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May 10, 1995

Lost Areas #18 - Published 10 May 1995


Researching "lost" ski areas is the hobby of THE COLORADO SKIER. We have reported our findings on COLORADO, the SOUTHEAST, and are now working on NEW HAMPSHIRE. Is your state next?

For more info on skiing and ski areas, check out our separately posted companion articles entitled: "THE COLORADO SKIER - TRIVIA", "THE COLORADO SKIER - SKI NEWS", and "THE TCS LISTS".



A. Right up front we want to thank very much the several folk who sent us "care packages" of old and new ski area trail maps and brochures. These kind folks include: Tom Moore (MA), Paul T (NH), Bill Hery (NJ), Jim and Carol (MD), John K (MN), and the ever-popular Jan-Erik (OR). More in Section 6. Thanks again.

B. BTW, we received 121 different items and only three (3) were exact duplicates of something we already had. (!)

C. In this issue it's Lost New Hampshire, plus Lost New Hampshire, and a little extra: Lost New Hampshire. (Bonus: Lost Colorado)

D. Some of the data in this post was obtained from "THE WHITE BOOK OF SKI AREAS", which is copyrighted by Inter-Ski Services, Inc.




TOM MOORE (MA) says that while "driving through NH" he noticed an old NH area that had re-opened. Could you be a little more specific, Tom? Even the Interstates in NH add up to around 220 miles.

Meanwhile SISSY (NH) says that a very old area "near Plymouth, NH" has re-opened. At least she narrowed it down. The only area we know of near Plymouth is "Frontenac", which closed back in the 70's.

JOSHUA (MA) confirmed that the "new" area IS the old FRONTENAC area and it is now called "LYNX CREEK". He reports that the new owner bought it just for the coffee shop, but does open the ski area when there is enough natural snow. This is what we had in our data base:

FRONTENAC (Plymouth), [very obscure], 1940 (ski book) - "Frontenac Ski Development". 1949 (travel book) - "Plymouth - Frontenac ski development nearby". Late 70's - private club (Joshua). 1977 TWB - "status unknown")


     Vertical drop:  300 ft (approx.)     Lifts:  2 surface lifts


Using our historical data plus the topo maps that PAUL (NH) was kind enough to send us we have tried to determine where (and when) the five or so ski areas around Jackson were located. The names we have are BLACK MTN, TYROL, THORN MTN, SPRUCE MTN, and INTERVALE. We are ignoring CRANMORE as its location is obvious. The exercise was not as easy as we had hoped. Comments are solicited.

Hiway 16B makes a loop going north from Jackson. In the northeast corner (1 o'clock position) is BLACK MTN (still open). [It seems to face south. Why?] Immediately east of Jackson is "Thorn Mtn" which does show a "ski lift" on the topo map. We have a THORN MOUNTAIN ski area operating back in 1946. Meanwhile, TYROL operated from the late forties to about 1981. We have one 1973 brochure which shows both Black Mtn and Tyrol in the same picture. TYROL seems to be due east of Jackson on a road running south from 16B. According to the topo map, that would be "Thorn Mtn" (on Thorn Mtn Road). So apparently THORN changed it's name to TYROL, eh? Comparing the guide book data with the topo data indicates that the chairlift has been removed and the T-bar remains.

SPRUCE MOUNTAIN ("Jackson") operated from about 1966 to about 1975 (Vertical 210 ft, 1 Poma). There is a "Spruce Mtn" at the northwest corner of the Hiway 16B loop but no lifts are shown on the topo map. This would be up the "Carter Notch Road". Faithful Reader STEVE H (MA) says that the ski area was taken over by some sort of wayward boys school and they did occasionally operate the ski tow in the late 70's. How about that location, Steve?

INTERVALE (vertical 600 ft, T-bar and Poma) operated from the mid-30's to about 1976. The 1987 topo map doesn't show any lifts, but we assume that the area was just east of the town of Intervale. There is a x-country area in the region now. (Can anyone find Intervale on an older topo map?)

Faithful Reader MIKE R (MA) has a summer place in Jackson and he has promised to hike the various mountains this summer and report back. Can we come too, Mike?


Similar historical data and topo maps (thanks Paul) for Belknap. This region is just as confusing. Once again we have the names of five ski areas: GUNSTOCK, BELKNAP, ALPINE, MT ROWE, and COBBLE MOUNTAIN. Picture a letter "D" with the flat part along Hiway 11A (running roughly east and west) and the loop hanging to the south. At the bottom is the current GUNSTOCK ski area. Until 1958 that area was known as "BELKNAP", a very old area which opened in 1937. [Note: BELKNAP took its name from the region (Belknap Mtns). Both Belknap and Gunstock ski areas are on Gunstock Mtn, not Belknap Mtn.]

At the West end of the "D" is "Mt Rowe". There was a ski area there known as MT ROWE. In 1977 the area changed it's name to ALPINE RIDGE (and was operated by GUNSTOCK for a while). The area closed in 1984. The 1987 topo map still shows lifts on Mt. Rowe.

In a 1940 book with an illustration, there is still another ski area shown, located at the East end of the "D". It was called COBBLE MOUNTAIN: "open slope with rope tow". The 1987 topo map shows neither a lift nor open slope altho there is a 400 ft hill in that vicinity.

{Note: We have an unproved suspicion that the original "Belknap" single chair, back in 1937, was actually on Mt Rowe, not on Gunstock Mtn. Comments?}

1D. Here is the info on the twelve NH ski areas we listed last time:

{Copyright 1995, THE COLORADO SKIER. All rights reserved.}

ARROWHEAD SKIWAY (Claremont), [closed], Located in Claremont. Operated (by Kiwanis) sporadically from 1964 to about 1986.

Vertical Drop: 510 ft Lifts: 1 Poma, 1 rope tow

BELKNAP (Laconia), [name change], Original name for GUNSTOCK (still open) from about 1938 to 1958. Owned by "the people of Belknap County". A NH skiing history brochure says a chairlift opened at BELKNAP MOUNTAIN RECREATION AREA in 1938. "GUNSTOCK" claims to have opened, with the first chairlift (single) in the east, in 1937.

BIG BEAR (Brookline) [name change], New name for BROOKLINE around 1973. Changed name back to BROOKLINE in 1980.

Vertical Drop: 600 ft Lifts: 1 T-bar, 1 tope tow

BIRCHWOOD (Londonderry), [closed], Located in Londonderry near Exit 5 of I-93. Operated from about 1973 to 1986.

Vertical Drop: 181 ft Lifts: 2 T-bars, 1 rope tow

BLACKWATER (Andover), [obscure, open], Located on the grounds of the Proctor Academy. "Private area for students, faculty, staff, and towns people". Has been in operation for at least 20 years.

Vertical Drop: 407 ft Lifts: 1 T-bar

BRICKYARD MOUNTAIN INN (Weir's Beach), [closed], Located just north of Weir's Beach, overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee. Operated from about 1977 to 1984.

Vertical Drop: 420 ft Top: 1000 Base: 580 Lifts: 1 chairlift, 1 rope tow

CAMPTON MOUNTAIN (Campton), [closed], Located just off I-93 at the bottom of the road to WATERVILLE VALLEY. Operated from about 1972 to 1983. Two readers say that it still operates.


     Vertical Drop:  400 ft     Top:  2000     Base:  1600      Lifts:  1 chairlift

EASTMAN POND (Grantham), [name change], Opened in 1978. Changed name to SNOWHILL at EASTMAN (still open) in 1992.

Vertical Drop: 247 ft Lifts: 1 double chair

KIDDER MOUNTAIN (New Ipswich), [obscure], Located 2 miles northwest of New Ipswich off Hiway 124. We found it listed in 1968 and 1969 guides and JOSHUA remembers it from the early 70's.


     Vertical Drop:  200 ft                 Lifts:  2 rope tows 

LORD'S HILL (Hanover), [very obscure], {1968} 1 rope tow

MERIDEN (Meriden), [obscure], Listed in 1966 and 1974.

Vertical Drop: 300 ft Lifts: 1 Poma, 1 rope tow

MT ROWE (Gilford), [name change], Located adjacent to GUNSTOCK. Changed name to ALPINE RIDGE in 1977 and closed in 1984. (Note: Gunstock took over this area in the early 60's.)

Vertical Drop: 370 ft Lifts: 1 chairlift, 1 T-bar

1E. BULLETIN! -- BULLETIN! (Bulletin, eh) We have finally started making a list of the LOST ski areas of CANADA. The first pass at the effort picked up 50 areas and we expect to eventually find 400 or so. The list is preliminary but we will accept questions (and answers). It makes the research more interesting.


          Indian Mound             Mt. Eustis            Mt. Prospect             Musket Mountain           Onset                    Purity Springs            Shangri-La Resort        Twin Tows           Veteran's Memorial       Whitney's Village Inn             Whit's Tows              Wilton Outing Club  


We have been accumulating a list of your requests for info on various lost areas, particularly in Colorado, so here goes.

a. For a "no-name" East Coast reader (via Delphi)-- The Lost ski area most frequently seen by CO and non-CO skiers is ARAPAHOE EAST. It is located south of and adjacent to I-70 about 2 miles west of the C-470 interchange. It sticks out because the lifts (chairlift and surface tow) are still standing. It has been closed since 1984.

b. Here are some other Colorado areas which have been requested:

STONER (Stoner), [closed], Operated by the Dolores Ski Club from the early fifties to 1985. Advertised for sale in 1987. Lifts had been removed by 1991. Easily visible from Hiway 145 at Stoner.

Vertical drop: 1200 ft Top: 8800 Base: 7600 Lifts: 2 T-bars, 2 rope tows

HIDDEN VALLEY (Estes Park), [closed], Located a few miles west of town, within Rocky Mountain National Park. Fairly small, no chair lifts. [Note: There was a chairlift which connected the lower and upper areas from 1971 to 1977. When it was removed a shuttle bus was added. It is not known why the chair was removed.] Also known as SKI ESTES PARK, SKI ESTES, and ESTES PARK. The area opened around 1950. Was last operated by the "Estes Valley Recreation District" backed by a group of Estes Park businessmen. Both groups failed to obtain sufficient financing for the 1991/92 season so no Park Service operating permit was granted. Since the long range plans were to eliminate the ski area from the National Park, the Park Service now considers that the area is permanently closed.

Vertical drop: 2000 ft Top: 11,500 Base: 9,500 Lifts: 2 T-bars, 2 pomas, shuttle bus

DALLAS DIVIDE (Ridgway), [closed], Operated from about 1962 to 1976. Called SKI DALLAS after about 1967. Easily visible about four miles west of "Dallas Divide" immediately adjacent to CO Hiway 62. The lift was gone as of 1991. In 1993 the "base lodge" was observed to be deteriorating.

Vertical drop: 800 ft Top: 9000 Base: 8200 Lifts: 1 T-bar

SHARKTOOTH (Greeley), [closed], Located on a sandstone bluff a few miles west and one mile north of Greeley (county road 25). Operated from 1971 to 1986. Sometimes open for sledding and tubing. Lowest base altitude of any ski area in Colorado. Owner Dick Perchlik once stated "30 feet of our hill is as good as anything in the Alps"!

Vertical drop: 150 ft Top: 4750 Base: 4600 Lifts: 1 pony lift

c. To JACK (city?): Yes we are aware of the AllensPark, Squaw Pass, and Climax Colorado ski areas.


a. OK, wise guys. We know there is a "Poma" lift, and a "Poma" company. But why did Poma pick "Poma" for a name?

b. Sneaky Trivia -- "WHAT IS A TIEHACK"? J.C. (FL) said it best: "a person who cuts crossties for use on a railroad." Simply put: a lumberjack who "hacks" "ties". DUKE (KS) guessed: the person who makes the "timbers" in a mine. Maybe he was thinking of a "bent", which is the symbol of the "Tau Beta Pi" Engineering Honor Society (We are a proud member - Michigan Alpha). Duke also explained where the name "Buttermilk" came from. We thought it was Dale Evan's horse. ;<)

c. REO-Rick (CO) seems to be the only one who try's to answer non-skiing trivia questions. He reports that CAPTAIN MARVEL wears a red outfit with yellow piping, a yellow thunderbolt on his chest, and a yellow or white cap(e). He says "SHAZAM" to change from/to his alter ego. Now, does anyone know the NAME of his "alter ego" or the name of his CHIEF NEMESIS (ala Lex Luthor in Superman).

As for the year in which THE MOVIE "IQ" (starring Meg Ryan) takes place, RICK says, based on cars: mid-50's. Here are the 4 clues:

1) President Ike appears in the flic. He took office in 1953.

B) The cars are mostly 1952, 53, and 54.

III) The hero does a Marlon Brando impression. Brando's first big movie was "On The Waterfront", released in 1954.

Delta) Albert Einstein (a principal character in the movie) died in April, 1955.

Since the movie takes place in late spring, it has to be "late spring 1954". (Close, Rick)

d. A while back we had a trivia question which asked for a list of U.S. ski areas named after animals. PAUL (Houston) points out that he had submitted a list of 30 ski areas. Maybe we disqualified him because he listed some areas in Canada, but even without those he still came up with more than the 21 which others had guessed - so we should have mentioned him. Paul was concerned that we might have accidentally lost his E-Mail. Not so. Mark and I reviewed our procedures and concluded that we haven't lost any E-Mails. So if we ignore you it is not accidental -- it is on purpose. Feel better?

e. WHO'S NUMBER TWO? - The FIRST chairlift in the world was a single chair built at SUN VALLEY in 1936. Consider these claims for number two. TIMBERLINE, OR: "The original Magic Mile lift (since replaced) was the world's SECOND chairlift when it opened in 1939." "The first chairlift in the East was built at BELKNAP MTN, NH in 1937". Wouldn't it be SECOND?? "MT TREMBLANT had the second chairlift in North America (1939)". Wouldn't it be SECOND?? [Moral: "Record" claims can't be trusted].

f. WE GOOFED -- PAUL (MN), MARK (MN), and MICHAEL (UT) carefully explained how the BRIGHTON and SOLITUDE (UT) ski areas DO connect - via the SOL-BRIGHT trail. We checked the trail maps and of course, they are correct. The two areas seem to be separated by "Evergreen Ridge" and both areas have a nearby run named "Evergreen".


a. JIM (MD) asked if we could help him locate two CO or NM ski runs named "Awful" and "Terrible" which were the first two expert runs he ever encountered (in the 70's). Since the names weren't familiar to us we decided to first review ski areas we haven't skied. Bingo! At SKI APACHE (formerly Sierra Blanca) we found two adjacent runs named "Incredible" and "The Terrible". Close enough, Jim? (It was)

b. BENJIE (CA) asked where the 3 "other" SBNO U.S. single chairs are located. The 2 currently operating are at MRG, VT and KRATKA RIDGE, CA. There is a single at EAGLE ROCK, WY which is still standing and possibly still operating. The other two are at PINE CREEK, WY and MT EYAK, AK - status unknown.

c. Someone said their favorite TCS feature is ski area GOSSIP:

o TELLURIDE, CO has finally received Government permission to finish their gondola and hope to have it done by Fall.

o BURKE MOUNTAIN, VT is rumored to be for sale.

o MAD RIVER GLEN, VT is close to being sold to a skier group.

o BLACKCOMB, BC has renamed the "Saudan Colouir" and "Sylvain" runs to "Colouir Extreme" and "Big Bang", apparently because Sylvain Saudan didn't like his name being used (without pay).

o TOM says that SNOWBIRD, UT has renamed a run from "Cutoff" to "Bobbitt" (!).

o ALYESKA, AK set two all-time snow records this season. They accumulated 827 inches of snow for the season, and had a maximum base depth of 356 inches. (That's 30 feet!)

d. Last issue we discussed the Krabloonik Husky sled dog operation at SNOWMASS. BILL (CA) mentions that they also have a fine restaurant. It is a bit pricey but has class, with real silverware and dishes, etc. The best feature, tho, is the background dinner music furnished by the "250 voice Alaskan Husky Choir".

e. A couple of folks got miffed when we listed the MRG ski area as being in NH rather than in VT. Now let me get this straight. Are you trying to say that New Hampshire and Vermont are separate states? When did that happen? We were probably thinking of Vermont's original name. SEMI-INSTANT TRIVIA: What was the name of the Vermont region before it became a state? (Answer later)

f. DAVID (NY) wonders which ski areas besides KILLINGTON publish their trail maps over topographical maps. Our 91-92 MRG (brochure) and the 87-88 and 88-89 TIMBERLINE, CO (Berthoud Pass) maps are in topo format. Anyone know of others?

g. The upper half of KEYSTONE MOUNTAIN was originally served by the "Montezuma" and "Saints John" double chairs. Over time the "Ida Belle" double and "Erikson" triple were added. Recently the Montezuma chair was converted to a HS Quad. On Friday, 3 March, only "Montezuma" was operating; the other 3 were closed (Note: every run served by the 4 chairs can be reached from Montezuma - no runs were closed). We wondered about the closed chairs as we stood in our longest lift line of the season (12 minutes). We figured that on Saturday they would at least open Saints John. Maybe not - read on.

Now we get mail from AUSTIN (TX) saying that during Christmas Week, the same situation obtained. That is, only the Montezuma chair was operating - and had a line. He wondered if the other chairs were real or just cardboard replicas to fool the Vail helicopter spies! Yes, they are real; we grew up with these chairs. Shame on Keystone. (Unlike at MAMMOTH and the East, it is generally true in Colorado that from late December to early April, ALL lifts and ALL runs are open all the time - except for grooming or maintenance. )

h. JONATHAN (ONT) says that the MRG single goes so slow that he did his studying on it while a freshman at Middlebury College. Middlebury? Aha! Do you have a trail map for our collection?

i. JOHN (MA) wrote with a list of "lost" Mass ski areas. Very interesting. We will have to get back to you.


As we said earlier, we received ski area material from six kind folks. Before we analyze, let us mention the difference between "maps" and "brochures". Most major ski areas produce both a brochure and a trail map. Each has its advantages. The map has, of course, a detailed drawing of the trails and lifts, and the names of the trails and lifts. The brochure may incorporate the map, or a smaller version, or a mountain photo. The brochure is more likely to have hours, season, and prices and may have a brief history of the area. It may also have photographs of the quad chairs, gondolas, trams, etc.

If you write to a ski area, you will receive a brochure. Brochures are what you find in the tourist racks at Denny's and hotel lobbies. Therefore, more than half of our collection is brochures, not trail maps. So, if you send us a trail map it may be a valuable new addition to our collection even if we already have a brochure for the same area, same year. Here is the summary for the recent haul:

Total items received - 121

Total ski areas represented - 73

New States/Provinces - 4 (Iowa, Minnesota, Maryland, Quebec)

New Ski Areas - 28

New "Years" for other ski areas - 66

Other analysis:

Chairlifts visible in brochures - 19 CP 3 CW 8 CCW 11

Trail Map Artists: James Niehus - 14, Bill Brown - 3, Hal Shelton - 3, Murray Hay - 2, Other - 9, Unidentified - 46, Photo - 5


a. SKIING IN FLORIDA? There has been a new chairlift built in Florida (the first?). It appears to be a triple and was installed at a new area called "BLIZZARD BEACH". Actually this is still another water theme park at DISNEY WORLD. The chairlift is real and there are themed bobsled and toboggan runs (slides and tubes). Fun!

b. WHAT TIME WOULD YOU LIKE THE AVALANCHE, MR. SPIELBERG? - On one of the "EXTREME" TV show episodes, the team went out to rescue several skiers caught in an avalanche. There was an avalanche shown sliding and the rescue took place in real looking snow debris. We remember thinking at the time that this looked real. Particularly compared to the horrible (but campy) movie "Avalanche" where the avalanches were simulated with "white fog". TOM Moore skied at Park City this year and a patroller told him that the show producer asked for a REAL avalanche so they shot one down up in either McConkey's or Puma bowls (next to Jupiter). No wonder it looked real! (Unfortunately the show is off the air - so now we watch "VR5".)

c. VR5 - Whoops! One episode called for a flashback to a train station in East Germany. We watched intently as in Hollywood, most train stations are played by "Union Station" in downtown L.A. The interior shots worked OK but eventually the hero (the handsome guy from the coffee commercial) chased someone down a tunnel, up the stairs, and out onto a train platform. In the background an AMTRAK train eased by. AMTRAK? In East Germany? I don't think so!

d. DAN'S FORD - There is a ski trail by this name at SMUGGLERS' NOTCH, VT. Any connection, Reader Dan?


a. DIA update - Everyone who commented said no problems with baggage and you really liked the ski handling system - best anywhere. One drawback for skiers is the rental car topography. At most terminals you leave one person guarding the luggage and skis while someone gets the rental car and returns to the terminal to pack the car. At DIA, the rental cars are so far away that it would be a 45 minute trip back to the terminal. Bummer. Elsewise you have to take your luggage and skis on the little Hertz bus.

b. SKI COUNTRY USA reports that Colorado skier visits for the 94/95 season will be down 2 to 3% over last years record numbers. They blame bad early snow, warm weather in Denver (too much golf and tennis), several storms closing I-70, aggressive promotion by Utah, loss of Continental flights to mountain airports (Aspen was hard hit), and uncertainty over DIA (Two TCS readers said they skied Utah instead of CO due to DIA).

Too bad. From mid-Feb on it has been a great snow season. In fact April has posted some impressive new snow numbers. BRECKENRIDGE, COPPER, and KEYSTONE all stayed open until 7 May. LOVELAND always closes on 7 May, and A-BASIN will stay open until 4 July.

c. The current Disney movie "Tall Tale", with Patrick Swayze, was filmed in Colorado. The ranch was located between Carbondale and Redstone. The mine was at Gilman, near Minturn (near Vail).

Part of the new Steven Segall movie "Under Siege 2: Dark Territory", about the capture of a super train, was filmed northwest of Vail along the Colorado River. During test runs the train set fire to the countryside in five places and had to be hauled back to Denver for installation of spark arrestors.

There is a Mountain Dew TV commercial showing four old ladies bragging on their sons athletic prowess. The scene where the young man freefalls from a tram car was filmed at the Royal Gorge tram.


a. TED (MA) reports that the monorail system at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas was one of four purchased "used" from Disney World. (Since the Mirage has a true "forth and back" shuttle, only one train can operate at a time.) The system was built by BOMBARDIER of Canada. We didn't know they built such systems; however: Bombardier builds the SKIDOO brand snowmobile and jet skis, snowcat vehicles, Canadair airplanes, and passenger rail cars for AMTRAK. BTW, altho we tend to pronounce Bombardier like it was a position on the "Memphis Belle", the train driver pronounced it "Bom-BAR'-dee-ay".

b. SISSY (NH) reports that the TRAM at Stone Mountain, GA (near Atlanta) was built by CWA. It will be replaced by a larger version in time for next summer's Olympics.

c. BRUNO (CO) commented on the "high walls" on amusement park gondola cars. Park gondolas operate only in warm weather, therefore they are "open air" with no glass. If you just took out the glass from a ski gondola car, the open windows would be tempting for little tykes to climb or fall out of. Consequently you will usually find guard rails a few inches above the original window sills.

JEFF (MA), our new expert witness on things gondola, says that most amusement park gondolas in the U.S. are built by Von Roll. We know of several. Recently we found an ad for "INTAMIN" which says that they built the gondolas at Magic Mtn (CA), Carowinds (NC), Hershey Park (PA), and Kings Dominion (VA). However, we know that Intamin "installs" roller coasters built by "other" manufacturers, so the same could be true of gondolas.

[Question of the day - Who builds the gondolas in Venice?]

d. GREGG (NJ) asked about the TRAM at BRIDAL VEIL FALLS, UT (located about 15 miles up Provo Canyon on the road to SUNDANCE ski area). Here is what we remember: Short, very steep, small (less than 20 passengers) cars. Stats: Vertical Rise - 1228 ft. Slant - 45 degrees. Once advertised as the "World's Steepest Aerial Tramway". The lower terminal is adjacent to the western terminus of the "Heber Creeper" tourist railroad which creeps down from Heber City.

INSTANT TRIVIA: What would be the "least steep" aerial tramway? Answer: the two terminals of the Royal Gorge Aerial Tramway (CO) are at the same elevation. Steepness = 0 degrees.

e. MICHAEL (UT) reports that all of the double chairs at ALTA are center pole (CP) and most were built by YAN. JC (FL) and JONATHAN say that the GRAND TARGHEE CP chairs were built by HALL and RIBLET.

f. YOURS TRULY skied COPPER MTN in early April. We rode 7 chairs. All 3 quads run CCW. 3 doubles and a triple ran CCW. Total score: CCW = 7, CW = 0.

g. A NEW GONDOLA! - JOHN (Montreal) reported on a "strange" new gondola at MT. TREMBLANT, PQ. He says that the cars are open, 6 passenger, standup, made by Doppelmayr, and connect parking lots thru the condo maze to the main slopes. We researched six sources for info. The White Book just said "New Gondola." A better source said: "a six-passenger gondola to shuttle skiers up the small slope from the parking lot to the 'Express Tremblant' quad". Sounds authentic to us, John. Thanks for the tip.

h. BORG (WI) says that the JACKSON tram was made by "Swaboda". Never heard of them. Didn't he play third base for the Mets? Or is that the Japanese company that makes farm tractors?


We need your help in determining the current status for the "marginal" ski areas listed below. They are marginal if: they don't operate every season, they aren't shown in snow reports, they are too small to be listed in national ski area lists, or they don't get enough respect to be listed in national ski area lists. How do YOU know if they are open? Simple: Your friend skied there, you drove by, you saw them listed in a snow report, you read an article in the paper, or you heard about them on radio or TV. Are they LOST?

          Alpenglow,  AK           Mt. Spokane,  WA           Anthony Lakes,  OR       Cooper Spur,  OR           Lassen Park,  CA         Shirley Meadows,  CA           Stover Mtn,  CA          Chapman Hill,  CO           Cranor Hill,  CO         Ouray,  CO           Little Ski Hill,  ID     Eagle Rock,  WY           Mt. Butler,  KY          Hound Ear,  NC           Sonnenburg,  VT          Campton,  NH           Storrs Hill,  NH         Spruce Mtn,  ME           Squaw,  ME               Titcomb,  ME 
{Please feel free to comment on other "marginal" ski areas which you know have just closed or just re-opened. Thanks.}


a. Please provide your CITY NAME (and YOUR name) in your first E-Mail to TCS.

b. If you would like to be ADDED to the TCS (direct E-Mail) mailing list, notify MARK at: "mwallace@nyx.net"

c. Due next: "TRIVIA.18" (about 6 June)

d. Answer to SEMI-INSTANT TRIVIA: Before it became a state the region currently occupied by Vermont was called "The New Hampshire Grants". The area was coveted by both NH and NY. SNEAKY TRIVIA: What was the first name proposed for the new state of Vermont?


"You know that Spring has finally arrived when Dennis Rodman's hair turns to green!"

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