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October 17, 1995

Trivia #19 - Published 17 October 1995


This is part of a series on Skiing and Ski Area TRIVIA. It is posted separately from our companion series on "LOST SKI AREAS", "THE COLORADO SKIER - SKI NEWS", and "TCS LISTS". Check 'em out.



A. We decided to do a "Trivia" issue now and save the final wrap- up on 95/96 Ski News for a November TCS issue.

B. Many thanks to loyal reader SISSY (NH) who sent us lots of neat ski area and tourist gondola brochures gathered on a summer trip to Alberta and BC. She reports that they were still skiing at BLACKCOMB - brochure says "thru 7 August".

C. Some of the data in this post was obtained from "THE WHITE BOOK OF SKI AREAS", which is copyrighted by Inter-Ski Services, Inc.


a. When and where (in the U.S.) were the first single-chair, double, triple, quad, detachable quad, covered detach quad and six-pack?

b. Which is (are) the OLDEST U.S. ski area(s) in continuous operation?

c. Name the farthest NORTH conventional ski area in CANADA.

d. At which SKI AREAS are (were) the following ski trails located?

       1) Wizard, Merlin, Cauldron, Spellbinder, Samantha, Tabatha         2) Wizard, Sorcerer, Wand, Hocus Pocus, Witch, Broomstick 

e. Name the five U.S. SKI AREAS with the LARGEST VERTICAL DROP (measured from the top of the highest lift to the bottom of the lowest lift).

BONUS ONE: Puzzle: SILVERCREEK is a medium sized ski area (vertical drop 1000, 3 double chairs) a few miles north of WINTER PARK, CO. Recently it was sold. WHO BOUGHT IT? (multiple choice): a) STEAMBOAT, b) Grand County, c) the current management team, d) a Brazilian couple, e) Ted Turner, f) WINTER PARK. ??

BONUS TWO: Who among you has skied at the most (permanently) CLOSED SKI AREAS while they were open? (We can claim only Ski Broadmoor, Geneva Basin (CO) and King Ridge (NH) - not even Berthoud Pass)

SUMMER (Fall?) BONUS: Which amusement park is generally considered to be the largest U.S. "THEME PARK" ever to have closed. Hint - it was located in or near a large East Coast city.


a. At which SKI AREAS are the following ski trails located?

                    1)  Rocky's Run, Bullwinkle, Boris Badenov,           Natasha's Niche, Peabody's Pass, Dudley-Do-Right, Snidley           Whiplash                      2)  Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, Rocky Raccoon,           Revolution, Help, Long Winding Road   ANSWER:  1) SKI MT ABRAM, ME    2) ELK MEADOWS, UT     GUESSES:  Only PAUL (NH) and TED F (VA) got MT ABRAM.  Probably no    one has ever heard of ELK MEADOWS.     Note:  JAN-ERIK wondered about "Rocky Raccoon".  We hear it all the    time on our "classic rock-n-roll" station.  It was written by    Lennon and McCartney and first appeared on The Beatles White Album. 

b. Probably all of you have ridden one or more of the 30 or so "Alpine Slides" in the U.S. They are built at ski areas because chairlifts are needed to transport riders and sleds to the top of the slide. Trivia Question: WHERE are there Alpine Slides NOT located at ski areas?

ANSWER: The only two we know of are at: "Heritage Square" west of Denver, and at "Raccoon Mountain Campground" in Chattanooga, TN.

GUESSES: CHESTER, SENATOR BILL, and REO (all of CO) and JEFF (MT) knew of the one in Denver, and SCOTT (Atlanta) provided us with the TN answer. TED (VA) suggested Gatlinburg. That one is at the ski area. Don't know of one at Asheville.

c. What is the NAME and location of the farthest NORTH alpine ski area in North America?

ANSWER: CLEARY SUMMIT, AK a few miles north of Fairbanks. Note: There are two "lost" ski areas also located "just north" of Fairbanks, but let's stick with the one we all know is still open.

GUESSES: JAN-ERIK (OR) and JEFF (MT) knew. There were several guesses for ALYESKA which is south of Anchorage.

d. WHERE are these runs located and WHOM were they named after:

AND TYLER TOO - Waterville Valley, NH - Named after "TYLER PALMER" former ski racer and brother of TERRY PALMER, namesake of the adjacent "TERRY'S TRAIL". OK, on the other side was a trail named "TIPPECANOE" so several of you answered "President Harrison". The story: WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON was known as an "Indian Fighter" and his most famous victory was at "Tippecanoe" (Indiana). A campaign song was written, featuring his exploits. Later, when JOHN TYLER was named as his running mate, a reporter observed: (Gee,) "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too". It had an alliterative ring to it and stuck as the campaign slogan. Obviously the trail namers at WATERVILLE were messing with our minds.

DAVE'S - Mammoth Mountain, CA - Named after founder and still owner "DAVE McCOY", probably the only founder/owner still operating a major ski area in the U.S. (Alex Cushing comes close)

PAULIE'S FOLLY - Cannon Mountain, NH - Named after "PAULIE HANNAH" wife of famed trail designer SEL HANNAH.

DISNEY NOSE - Sugar Bowl, CA - Named after "WALT DISNEY", an early major stockholder. [Did Walt ever ski?]

GUESSES: Several of you knew DAVE'S and DISNEY. No one knew who PAULIE was. After a few threats, Steve H (CO) and Larry (OR) responded with TYLER PALMER. DEBBIE and DAN K (CA) got 2 of 4.

e. Remember the list of ski areas which share the same ridge? DAVID (NY) suggests the ultimate ridge: Name all the SKI AREAS on the CONTINENTAL DIVIDE (past or present). To prevent nit- picking we will count any area within one mile of the Divide. Hint: Two areas have appropriate names.

ANSWER: North-to South:

Canada: SUNSHINE VILLAGE, AB (one can ski both sides of the divide and also into BC.


Wyoming: TWO OCEAN MOUNTAIN (Togwotee Pass) [closed and obscure]


Idaho and New Mexico: None

Notes: Of the ones we have seen, BERTHOUD and SKI COOPER are perfect with trails running right along the divide. A-BASIN and WOLF CREEK barely make the ONE MILE test. Of course, GREAT DIVIDE and CONTINENTAL are the areas with "appropriate" names. HIDDEN VALLEY (CO) does not meet the one mile test. We couldn't ascertain the exact location of BEEF TRAIL, MT.

GUESSES: Several folks named five areas; JAN-ERIK got six; and JEFF (MT) added the obscure closed ones in CO, for a total of 11.

BONUS ONE: (open question) Name all the ski areas where the base lodge and parking are at the top of the mountain rather than at the bottom.

ANSWER: We have been covering the answers to this question in other TCS issues. The latest addition: "Big Vanilla at Davos", NY. We finally found a pic in a 1980 reference book to verify. We don't have a trail map for DAVOS (hint, hint). We will probably publish the entire "upside down" list in the next "TCS LISTS".

Two folks mentioned the same attribute of CHESTNUT, IL. You park at the top then ski down and if you don't stop, you end up in the Mississippi River!

SUMMER BONUS: There are large BUSCH GARDENS amusement parks in Virginia and Florida. There used to be another Busch Gardens, located in a major tourist area, but now deceased. WHERE?

ANSWER: Van Nuys (L.A. area), CA. We already answered this one.

SPORTS BONUS: You probably noted that the French Open tennis tournament was played at "Stade Roland Garros". Who was ROLAND GARROS and what was his contribution to the world of trivia?

ANSWER: (Answered previously) He was a WWI aviator whose tennis doubles partner donated the land for the tennis complex. Garros invented a crude method for shooting machine guns thru propellers. After her first French Open win in 1989, Arantxa Sanchez (Vicario) named her two dogs "Roland" and "Garros" (thanks Bill).


a. SNEAKY TRIVIA ANSWER - The California "THEME PARK" with the nautical theme was "PACIFIC OCEAN PARK" (P.O.P.) in Santa Monica, circa 1958 to 1967. It was NOT located on Santa Monica Pier (home of a very fine classic carousel), but rather on Ocean Park Pier at the south end of S.M. at the Venice (part of L.A.) city line. The park had a "Neptune's Kingdom" themed ride, two diving bells which went into the ocean, a gondola with cars themed as diving bells, and a wooden roller coaster called "Sea Serpent".

Our favorite ride was the "banana train" which was located on a separate pier out in the ocean. To reach it you had to cross a "rickety" bridge high over the ocean. Some folks wouldn't cross over. The train ran thru jungles, and around and thru a volcano. Best part: While you are in the volcano, there is a shaking and rumble, the lights go out and the train stops. A voice reports that part of the volcano and track have slipped into the sea. The train then proceeds slowly to a large section of "missing" volcano and "dangling" track over the ocean. "Scary"!

NICK (LA), CARL (San Diego),and RON (Boston!) knew about P.O.P. STUART, (CA) guessed BELMONT PARK in San Diego. This was a conventional (streetcar) amusement park on the beach in the NW (Mission Beach) part of town. The park closed in 1976 but the roller coaster still stood (SBNO). A local group (with some help from ACE) raised the funds to restore the coaster ("Giant Dipper") and it operates today. The only other remnant of the original park is "The Plunge", a large indoor swimming complex right on the beach. This park was featured in an episode of "Renegade". Does anyone know if that TV show is regularly filmed in San Diego?

Another guess (by BILL, CA) was "PLAYLAND", another long-closed streetcar park in San Francisco. The foundation and rubble are located on the beach (actually across Great Highway from the beach) just north of Golden Gate Park where the windmills are. It has been closed as long as we can remember, probably since the sixties.

If you are in the area, check out the penny arcade "museum" under the nearby Cliff House. Neat arcade toys, some still working. A few miles south (near Olympic Country Club) is "Fort Funston", a defunct fort but funky park. It has two plusses: hang gliders going off the 100 foot cliffs, and massive concrete bunkers which held the big (anti-ship) shore guns during WWII.

b. SNEAKY TRIVIA - We have a list of four more closed medium to small "theme parks" in the L.A. area. Know of any? We will give you one more issue to recall your childhood memories.

c. PALOS VERDES, CA - We mentioned that we used to live there. RON (MA) asked if we went to PV HS, or the previous temporary PV HS in nearby Lomita, or even (if we were really old) in the OLD Lomita HS, now a Jr High. How OLD do you think we are??? Actually we lived in PV as an adult (in the mid-70's), and PC JR was just a baby. FWIW we were born and grew up and went to school in MI, and have lived since in CA, MI, AK, NJ, CO, CA, CO, MA and, of course, CO.

d. SNEAKY TRIVIA ANSWER - How many MILES to Catalina and WHO sang the song? Answer: "26 miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is..." was sung by the FOUR PREPS and was their biggest hit. The song spent 10 weeks in the top 10, peaking at #2 on the Billboard charts and #4 on Cashbox, in Feb, 1958. The song was written by two group members and one of them, Glen Larson, went on to become a TV producer (e.g., "Battlestar Gallactica"). A few of you doubted the distance. It is less than 26 miles from the closest part of the island to the Palos Verdes Peninsula, but from the ports of Avalon to Wilmington it is close to 26. Back in those days one traveled on the "Big White Steamship" or on Grumman Goose amphibians. Now there are smaller, faster boats.

GUESSES: A 1958 song and we had 4 correct guesses? You folks are older than you look! Actually 4 oldsters remembered the "26" but two guessed the artist as "The Letterman" or "Vic Damone". These four greybeards were: Bill W, Otis, Stuart, and Bill H.

SNEAKY TRIVIA FOLLW-UP - No one knew the name or east coast beach location of the big ELEPHANT (not even Bill Hery?). Come on you guys, guess. Take a "gamble".


    a. Still some more "Lost NH" to clean up in the next "lost" issue.     You all must be tired of NH - hardly any comments on the last     issue.  Except one from JOSHUA:      b. We have said in the past that JOSHUA has skied at, patrolled     at, taught at, or owned every open and closed ski area in New     England. After our last Lost NH effort, Joshua said:     "Congratulations, you have found lost NH areas of which even I had     never heard."  (Thx.)      c. We were pleased by the response to "Lost NM".  New players, new     blood.  In the future we will do:  WY, MT, ID, UT, NV, AK, WA, OR,     and CA (around 2002!).  And, don't worry, we WILL get back to VT,     and also ME and MA.  And how about NY, NJ, and PA?  Don't forget,     there are six, count them six, Great Lakes states with about 200     lost areas.  Where will it all end?  (with Canada of course!)        [In re doing Vermont soon, JAY (VT) says:  "YES, Yes, Yes,     Please" (How about pretty please with bourbon on it!)] 


a. TIMBERLINE, OR - Stayed open through 8 October which is probably the latest any U.S. ski area has ever stayed open. In the past their CLOSING might have overlapped the OPENING of KILLINGTON which has opened as early as 1 Oct. But not this year.

b. LOVELAND and KEYSTONE (CO) - Opened for the season on 11 Oct, the first U.S. ski areas to open. There was a storm with 12 to 18 inches of real snow just a few days earlier. This is the 3rd year in the past 10 that both areas opened on the same day. This year, as last, KEYSTONE opened under the lights to gain a few minutes advantage. History, however, will only record the opening DAY. BTW, with TIMBERLINE closing on 8 Oct, that means there were only 2 days when there wasn't a ski area open in the U.S. How did you use the time? Get those skis sharpened and the underwear washed?

c. VAIL is opening a new snowboard park on Golden Peak. To draw publicity, they blew some snow and did some demos on 2 September.

d. We (TCS) joined POWDER magazine in kidding VAIL about using a phony name and occupation for "Leslie Coyle" in one of their print ads. A PR guy from Vail wrote a light hearted letter to POWDER justifying their protection of the PRIVACY of the model, who really does live and work and ski in Vail. OK, fair enough.

e. SUGARBUSH, VT - We mentioned the new snowmaking. Now the rumors are rife about many new chairs including a N-S connector. Any facts?

f. STRATTON, VT - Apparently will be the first U.S. area since BOYNE MTN to add a "six-pack" (six passenger detachable chair).

g. COPPER MTN, CO - Has recently announced the opening of another 300 acres of terrain besides the Copper Bowl expansion. Where, CB?

h. CATAMOUNT, CO - Is a planned area near Steamboat Springs, CO. When the STEAMBOAT ski area was sold by locals to a Japanese company, one of the now rich locals decided to develop CATAMOUNT. He got thru most of the difficult permitting process before his outside investor dropped out (indicating some problem with "water rights"). Now, land is being sold but new money is probably required. A waitress indicated that the townsfolk are now 90% against the development. (!)

i. BURKE MOUNTAIN, VT - Is for sale. 1st Rumor says they are selling off property to pay taxes. 2nd says they are history.

j. CUCHARA VALLEY, CO - Failed to open last season when their NEW owner couldn't raise working cash. Now the third owner in 3 seasons (and also owner of the "marginal" SKI RIO in NM) has promised to open CUCHARA for the 95/96 season.

k. POWDERHORN, CO - Has its fifth or sixth operator (including a bankruptcy court) in the last 10 years. This owner, like the others, promises to infuse some capital, reopen the hotels, build a golf course, etc. Good luck! At least the ski area has been open each season. BTW, we were startled to note in one of their brochures that the pictured fly fisherman was Greg LeMond!

l. SNOWBIRD, UT - Last year their brochure showed a new beginner quad called "Baby Thunder". This year's brochure shows a "Baby Thunder" double. Sure. How gullible do they think we are?

m. BLACK MOUNTAIN (NH) - Apparently has gone "paws up".


Here is some news on various people lifts:

a. DETACHABLE TRIPLE CHAIRS - We noted one at GORE (NY) and wondered how many more. Several of you cited the one at MT. BACHELOR (OR). CRISPIN (OR) said that the chairs are removed at night and the cable is run slowly all night to prevent ice buildup (!!). On a recent visit we spotted a HS triple (Poma) at SNOWMASS on Fanny Hill. TOM MOORE anecdoted about an ugly American trip to Europe (ST. ANTON). His party spotted a "detachable" and naturally queued up in groups of 4 and surprisingly (with appropriate strange looks from the locals) discovered a triple.

b. A PIONEER? - SKIP KING (the mellifluent and sometimes unctuous voice of SUNDAY RIVER) suggested that the GORE detachable triple may have been the first detachable chair anywhere. We are still researching. BRECK had the first detachable QUAD in 1981. So far we have only narrowed down the GORE chair opening to around 78-85.

c. ASPEN - NUMBER 1 - On a recent Fall foliage visit to Aspen we discovered that a portion of the old #1 single at Ajax still stands - the lower terminal, a tower, and a few single chairs. The original "boat tow" boat sits nearby. Good photo-op. A plaque indicates that the single ran from 1946 to 1971. This means that the replacement double (#1A) is 24 years old - It looks it.

d. HOWELSEN HILL (in Steamboat Springs, CO) - Once (in the 50's) had a lift which both carried SINGLE CHAIRS and pulled T-BARS, on the same cable. Now that must have been unique!

e. OLDEST GONDOLA? - SISSY (NH) sent us a fact sheet which shows the WILDCAT, NH gondola opening in Jan 1958, which probably makes it the oldest ski area gondola in the U.S. Only SUGARBUSH (VT) and SUGAR BOWL (CA) could challenge. It appears that the Wildcat (2 place) and Sugarbush/Crested Butte (3 place) gondola cars were made by the same Italian company.

f. GATLINBURG, TN - While researching this town we found: "SKY LIFT - cable chair which takes visitors from the main st, across the river, and up 2300 ft Crockett Mountain." (not part of the ski area)


a. VAIL Associates is building a series of villages between the current BEAVER CREEK and ARROWHEAD terrain as they join the two ski areas. Recently VAIL sold 52 single-home lots in "Bachelor Creek Village" for $43 million. That's an average of $825K per lot!

b. While checking our E-Mail respondent lists we noticed way back in Sep 92, a "John G___" from Columbia Univ (NYC). Later, in March 95, we have a "John Robert G___" from Univ de Montreal. Did you move, John? (or are you two separate people?)

c. To MELLISA at OKEMO - Your address failed us. We couldn't even reach your Web page. Please try again.

JKing of Decatur - Your address also failed us.

d. TO CARL (CA) - What does "IIRC" mean?

e. ALPINE MEADOWS AVALANCHES - That should have been 240 marked avalanche chutes, not 142. And it is 1200-1300 inbounds avalanches a year. Their worst two avalanche incidents were on 3-2-76 (with 3 dead in Beaver Bowl) and the big one we discussed last time (6 dead, all employees) on 3-31-82.

e. OLD PUZZLE - What do the following items have in common: Baretta's cockatoo, Inventor of the J-bar, Roseanne's brother-in-law, ski run at Sandia Peak where skier died after colliding with snowboarder, cheap soft drink in the Pepsi "Field of Dreams" commercial. ANSWER: They are all named FRED. Only JONATHAN (Toronto) supplied the correct answer.

f. NEW PUZZLE - Name the following 1977 movie: A well-known male star plays a 35ish gray collar worker with a house in the suburbs, a wife (played by Teri Garr), and 2.5 kids. In the plot he encounters a very unusual phenomenon which occupies his time to the point of obsession. Naturally his family, friends, and the authorities think that he has gone a little wacko. What movie? (a little tricky)


a. JIM (Austin) suggested that the "XTC" HS Quad at SIERRA-AT-TAHOE may have the SMALLEST vertical drop of any HS Quad. Could be true.

b. JOHN COOLEY (CO) questioned our choice of words when we described the new TELLURIDE town-to-slope mixed gondola and quad chair as the 3rd of its type. We meant that it was the 3rd to have MIXED gondola cars AND quad chairs (after BIG MOUNTAIN and WINTER PARK), not the 3rd "town to slope" lift. Sorry for the confusion. [Hmmm. Do we sense another trivia list? Town to Slope lifts: Telluride, Park City, Ober Gatlinburg, and ???]

c. STUART (CA) - Was dismayed by news of the first quad at BRIDGER BOWL, MT: "Daggone the daggone...Now the people will come in droves...and pick-ups and minivans. See what you've done? I'll have to skip morning coffee for first trax next time. Harrumph!" (Sorry, Stuart - please don't shoot the messenger!)

d. WESLEY (VT) - Points out that some of the whale scenes in the movie "Free Willy" were done with computer generated animation (e.g., the jump over the reef). He saw some of the computer stuff at an ACM convention in Anaheim. [Vermont to Anaheim - across the street from Disneyland - some boondoggle!]

"Free Willy II" took a different approach - using robotic whales in two sizes - normal and small. We saw some scenes with the smaller whales being filmed at, of all places, the Olympic swimming pool next to the Los Angeles Coliseum!

e. SNEAKY MATTHEW (TX) - Wanted to know if he could cheat and LIST ski areas he had skied in the off season. Well, the name of the contest includes the phrase "ski areas". "Ski Areas" have lifts and charge the public to use them. Have you really "skied" that area if you just drift through? We think not. [OTOH, Who's to know? ;-) ]

[BTW, our ultimate test of whether you have skied an "area" is would you brag to your friends in a bar that you had? By that test, Tuckerman Ravine counts, even tho it has no lifts.]

f. PHILLIP (MA) noted that we called ourselves "TCS" and "Snavely" in the same issue. Same person? Yes. Some time ago someone asked if our first name was "The" or "Colorado". We replied that "TCS" is our exalted TITLE (please bow in our presence) and that actually our first name is SNAVELY. Is that clear?

g. STUART (CA) - notes that if Coleman built reliable cars, they would only come in forest green with dark red trim.


OK, it's time to trash the CLOVERLEAF intersection. First we have to kid one reader who drew a picture of ONE QUARTER of a "leaf" and could see no problems. One quarter? Duh! Take a look to the right of these words at "half" of a four way stop: --------O-------- The O represents the center of the intersection. After a while wouldn't you consider removing the stop signs as having no use? ;-)

Now two GROUND RULES: 1) MERGES are not the problem being discussed. ALL turns require merges. The best merge is a half mile acceleration lane where you can match car speeds and slip in behind an adjacent vehicle. The worst merge is a right turn at a stop onto a busy highway where you have to accelerate from 0 to 45 in 2 seconds.

2) The PROBLEM with any turn is when two cars CROSS a section of pavement at different angles. If they arrive at the same time then they crash or one or both cars has to slow or stop. It is the slowing and stopping that causes congestion.

Attention Students: Get yourself a ruler; black, red, and green pencils; and then steal (borrow?) a sheet of laser printer paper. In black, draw a "plus sign" 6 inches tall and wide. This represents a N-S freeway which is crossed by an upper level E-W freeway on a bridge. We will call the "crossing" point the CROSS. Draw four dots on the four legs 2 inches from the CROSS. Connect the four dots with straight lines. You should now have a "diamond". The four legs of the diamond represent RIGHT TURN lanes (usually curved, bowing in towards the CROSS). There are no problems with right turns.

Now draw four little "balloons" inside the diamond with the pointy ends towards the cross. i.e., from the CROSS draw an easterly line which curves to the se, south, sw, west, nw, and back north - in asymptotic fashion - and returns to the CROSS. These four "circles" should make a four leaf clover (hence the "cloverleaf" name.)

Now suppose you are headed north and want to go west (a "left" turn). You drive thru the CROSS under the E-W bridge turning to your right (east) on a balloon making a 270 degree turn and rising up to where you merge onto the west bound lane. Now suppose JOE is eastbound and wants to turn north. He goes thru the CROSS (over the N-S freeway) turning to the right (south) and curving around to merge with the north bound lane (from a merge/de-merge lane).

NOW go back and draw the path of YOUR turn and JOE's turn with a red pencil. Do the two lines cross? Of course! That is the problem! They cross at the CROSS, under the E-W bridge, on the "merge/de- merge" lane along side of the north bound lane. While you are slowing and turning right, JOE is approaching from your right rear in your blind spot. While JOE is accelerating and turning right YOU are approaching from his left rear in his blind spot. And not only is he looking for you, he is looking behind you to find a spot to merge into the north bound thru traffic. That's the PROBLEM - two cars "crossing" over the same section of pavement at different angles (usually at different speeds) with different goals. And that's just two cars. Multiply this by rush hour traffic and you have a disaster. Our personal local disaster is the "perfect" cloverleaf at the intersection of No. Academy Blvd and I-25 in northern COS.

OK, what is the solution to the cloverleaf left turn problem? The solution is "Flyover" lanes which we will discuss next time, along with the even more disastrous "Traffic Circle" (we may even discuss the "jughandle"). And what has this to do with SKIING? We were critical of the new TRAFFIC CIRCLE at VAIL, saying it was even worse than a CLOVERLEAF. You guys defended both traffic control devices and now must suffer our wrath.

[Oh yes, save the pencils and the paper (to save a beaver) for next time - the green pencil WILL be used. {There also may be a quiz}]


a. Please provide your city name (and your own name) when FIRST writing to TCS. (New informal rule - specific questions will be answered only from folks with identifiable names and towns.)

b. If you would like to receive your own personal E-mail copy of TCS newsletters, just ask Mark to subscribe you.

c. Past TCS Newsletters are available on the WWW. The URL is:

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d. Due Next: "SKI AREA NEWS" (about 14 November)

Cheers from The Colorado Skier (Member I.S.H.A.)

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