Lost NH ski areas.  That was most helpful.
    Then there is MIKE from Colo Springs, who read our list of lost
    Colorado ski areas and allowed as how he had skied at, helped
    build, or worked at "most" of them.  His was a fun letter! 

 b. Someone volunteered to make TCS "Lost" issues available on his
    host via FTP.  Any progress, Bob? 

 c. Was it just us or was the Oscar telecast just plain lousy this
    year?  No surprises (except best supporting actress), some of the
    worst songs ever nominated - performed badly, and that ballet
    number - apparently Debbie didn't get a chance to rehearse the
    dancers.  The opening number ("Putting It Together" - Bernadette
    Peters) was great, tho.  Bring back Billy Crystal. 

 d. WARNING - Don't ever buy magazines from a sleazeball company
    called "Publishers Direct Services" of Longwood, FL.  A friend
    showed some interest so they sent her a bill for 6 magazines for 5
    years (many bucks).  She tried to cancel the order and now they
    are threatening "collection agency", "destroy her credit",
    "garnishing wages", etc.  A strange way to sell magazines. 

 e. HELP!  -  Chair 54, where are you?  At BRIAN HEAD, UT, thru 1993,
    on the east facing slopes, there was a chairlift called "Navajo"
    serving several runs with Indian themed names.  On the 93-94 trail
    map, the Navajo chair is gone (altho the name is now used on the
    former "Stardust" chair).  Now the "Navajo" runs are only
    accessible by snowcat.  Why would a ski area remove a chairlift
    which was the only access to several runs and not replace it?


 a. Please provide your city name in E-Mails to TCS.  


   "Altho much of Georgia was burned down during the filming of "Gone
   With The Wind", this dynamic state has rebuilt itself and is now an
   important part of the "new south" which is the same as the "old
   south" except that most of the pickup trucks are now Japanese."
                                Dave Barry

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