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May 29, 1994

Lost Areas #15 - Published 29 May 1994





Researching "lost" Colorado ski areas is the hobby of THE COLORADO
SKIER.   But we ran out of lost areas in Colorado.  So we decided to
cover the whole country.  We've completed the SOUTHEAST and are now
working on NEW HAMPSHIRE.  Is your state next?


For more info on skiing and ski areas, check out our separately posted
companion articles entitled:   "THE COLORADO SKIER - TRIVIA"  (with
skiing trivia questions),  "THE COLORADO SKIER - SKI NEWS"  (current
ski area news), and  "THE TCSLISTS"  which contains statistics on ski
areas (and other related subjects).


            LOST "COLORADO" SKI AREAS  -  EDITION #15      




 A. Mark and I wondered if the new "E-Mail scheme" of sending out the
    newsletter would increase the number of responses - It did.  We
    received 28 E-Mail responses to TRIVIA 14, breaking the old record
    of 22.  And that's not counting any E-Mail whose only content is
    just asking to be on the mailing list.  Some great trivia answers!


 B. Some of the data in this post was obtained from "THE WHITE BOOK OF
    SKI AREAS", which is copyrighted by Inter-Ski Services, Inc.




    {Copyright 1994, THE COLORADO SKIER.  All rights reserved.}


    Here is the info on the ten NH ski areas we listed last time:


    But first, an essay on the crazy world of CROTCHED MOUNTAIN and
    its various names and parts.  The CROTCHED ski area was built on
    "Crotched Mountain", just west of Francestown, off Hiway 47.
    Further west on the same mountain (but across the town line into
    Bennington) was another ski area called ONSET.  ONSET changed its
    name to BOBCAT in 1977.  IN 1980 BOBCAT was absorbed by CROTCHED
    and became CROTCHED MOUNTAIN WEST.  The two areas became connected
    by one crossover run in each direction.  In 1989 CROTCHED changed
    its name to EVERGREEN.  The last season for EVERGREEN/CROTCHED was
    1990/91 and it is still closed.


 ALPINE RIDGE   (Gilford),  [closed],  Located next to GUNSTOCK in
   Gilford on Hiway 11A.  New name for MT ROWE in 1977.  Closed after
   1983/84 season.
     Vertical Drop:  800 ft
     Lifts:  1 double chairlift, 1 T-bar, 1 rope tow


 BOBCAT   (Bennington),  [merged],  New name for ONSET in 1977.  
   1980.  They both closed in 1991.
     Vertical Drop:  651 ft       Top:  2003    Base:  1352
     Lifts:  2 chairlifts, 2 T-bars


 CROTCHED MOUNTAIN   (Francestown),  [closed 1991],  Located 4 miles
   west of Francestown on Hiway 47.  Operated from before 1964 to
   1991.  Absorbed BOBCAT as CROTCHED MOUNTAIN WEST in 1980.  Used the
   name EVERGREEN in the 89/90 and 90/91 seasons.  


   Pre-merger data:
     Vertical Drop:  750 ft       Top:  1900    Base:  1200
     Lifts:  1 chairlift, 3 T-bars
   Post merger data:
     Vertical Drop:  1000 ft      Top:  2000    Base:  1000
     Lifts:  1 quad chair, 3 double chairs, 3 T-bars, 2 rope tows


 DUNDEE   (Conway),  [very obscure],  Located south of Center Conway
   near Conway Lake.  One reference in 1976.
     Vertical Drop:  700 ft


 EVERGREEN   (Francestown),  [name change],  This was the name that
   CROTCHED MOUNTAIN (which see) used for the 89/90 and 90/91 seasons.
   The area is now closed.
     Vertical Drop:  1000 ft      Top:  2000    Base:  1000
     Lifts:  1 quad chair, 3 double chairs, 3 T-bars, 3 rope tows


 FITZWILLIAM (INN)   (Fitzwilliam),  [closed],  Located 14 miles south
   of Keene in Fitzwilliam.  Operated from about 1964 to 1978.
     Vertical Drop:  460 ft       Top:  1580    Base:  1120
     Lifts:  1 Poma, 3 rope tows


 GARRISON HILL   (Dover),  [obscure],  Located off the Spaulding
   Turnpike.  Operated in the late sixties. (Found this one yet, Dan?)
     Vertical Drop:  300 ft       Lifts:  1 rope tow


 HOGBACK SKI TRACK   (Franklin),  [very obscure],  One reference/1949.


 INN at EAST HILL FARM   (Troy),  [obscure],  Located east of Troy off
   Hiway 124.  Private area for Inn guests.  Small beginner slope.
   Operated an alpine slope from about 1968 to 1980.  Currently a
   cross country area.
     Vertical Drop:  100 ft       Lifts:  1 rope tow


 KING'S GRANT (INN)   (Laconia),  [closed],  Located near Gilford on
   Hiway 11C.  Operated from about 1968 to 1983.    
     Vertical Drop:  100 ft       Top:  800     Base:  700
     Lifts:  2 rope tows


 LAKEVIEW   (Weare),  [obscure],  Located on NH 114 in Weare.  
   Operated in the late sixties.
     Vertical Drop:  200 ft       Lifts:  2 rope tows


 MITTERSILL   (Franconia),  [closed],  Located just northwest and
   adjacent to CANNON MOUNTAIN on Hiway 18.  Closed in 1979.
     Vertical Drop:  1600 ft
     Lifts:  1 double chairlift,  2 T-bars




        Monadnock                Monteau
        Moose Mtn                Oak Hill
        Pinnacle Mtn             Richard Taft Racing Trail
        Rosebrook                Snow Crest
        Snow's Mtn               Tenney Mtn
        Tyrol                    Wilderness




 a. COLLEGE MOUNTAIN  (Emmittsburg, MD)  There was planning, circa
    1992, for a $20,000,000 day ski area.  DAVID, from Baltimore (?),
    reports that there are now about 8 runs cut on the mountain.
    Looks like perhaps one lift and around 600 ft of vertical.


 b. We mentioned MIKE, from Colo Springs, who read our list of LOST
    COLORADO Ski Areas and allowed as how he had skied at many of
    them, including:  Baker Mtn (Rabbit Ears Pass), Stagecoach,
    Steamboat Lake (via sno-cat), Berthoud Pass, Continental (Climax),
    Imogene Pass (Lunar Cup), Ski Dallas, and Ski Broadmoor.




 a. "PINE HILL", NJ. - DAVID, from Albuquerque, wondered if we knew
    about this one.  Yes, altho we have it listed as SKI MOUNTAIN, in
    the town of Pine Hill, between Blackwood and Clementon on Hiway
    534.  It operated for many years, up thru 1991.  Way back in 1964
    the area was, indeed, called PINE HILL.    Vertical Drop:  237 ft.
     Lifts:  1 chairlift, 1 T-bar, 1 rope tow.


    David indicated that it was just down the street from a defunct
    amusement park.  As far as we know, CLEMENTON LAKE PARK, also on
    Hiway 534, is still operating.  It has one of the oldest wooden
    roller coasters in the country:  "Jack Rabbit", a PTC, built 1919,
    side friction, figure 8 layout, 50 foot lift.


    For DAN:  BELLE MTN, NJ still operates.


 b. SHIRLEY MEADOWS, CA - JEREMY (CA) inquired about this one.  It is
    located 15 miles east of Glenville, just south of Alta Sierra.
    Opened about 1965.  It was originally called GREENHORN MTN PARK
    until 1970.  [The ski area is located in "Greenhorn Mtn Park",
    next to "Shirley Meadow Campground".]   Closed after the 1989/90
    season.  Final stats:


      Vertical Drop:  400 ft     Top:  7100   Base:  6700
      Lifts:  1 doublechair, 1 T-bar


    Jeremy speculated that this was the only ski area in the Sierras
    south of Sequoia.  Actually we have another one listed, called
    SUGAR LOAF.  It was located 5 miles east of Posey.  Operated from
    about 1965 to 1970.   Vertical:  300 ft     Lifts:  2 rope tows


    Meanwhile, JEFF (LA) wrote to talk about SHIRLEY MEADOWS and
    indicated that it is still open (!).  He also remembers another
    area farther north.  We remember passing a small ski area north of
    Fairview on a trip from Sequoia to Lake Isabella back in 1971 (?).


    As for CERRO NOROESTE and MT PINOS, that's another long story like
    Crotched Mtn which we will do another time.  Remind us, tho.


 c. SHAWN (San Diego) wondered about an area planned in the sixties
    called "Eldridge?" near Crested Butte.  We draw a blank on that
    one.  We have ROZMAN HILL (early 50's), VELTRIE (70's), SNODGRASS
    (mid-80's), and MOUNTAIN LAIR (late 80's).  Any more info?


 d. MICHAEL tried to stump us with lost areas called:  Jugtown, Timber
    Hill, Galloping Hill, and Big Vanilla.  It took us a while but we
    found them all.  JUGTOWN was the toughest - we kept reaching for
    JUG END.  (Do you know where Jug End is/was, Michael?)


 e. INSERT (SKI AREA) NAME - If anyone wants to see a repeat of a
    specific "lost Colorado ski area", or a lost area anywhere in the
    country - bring it up, we will do the research.  




 a. WHAT'S NEW - We have lots of expansion and summer construction
    news on areas like:  Copper, Eldora, Mittersill, Ascutney, Okemo,
    Magic Mtn, and Whistler.  We will cover that info in our next "Ski
    News" newsletter, some time this summer.  OK, just one:


 b. SUNDAY RIVER - has already started construction on an expansion
    into "Jordan Bowl", which will have 4 runs plus a long wide green
    run home.  There will be 2 chairs, including a detachable quad.


 c. EXTREME - In mid-April, BRECKENRIDGE opened a new extreme skiing
    area called "Lake Chutes".  It is on the left side (southwest) of
    Peak 8.  You reach it by climbing from the top of the T-bar and
    are guided by the Ski Patrol.  Repeat runs are made by climbing up
    the west ridge of the bowl.  The exit brings you to the top of
    chair #6.    [About time Breck got some Expert terrain.]


    Mark "boarded" the chutes on closing day, 8 May.  The chutes have
    a steepness of 50 degrees with one, Zoot Chute, approaching 60
    degrees.  This is the steepest terrain Mark has ever skied or
    boarded.  The patrolman said that Mark was the first person he had
    ever seen board the steep side of Zoot Chute.   (Aw right Mark!)


    Mark also rode a chairlift with Gordon Briner, the area manager.
    He said that the late close in 94 was very successful and Breck
    will plan to close on 7 May next season.  He says that they are
    seriously considering putting lifts up into the Peak 8 and Peak 9
    above timberline bowl areas.




       Late Closing Areas


          Mt. Baker            1 May
          Kirkwood             4 May
          Squaw Valley         8 May
          Breckenridge         8 May
          Keystone             8 May
          Loveland             8 May
          Alpine Meadows      16 May


       Still Open             Close ?


          Mammoth             30 May    (just "barely"!)
          Mt. Bachelor        12 June
          A-Basin             22 June   (looks more like 15 June)
          Timberline          August


    You are probably wondering why we don't list Killington and Sunday
    River.  Both of those areas are down to one lift and one run
    (advanced skiers only) and are essentially closed.  They are only
    staying open to see who blinks.   OTOH, A-Basin had top-to-bottom
    skiing, all lifts running, and 90% terrain open, on 5/20.


    Did you hear about the freak spring storm in the Sierras?  The
    ghost town of Bodie received 18 inches of snow on 17 May.  Nearby
    MAMMOTH MTN, got 11 inches.  That saved their late season as they
    had been down to their usual closing day base depth.


6.  ERRATA - As Yogi Bear would say, is that you "Boo Boo"?


    (Forgive us Ullr, for we have goofed.  Well, if you write 52
    newsletters, mostly off the top of your head, you're bound to make
    a few mistakes.)  


 a. COLLEGE MOUNTAIN  (Emmittsburg, MD)  -  We said that "St. Mary's
    College" was against this planned area.  Wrong - that college is
    many miles away in the town of St. Mary's.  The college that is
    complaining is actually "MOUNT St. Mary's College", whose property
    is adjacent to the planned ski area IN Emmittsburg.  Makes a lot
    more sense now.  Thanks to ROBERT (MD) for clarifying.


 b. CLOUDCROFT, NM - We said that this area was <100> miles north of
    the farthest south area, MT LEMMON.  We don't know what map, or
    what eyes, or what brain we were using that day.  It is actually
    about <38> miles farther north - as pointed out by WES (of AZ?).


 c. GRAY ROCKS, QUE - DAVID (from ???) wants to know why we only gave
    this area honorable mention in the "color names" trivia answer.
    Well, we almost always restrict trivia answers to U.S. ski areas.
    However, as David points out, the question didn't say "U.S. only"
    so Gray Rocks and the color GRAY are legitimate answers.


 d. We asked "KJ" (from Phoenix) if he played basketball.  SHE says
    yes.   (Played on her HS team in Montana.)


 e. FACTS? - Our newsletters contain lots of facts and they are as
    accurate as our sources, which are sometimes suspect.  Example:
    CANNON MTN had an old aerial tram which held 24 skiers.  In 1980
    the tram was upgraded to cars holding 80 skiers.  Let us quote
    from our most recent ski history book acquisition:


      "... it could haul <200> skiers to the top IN ONE TRIP (emphasis
      added).  The tram was replaced in 1979 by a larger system that
      could carry <500> skiers PER TRIP."    (folks on the roof?)




 a. WHO DAT? - Concerning ski areas named after real folks, BILL (CA)
    wonders if secondary names count.  For example, DONNER SKI RANCH
    is named after DONNER Pass which is named after the DONNER party,
    which is named after Mr. DONNER.  Does that count?  Yes, as long
    as we can identify Mr. Donner.  If we eliminate secondary naming,
    we will be down to one or two areas which are really named
    directly after folks.   [There was a "TED'S SKI HILL" in Iowa,
    previously called "TED KALEN'S".]     BTW, if you are going to
    suggest names, you have to identify the person.  For example, who
    was "Tuckerman" and who was "Baker"?  


 b. "AVENGER" CARS - We get the impression that most of you were just
    guessing and naming any British cars you could think of.  If
    anyone REALLY knows the answer, please write back.  The EMMA PEEL
    car is easy - it is a small, black, sleek sports car contemporary
    to the mid-sixties era.  The JOHN STEED car (which we aren't sure
    about) is a big boxy looking thing that looks more like a touring
    car than a sports car.  Our best advice is that it is an "antique"
    sports car from the thirties, probably a well known name.


 c. SKI WITH THE BEATLES - JEFF (CO) wants to know where to find a
    poster or picture showing THE BEATLES in ski togs.  He thinks that
    the picture came from the movie "Hard Day's Night".  (Actually we
    think it came from their second movie, "Help".)   Anyone seen it?
    Jeff wants to use it in his ski shop:  "Summit Ski & Sports Wear"
    - Pagosa Springs, CO.   (Do we get a discount for the plug?)


 d. JEFF CAMPBELL - was the answer to a previous trivia question
    asking which NFL player lives in Vail.  Jeff played tailback at
    Battle Mtn HS (serves Vail), and was a wide receiver and punt
    returner for CU and the Detroit Lions.  Good news - Jeff has been
    traded to the Denver Broncos.




 a. Please provide your CITY NAME in E-Mails to TCS.




   Nelson's Law:  The better the four-wheel drive, the farther out you
   get stuck.

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