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September 18, 1995

Lost Areas #19 - Published 18 September 1995


Researching "lost" ski areas is the hobby of THE COLORADO SKIER. We have reported our findings on COLORADO, the SOUTHEAST, and are now completing NEW HAMPSHIRE. Is your state next?

For more info on skiing and ski areas, check out our separately posted companion articles entitled: "THE COLORADO SKIER - TRIVIA", "THE COLORADO SKIER - SKI NEWS", and "THE TCS LISTS".



A. Once again, right up front, we want to thank very much the folks who sent us ski area trail maps and brochures. These kind folk include: RON (IL), JMK (CT), BRUCE (MA), and TOM (MA) [topo maps]. Also we need to thank JC (FL), who sent us some Florida THEME PARK brochures. We collect those, too (hint, hint).

B. In this issue we will clean up some Lost NEW HAMPSHIRE, plus Lost CONNECTICUT, and we will finally move on to a NEW STATE. (Yea!)

C. We have been doing Lost Ski Areas of the SOUTHEAST and NEW HAMPSHIRE since "LOST.12" back in Oct 93. It's time the WEST saw a little action. This issue we start NEW MEXICO which only has 25 lost ski areas so shouldn't take long. We were thinking of maybe doing two states at once, say NM and VT. What do you think?

D. Some of the data in this post was obtained from "THE WHITE BOOK OF SKI AREAS", which is copyrighted by Inter-Ski Services, Inc.


1A.  Here is the info on the twelve NH ski areas we listed last time:       (Tom Moore said WHERE did you find these and WHY?  Getting a       little tired of Lost NH are we?)      INDIAN MOUND   (Newton),  [obscure],  Located on NH 108 at Newton.    Operated during the late sixties.     Vertical Drop:  168 ft      Lifts:  2 rope tows      MT EUSTIS   (Littleton),  [very obscure],  Open slopes, 2 ropes    One reference, 1982.      MT PROSPECT   (Lancaster),  [very obscure],  A 1949 reference says:    "Mtn ski tow".  A 1977 reference says:  "rope tow".      MUSKET MOUNTAIN   (Brookline),  [closed],  Final name for the    BROOKLINE ski area from 1983 to 1985, when it closed for good.  The    area also used the name BIG BEAR from 1973 to 1980.     Vertical Drop:  337 ft      Top:  1250     Lifts:  2 T-bars, 2 rope tows      ONSET   (Bennington),  [name change],  Located east of Bennington    near CROTCHED MOUNTAIN ski area on Hiway 47.  Opened about 1969.    Changed name to BOBCAT in 1977.  Merged with CROTCHED MTN in 1980.     Vertical Drop:  600 ft      Lifts:  2 chairlifts, 1 T-bar      PURITY SPRINGS   (East Madison),  [name change],   Changed name to    KING PINE (still open) in the late 60's.  The "Purity Springs    Resort" still exists at King Pine.     Vertical Drop:  350 ft     Lifts:  1 chairlift, 1 J-bar, 1 rope tow      SHANGRI-LA RESORT   (Meredith),  [very obscure],  Located on U.S.    3, 4 miles south of Meredith.  One 1969 reference.     Vertical Drop:  120 ft      Lifts:  1 rope tow      TWIN TOWS   (Milford),  [very obscure],  One 1968 reference.     Vertical Drop:  150 ft      Lifts:  3 rope tows      VETERAN'S MEMORIAL   (W. Franklin),  [closed],  Located off US 3.    Run by the town of W. Franklin and volunteers.  Operated from about    1978 to about 1980.     Vertical Drop:  760 ft      Lifts:  1 T-bar, 1 rope tow      WHITNEY'S VILLAGE INN   (Jackson),  [name change],  Early name for    the BLACK MOUNTAIN ski area (still open).  Actually, in 1935 it was    called the MOODY FARM when Edwin Moody put in the "handle" tow.      WHIT'S TOWS   (Peterborough),  [very obscure],  Located just north    of town on the road to Hancock according to JOSHUA.  (circa 1968)     Vertical Drop:  250 ft      Lifts:  3 rope tows      WILTON OUTING CLUB   (Wilton),  [very obscure],  Mid-50's operation    according to JOSHUA.     Vertical Drop:  100 ft      Lifts:  1 rope tow 


 a.  Loyal reader STEVE Harris (MA) provided some info on very  obscure ski areas in the "Chocorua-Tamworth" region of NH.  We found  a few obscure references to them as well.  Here are his data:    PAGE HILL   (Chocorua), [obscure],  Located at the top of Page Hill     Rd.  Remnants of lifts and trails are still visible.       Vertical Drop (est.):  600 ft     Lifts:  1 or 2 rope tows    FERNCROFT INN   (Wonalancet),  [very obscure],  Located at the end     of Ferncroft Rd behind the Ferncroft Inn which burned in the     50's.  Probably operated in the 40's, early 50's.      Vertical Drop (est.):  100 ft     Lifts:  one rope tow    WONALANCET   (Wonalancet),  [very obscure],  Located beyond the     Ferncroft Inn up the Blueberry Lodge Trail.      Vertical Drop (est.):  300 ft     Lifts:  one rope tow    Here is what we found in our references  -  1940:  "Chocorua-    Tamworth-Wonalancet-Passaconaway - Plenty of varying downhill runs    for all classes; good practice slopes; two tows; floodlighted    skiing; junior jump."    1949:  PAGE HILL (near Tamworth) - one    rope tow.    QUIMBY HILL  (Wonalancet).     Also 1949:  Tamworth - "CHINOOK KENNELS with sledge dogs and    exhibits of sledging equipment.  Admiral Byrd's Antarctic    expedition dogs were trained here."    b.  We are almost embarrassed to point out that our list of about 80  lost NH ski areas only includes the "major" ones.  We know of around  30 more obscure "rope tow areas" which we didn't (and won't) include  except in those cases where an area was mentioned by a reader.  Actually we have two more reader reports to respond to when we do a  New Hampshire wrap-up in the next "LOST". 


 A while back, while we were doing lost CT, two folks wrote us with  some lost CT ski areas that we hadn't discussed.  We didn't mean to  ignore you; we just kind of put it off, hoping to find some  references somewhere.  Anyway, here they are:     SIMSBURY SKI CLUB HILL   (Simsbury), [closed],  Located just off   Weatogue St which is off Rte 185.  Private.  Probably closed in the   early 80's.   Reported by MERRITT (MA).                                   Vertical Drop (est.):  300 ft      Lifts:  one rope tow        Merritt indicates a similar hill operated in nearby Collinsville.     CANTON SKI HILL   (Collinsville),  [obscure],  This area closed   around 1974 according to BARRY  (Where you from, Barry?).                                     Vertical Drop (est.):  400 ft   Lifts:  2 rope tows    Our 1949 reference doesn't show either ski area, but it does show 5  more rope tow areas which weren't included in our original Lost CT! 


         Aqua Piedro                   Arriba          Cedar Creek                   Chama          Cloud Country                 Cloudcroft          Eagle Creek                   Evergreen Valley          Hyde park                     La Madera          Los Alamos                    Mount Taylor 

3. SKI NEWS (These are only updates - There will be a recap of 95/96 ski area changes before Thanksgiving.)

a. TIMBERLINE, OR - is still open. They are apparently shooting for an 8 Oct close which would be a new record for them.

b. SNOWMAKING? - Would you believe that just nine days after A- BASIN closed, KEYSTONE started snowmaking on North Peak? No? OK, We didn't think you would. ;*)

c. BIG SKY, MT - The new tram to the top of "Lone Mountain" peaks at 11,150 feet, just 16 feet short of the summit. Overall VERTICAL DROP is now 4180 feet, which is 41 feet more than JACKSON HOLE, the previous vertical leader in the U.S. There will be 1000 new skiable acres but that will leave them far short of the leaders in that category. BTW, if you were to ski from the Top to the Main Base, you would cover only 3650 vertical feet. To achieve the rest of the vertical you would have to ride a chair to the top of "Andesite Mtn" and then ski down to the bottom of the "Mad Wolf" chair. So an asterisk is in order, next to the Vertical Drop stat.

d. JAY PEAK, VT - According to MARC, (VT), our official JAY field correspondent, there will be a new beginner chair and terrain.

e. SUNSHINE VILLAGE, ALB - Has apparently finally received permission to expand onto Goat's Eye Mtn (1000 new acres). Should be some spectacular terrain.

f. RIVERVIEW HIGHLANDS, MI - New reader MATTHEW (MI) apparently wasn't reading when we kidded someone about observing (in person) a ski area change and then asking us (in our ivory tower) what the change was about. Matthew was playing golf at Riverview (just south of Detroit City) and espied some serious earth moving and some possible lift tower bases. Sorry, Matt, we haven't a clue.

g. TELLURIDE, CO - Besides the long delayed town to slope gondola, there will be a town to slope HS Quad with interchangeable gondola cars. This is the 3rd ski area with that arrangement after THE BIG MTN, MT and WINTER PARK, CO.

h. BRIDGER BOWL, MT - Has added its first quad chair.


a. TYLER, we hardly knew ye. We hate to keep harping on one simple little trivia question but we are just amazed that MORE of you so- called SKIERS have heard of some obscure president than have heard of a "ski personality". We are referring to the ski run: "AND TYLER, TOO". Hint Number 13: "Tyler" is a FIRST name and he was a SKIER.

b. SNEAKY TRIVIA: One sneaky trivia question was so sneaky we forgot to provide the answer: Why is the tennis complex in Paris called ROLAND GARROS and what contribution did GARROS make to the wonderful world of trivia? Garros was a French aviator killed during WWI. His tennis doubles partner donated the land in Paris for the tennis complex with the proviso that it be named for Garros. During WWI Roland Garros invented the first crude method for shooting machine guns directly thru a fighter's whirling propeller blades. (And no, we don't know who named their dogs "Roland" and "Garros".)

c. SNEAKY TRIVIA: "Name a LOST marine animal attraction in California." Several of you answered: "Marine World Africa USA" which moved (in 1986) from Redwood City to Vallejo. The attraction has whales and dolphins. Therefore it could have fit the question in terms of "Why did it close? So it could move." Nice try, but we were thinking of "MARINELAND OF THE PACIFIC" in Palos Verdes.

We thought we knew the details of the MARINELAND closing until we read an emotional E-Mail from loyal reader NICK (L.A.). We will blend our version and his, noting differences. The undisputed facts are that "Marineland" was purchased by the owners of "SEA WORLD", the park was closed, and the animals were moved to San Diego. Our understanding was that Sea World had committed some transgression and had been banned (by the Federal Gov't) from capturing killer whales in the wild. To continue their most popular attraction, they needed more orcas and bought Marineland just to obtain one or more. (Guide books indicate that Marineland had two whales "Orca and Bubby".)

NICK indicates that ALL marine parks had been prohibited from capturing orcas, that Sea World had started in-house breeding, and that they needed a new fertile male and they bought Marineland JUST to obtain one ("Orca"). In either version, the disgusting truth is that Sea World bought Marineland JUST to obtain an orca, closed the park, and moved the whale to San Diego. [Note: This is real life. "Free Willy" was just fiction - other than the fact that the whale actor was real, and the Mexico City pen was too small. BTW, that whale is being moved to a larger pen in Oregon.]

[At this point, I, Snavely, should admit that, repugnant as this story may be, I still very much enjoy going to Sea World parks and have been to the ones in San Diego, San Antonio, and Orlando. It must be something like going to see a movie starring "Hanoi Jane" even tho you know you shouldn't! We do root AGAINST the Atlanta Braves, however. ;*) ]

The rest of the Nick story: Nick's wife is from Iowa and had never seen a marine animal attraction. Nick kept promising to take her to Marineland but by the time he got around to picking a date, the park had closed (Feb 87). Now whenever he trys to put something off, his wife reminds him of Marineland. Ah, the pleasures of married life! At the time of the incident, Sea World was owned by the publisher "HARCOURT BRACE JOVANOVICH". Nick says that if he ever meets the CEO of HBJ, he will stuff a Shamu doll up his nose (or wherever). FWIW, the Sea World parks are now owned by Anheuser Busch, who also own the Busch Gardens parks, Cypress Gardens, FL, and other amusement parks.

BILL (San Diego), DEBBIE (Bay area), OTIS (WY), BRIDGET, (CA), and, of course NICK, knew at least part of the story. Debbie described Palos Verdes as an area of "very large, very pricey homes". Thanks Deb; we used to live there! We would describe our abode as "upper middle class" but nearby was the gated area called "Rolling Hills" where Tracy Austin started playing tennis. THAT was pricey. We couldn't quite see Marineland from our house but could see CATALINA ISLAND on a rare clear day (this WAS L.A.). SNEAKY TRIVIA: How many MILES to Catalina and WHO sang the song?: "NN miles across the sea. Santa Catalina is the place for me, ...." (This one is old.)

We haven't quite figured out how old MARINELAND was, but we first went there in 1957. The name "Marineland of the PACIFIC" was apparently picked to distinguish it from "Marineland of FLORIDA" (still open); however, when we visited the Florida attraction in the 50's it was actually called "MARINE STUDIOS" (in Marineland, FL). Our best memory of Marine Studios is a picture we took showing a jumping dolphin and also in the foreground, a buddy in a HEAVY WOOL OVERCOAT (in Florida?). Oh yes, our guidebooks indicate that the CA Marineland had "porpoises", not dolphins.

Continuing our "Lost California" theme: NAME and LOCATE the nautical themed amusement park (complete with wooden roller coaster over the ocean) from the late 50's, early 60's. And no, we are not thinking of "The Pike" or "NU-Pike" (amusement park in Long Beach).

We will continue "Lost West Coast Amusement Parks" for a bit. There were some heavy hitters on the East Coast as well. Until we get to them - SNEAKY TRIVIA: "There is a building on an east coast beach built in the shape of a giant ELEPHANT. WHERE, and what is the elephant's NAME?"

For you Lost Amusement Park freaks; You can reach the OLD location of MARINE WORLD by exiting U.S. 101 at "Marine World Parkway", just south of Foster City. Travel East and turn left on "Twin Dolphin Parkway". Let us know what you find (shopping mall, condos, swamp?). MARINELAND is on the southwest side of the Palos Verdes peninsula, on the ocean. It still stands (with a 244 foot "Sky Tower") but has been purchased for conversion to a hotel and golf course.

d. OMAHA? - TED (MA) reminds us that Offutt AFB, home of "SAC" Headquarters is actually located in BELLEVUE, a suburb of Omaha. True, but that's sort of like saying the DALLAS Cowboys are from IRVING, TX, not Dallas. Ted also points out that the organization is now called "STRATCOM", not SAC. Apparently the "Strategic AIR Command" is now just the "Strategic Command" and has control over strategic weapons from the Navy AND the Air Force.


a. BOMBARDIER (of Canada) has been mentioned previously. Recently we read that Bombardier is building a "WEDway People Mover" between the Senate Office Bldg and the Capitol Bldg in D.C. If that name sounds familiar, there is one at DISNEYLAND. In fact, "WED" stands for "Walter Elias Disney". "WED Engineering" was the former name for the Disney manufacturing arm. They must have licensed the "People Mover" design to Bombardier.

b. SUPER QUADS with prosaic names - CHRIS (VA) tells us that the new HS Quad at HUNTER MTN (NY) next to the "A" chair is named "AA". [Our only HUNTER map is from 1980. Anyone got a spare newer one?] DAN (CA) reports that the two HS Quads at ALPINE MEADOWS, (CA) have the non-fancy names of their predecessors, Summit and Roundhouse. We observed that the 3 HS Quads at SIERRA-AT-THAOE are called: Sensation, Slingshot, and XTC. Nary an "Express" in sight.

c. SOMEONE (?) asked about the gondola at LAKE LOUISE, AB. It runs from near the highway (well below the skier parking lot) up to Whitehorn Lodge. It does NOT operate in the winter and, from the configuration, we don't understand how it ever could have. SISSY (NH) visited there this summer and reports that the cable carries quads, bubble-top quads, and two types of gondola cars. The chairs are labeled YAN. She asked the lift operator about the brand name on the gondola cars. The operator didn't know but let Sissy look into each car as it came by (!). One was the ever popular "CWA" and the other said: "Charlton & Hill Welding Co., Alberta".

Sissy also found some fact cards on the tourist GONDOLA on SULPHUR MTN near Banff (BELL, Switzerland, with CWA cars) and the TRAM at WHISTLER MOUNTAIN near Jasper (PHB, Germany). Thanks, Sissy.

d. FLAT TRAMS - We have mentioned horizontal trams at Royal Gorge, CO and NYC. Wesley (VT) and Jonathan (ONT) reminded us of the "SPANISH AERO CAR", a tram which travels horizontally out over the Niagara Gorge, near Niagara Falls, Ont.

e. DETACHABLE TRIPLE CHAIRS - GORE MTN (NY) has one of these. Anyone know of another detachable triple?


a. MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN, CA is an "extinct" volcano. Scientists have been studying a recent spate of dying trees on the mountain which had been thought to be due to drought. Studies revealed, however, that the cause was gasses escaping from the volcano. Think about that the next time you see a plume of smoke at the upper gondola terminal!

b. PINOCCHIO - Long time readers know that we have little use for ski areas who lie about their Vertical Drops. The worst offenders are A-BASIN, BRECKENRIDGE, and SNOWMASS. Recently a new offender has been uncovered. Background - when ASPEN HIGHLANDS put in their 2 new quads last season, a new survey revealed that their Vertical Drop was only 3635 feet rather than the state leading 3800 feet previously claimed. Immediately, STEAMBOAT announced that their 3668 ft vertical was now #1 in CO and 2nd in the U.S. However:

While glancing at a STEAMBOAT trail map recently, we noted that their base elev is 6900 feet and the highest point (Sunshine Peak) is 10,385 feet. That gives a vertical of only 3485 ft. Hmmm. Just for grins we added 3668 to 6900 and came up with 10,568 ft which just happens to be the elevation at the top of Mt. Werner. Well, that's nice, but there are NO LIFTS on Mt. Werner! So they just pointed to a nearby mtn top and said "That's our highest point." NO WAY!

BTW, the legitimate STEAMBOAT vertical of 3485 feet is only THIRD in CO and only SIXTH in the U.S. Ever vigilant, here at TCS.

c. MOOLIGHT IN VERMONT - is a very popular song by Margaret Whiting. When she first ran thru the song she came upon the line: "Ski tows on a mountainside". "What is a SKI TOW?" she asked. No one knew so they changed it to "ski TRAILS" which is what you now hear. BTW, from another line: There are no SYCAMORE trees in VT. Curiosity - There are no rhyming lines in that song.

d. TRUTH IN ADVERTISING? - Some time ago we mentioned that the dog Bruno, who chases "cats" in a VAIL print ad was really from a several year old humorous "Light & Dry" pic in POWDER magazine. Apparently POWDER was curious and checked into another VAIL ad showing "Leslie Coyle" who "waits on everyone at the Hong Kong Cafe" and "for no one in China Bowl". POWDER checked. Leslie exists but doesn't work at the Hong Kong and the beautiful skier in China Bowl is just a model in a stock shot. Fake, fake, fake. The current VAIL ad shows "Dave Williams who comes to Vail for the bowls." "Dave" is probably really Mark Wallace from Castle Rock or an usher from Coors Field.

e. ALPINE MEADOWS - Experiences more avalanches than any other U.S. ski area. They have 142 marked avalanche chutes and routinely record 1000 to 1200 in-bounds avalanches a year. You may recall a particularly bad incident when buildings were destroyed and six employees (the area was closed) were killed. One employee was rescued after spending 5 days trapped in a locker room under a lift terminal. She was sniffed out by an avalanche dog named "Bridget".


a. OTIS (WY) wants to know if TED FOLTZ is still doing the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Our records indicate that Ted raced 34 times between 1954 and 1988, but not since then, so we assume he is retired. He won the open-wheel division in 1970 and 1980. How did you happen to know him, Otis?

b. TED (MA) wants to know about the car race up MT WASHINGTON, NH. All we know is what a Pikes Peak racer said: It is shorter (7 miles vs 13 miles) and part of it is on pavement. At Pikes Peak the race starts where the pavement ends (at least for now). Ted says the record time at Mt. W. is about 7 minutes, or 60 mph. The record time at P.P. is 10:04 giving an average speed of 77 mph.

c. CRISPIN (OR) wants to know what is a "Chicken Rock" radio station. Our youth advisor (PC, Jr) says today it would be called "Soft Rock". These stations are too "chicken" to play hard rock. Back then it was: play the Beatles, not Led Zeppelin. Now they play Elton John but not Metallica.

d. OTIS (WY) - also wanted to know about the company building the new village at KEYSTONE. Yes, it is INTRAWEST, which also built the villages at WHISTLER (BC) and TREMBLANT (QUE).

e. BRIAN (CA) - wants to hang a copy of the always amusing and informative TCS newsletter in the rental wait-line area at a San Jose (CA) ski shop this winter. Good idea - except - folks will leave the line to rush home and E-Mail responses! Better install a computer with Internet access in your waiting area, Brian! ;*).


In our 3rd anniversary issue we provided a little data on TCS Newsletter issues. Now lets talk about READERS. Using the same year by year breakdown for years 1, 2, and 3:

 Average # of reader E-Mails per issue - 10.5,  15.1,  34.5  New readers per year - 180, 83, 130   Total number of identified readers - 393  Readers receiving direct E-Mails - 180    (plus the Moose network)  Total number of E-Mails received - 1033   States represented - 35       Countries represented - 11  Most readers by state:   CO - 53   MA - 28   CA - 26   Most prolific reader/writers:   Tom Moore (MA),  Rick Oaks (CO),  Jim Carr (FL),  Eric Schweitzer  (NY),  Chester Bullock (CO),  Jan-Erik (OR),  Steve Hulquist (CO),  Bill Hery (NJ)  (plus several more very close runners up) 


Here we had intended to provide our brilliantly crafted response to your impassioned but misguided defenses of those horrible traffic control monstrosities (and anachronisms), the CLOVERLEAF INTERCHANGE and the TRAFFIC CIRCLE. However, the newsletter was getting too long. Another time. Ditto for "Upside down ski areas".


a. OOPS! - Someone tried to mail us some trail maps at: "Mark Wallace, Castle Rock, CO". Well, Castle Rock is a fast growing town of about 10,000 folks so of course the package came back marked "Insufficient Address". Just a reminder: MARK lives in CASTLE ROCK but WE (TCS) live in COLORADO SPRINGS. Mark does not give out HIS home address but he will give out OURS if you ask. (For those of you who still think that Mark IS TCS, try this "story": Mark lives in CR but has his TCS mail sent to his work address in COS. AS IF!)

b. OOPS II! (The Sequel) - JAN-ERIK sent a repeat E-Mail, thinking we had not received it. We recognized it and so searched our office for the original which we found in a pile of misc. ski posts. It had been color coded, numbered, and logged, but not filed properly. It came 30 days after the applicable newsletter, on the EVE of the next issue, hence our inattention to detail! You know how busy it is in a publishing office on the eve of publication: A smoke filled room full of reporters pecking away at their Remingtons and Smith-Coronas, ashtrays full of butts, cups half-filled with cold coffee, the sound of "Copy!" fills the air, and Jimmy Olson scurries about. In a glass walled office, the eyeshaded editor pours over copy with a fistful of blue pencils (actually we use red fiber pens). In another room Crusty busily types away at the linotype machine (bet you thought we still used hand set type!).

Finally, after the last cry of "Stop the presses!" is only a memory, the first copy of "The Colorado Skier" rolls off the press. Passersby peer thru the pressroom window trying to catch a glimpse of the all-important headline: "VAIL ADDS ANOTHER HS QUAD!" "Wow!" exclaims one visitor from Iowa. "Same old news" snorts a jaded skibum. "Can't they ever come up with a new headline?" Well, as you can see, it is busy around here on publishing night. Sorry we didn't file your E-Mail, Jan-Erik. Your mail means a lot to us.

c. THE RETURN OF OOPS! - So how did Jan-Erik know we had "missed" his E-Mail? Because we had not updated his entry in the "Areas Skied" list. So, here is an update of his entry along with a couple of "STATE" changes and a NEW entry we overlooked.

                             Total     Areas     States, Provinces,      Skier         State     Areas     > 1000    Countries     ________       _____     _____     ______    ___________      Jan-Erik         OR        91 !      87         11  *     Jeff B           MT        35        31          6  *     Bill W           CA        24        24          5  *     Bridget          CA        21        19         10  *     Robert L         CA        13         -          2  *   [Note:  These are just CORRECTIONS.  We have, of course, received  lots of updates and new entries for the next LISTS update.] 

d. OOPS! FOREVER - BILL (NJ) noted our request for a "76" TAOS map, and wanted to send us a "75-76" version. Double OOPS! FIRST, we neglected to mention that in our shorthand, we refer to a ski season by the Fall year; that is, "76" means the "76/77" season. SECONDLY, as we double-checked the year, it was really supposed to be "85/86"! So does anyone have a spare 85/86 TAOS map or brochure?


a. Please provide your CITY NAME (and YOUR name) in your first E- Mail to TCS. It's just for our records.

b. If you would like to be ADDED to the TCS (direct E-Mail) mailing list, notify MARK at: "mwallace@nyx.net"

c. Past TCS Newsletters are available on the WWW. The URL is:

  • http://www.nyx.net/~mwallace/TCS.html

d. Due next: "SKI NEWS 11" (about 18 October)

Cheers from THE COLORADO SKIER (member, I.S.H.A)

"If the U.S. really wanted a small, very reliable car that would last forever, COLEMAN would build it."

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