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April 18, 1996

Lost Areas #21 - Published 18 April 1996


Researching "lost" ski areas is the hobby of THE COLORADO SKIER. We have reported our findings on COLORADO, the SOUTHEAST, NEW HAMPSHIRE, and are now doing NEW MEXICO. Is your state next?

For more info on skiing and ski areas, check out our separately posted companion articles entitled: "THE COLORADO SKIER - TRIVIA", "THE COLORADO SKIER - SKI NEWS", and "THE TCS LISTS".



A. Right up front we want to thank some folks for sending us ski area trail maps/brochures. SCOTT (GA) sent brochures for CLOUDMONT, AL and SKY VALLEY, GA. JOHN (IL) sent some from British Columbia and our first from Ontario (SEARCHMONT). Also RALPH (NH) sent one from GUNSTOCK (NH). Thanks, guys.

B. After 70+ issues of this newsletter, we are still never quite sure what you folks will find interesting. There were actually two comments on the SKIING GNOME! And, the most popular trivia question was the one about STANDARD OIL! More later.

C. In this issue we will finish up Lost NEW MEXICO and present Lost ARIZONA. And, at long last, Lost VERMONT gets started. Yeah!

D. Some of the data in this post was obtained from "THE WHITE BOOK OF SKI AREAS", which is copyrighted by Inter-Ski Services, Inc.


Here is the info on the 11 New Mexico ski areas we listed last time. {Copyright 1996, THE COLORADO SKIER. all rights reserved.}

POWDER PUFF (Red River), [name change], A small area located one mile west of RED RIVER. Operated from at least 1965 to 1979. Acquired by the RED RIVER ski area in 1980 and the name was changed to WOODLANDS SKI BASIN (which see). Vertical Drop: 100 ft Top: 8700 Base: 8600 Lifts: 2 double chairlifts, 3 rope tows

RATON PASS (Raton Pass), [very obscure], There is a double chairlift at the top of Raton Pass (visible from I-25) but it faces southwest and probably was used for sightseeing. There is no evidence of ski runs. The building at the base looks like it just sold tickets.

RATON SKI BASIN (Raton), [name change], Located 10 miles northeast of Raton, in Sugarite Canyon. Called "RATON BASIN at SUGARITE" in 1979. Changed name to SUGARITE in 1980. Opened before 1964. Vertical Drop: 825ft Top: 8800 Base: 8000 Lifts: double chair, Poma night skiing (some years)

RIO COSTILLA (Costilla), [name change], Opened in 1982. Changed name to SKI RIO (still open), in 1986. Vertical Drop: 900ft Top: 10,400 Base: 9500 Lifts: 2 triple chairlifts, 2 rope tows

RUIDOSO (Ruidoso), [name change], New name for CEDAR CREEK in the late 70's. Located 7 miles NW of Ruidoso. Changed name to EAGLE CREEK in 1980. The latter closed in 1984. Vertical Drop: 500ft Top: 7900 Base: 7400 Lifts: T-bar, 2 rope tows, 75% snowmaking SIERRA BLANCA (Ruidoso), [name change], Opened in 1962. Changed name to SKI APACHE (still open) in 1985 or 86.

SINGING RIVER RANCH    (Questa),  [obscure],  Located 4 miles    northeast of Questa on Hiway 38 (or Hiway 563?).  Operated in the    late 60's, early 70's.  Eventually the ranch settled on just    snowplay and snowmobiles.       Vertical Drop:  800ft      Base:  8000        night skiing       Lifts:  2 rope tows    

SUGARITE    (Raton),  [closed],  New name (in 1980) for RATON SKI    BASIN which is located in "Sugarite Canyon".  Note that the area is    located on the NM/CO border and is sometimes listed as a Colorado    area.  Closed about 1991 and the lifts were removed.       Vertical Drop:  825ft      Top:  8800     Base:  8000       Lifts:  doublechair,  Poma  snowmaking 60%    

TREE SPRING    (Albuquerque),  [obscure],  Located in the Sandia    Mountains at or near the current SANDIA PEAK ski area.  First home    of the Albuquerque Ski Club ski area in 1937.  The club later built    LA MADERA which became SANDIA PEAK.    

VAL VERDE    (Eagle Nest),  [closed],  Located 8 miles south of    Eagle Nest and west off US 64, near the town of Agua Fria.    Operated from 1970 to 1983.      Vertical Drop:  350 ft        Top:  8650     Base:  8300      Lifts:  1 Poma, 1 rope tow    

WOODLANDS SKI BASIN    (Red River),  [name change],  New name for POWDER PUFF (which see) after it was acquired by the RED RIVER ski area in 1980.  Closed in 1983.  Lifts were still standing in 1994.       Vertical Drop:  100ft      Top:  8700     Base:  8600       Lifts:  2 chairlifts,  3 rope tows

1B. Who remembers these Lost ARIZONA Ski Areas?

Amberian Point Resort Apache Sunrise Big Cienega Bill Williams Fairfield Snow Bowl Greer Sunrise Park Williams Ski Run

1C. Who remembers these Lost VERMONT Ski Areas?

Apple Hill Birdseye Mountain Black Mountain Brattleboro Outing Club Brownell Mountain Burnt Hill Burrington Hill Carinthia Chamberlin Birch Chester



a. MATT (El Paso) commented on the entire list of 11 lost areas. He knew them all except RATON PASS and VAL VERDE. Well, he now knows that "Raton Pass" is a ringer and not a real ski area. VAL VERDE is important, tho, as it is one of the few actually closed areas in New Mexico, along with SUGARITE, and EAGLE CREEK.

b. GEORGE - CO (previously from Los Alamos) commented on our listing of: `LOS ALAMOS-2 (Los Alamos), [very obscure], Built by the CCC in 1936 "west of the Los Alamos Boys School at 9300 feet".' He believes that his parents skied there (1 or 2 rope tows) and he tubed there. The name was SAWYER'S HILL. Neat, another lost area. We need to hear from STEVE T, also from Los Alamos (hint, hint).

c. SIPAPU was once called AGUA PIEDRA, according to some old hiway maps. Now we also have found the former name in a 1949 guide book.


It's been a while since we've talked Colorado. We just stumbled onto a treasure trove of National Forest maps from the 40's and 50's.

APEX (obscure) appears on a 1950 map. It was located in the town of Apex (now a ghost town), north of Central City.

HIDDEN VALLEY (Estes Park) appears on a 1950 map even though most guide books say it didn't open until 1953.

ROCK CREEK (Allenspark) had 5000 skier days in 1950/51. (!)

FUN VALLEY? Most of you Denverese (Denverans?, Denvernians, Denveronians?) remember the Fun Valley area from the 60's. It was located south of Tinytown at the northeast corner of the elbow where the hiway heads east thru Deer Canyon. A 1950 map shows "ski area" (no name) at that location and across the road to the west, the "HOMEWOOD" ski area. The latter area is still obscure.

NEDERLAND - This name appears on some older maps near the current location of ELDORA. We thought it might be an early name for Eldora. However, on a 1950 map it is clearly located on the Caribou road west of Nederland rather than the further south Eldora road. On a 1949 map it says "Old Cardinal ski tow" at the ghost town of Cardinal on the Caribou road. The thick plottens.

SNEAKY TRIVIA: Does anyone remember which rock band used to rehearse and record at the "Caribou Ranch"?


a. We in COLORADO received a comment from NEW ZEALAND about a lost ski area in CANADA (!). JUSTIN (NZ) has a friend in Prince Rupert, BC who reports that the RAINBOW LAKE ski area is no longer operating. Please ask your friend if the "Mt Hays" gondola is still operating for tourists, Justin. Justin also reports that the ski areas in NZ are all above timberline.

b. Taking our challenge to find PRINCE RUPERT, BC on a map, Rick (CO) made an interesting find. East and south of Prince Rupert is the town of KITIMAT which has an "Alcan Smelter" and a ski area. 40 miles south of there is the town of KEMANO which has a "Aluminum Co. Power House" and a ski area. At first we thought that "Kemano" was really the "Kitimat" ski area with a misplaced ski symbol. However we found BOTH ski areas on the same map, in our case a 1989 Rand McNally.

What makes this all very interesting is that Kemano has no highway access! A small road just leads to the "Gardner Canal". So now we have another lost ski area but you can't hardly get there nohow. We will call it "KEMANO" but it is probably really the "Alcan Aluminium (sic) Outing Club" or some such. More fun.

c. Last time we asked MATT (MI) to check out some questionable "Lost Michigan" ski areas. He did and unfortunately they are mostly open. We say "unfortunately" because we now have to delete them from our lost lists. Michigan had risen to fifth among all states, at 87 Lost Ski areas.

Matt wondered where we came up with a Michigan ski area called "SKI WORLD". Here goes: In the far southwestern corner of the lower peninsula, near the town of Buchanan, there was a ski area called "ROYAL VALLEY". In 1986 they changed their name to SKI WORLD before (possibly) closing a few years later. (Still shown on a 1995 map) Vertical Drop: 210 ft Lifts: 2 quads, 1 double, 2 T-bars

d. In a desperate attempt to move the centroid of lost ski area interest back to the East coast, two folks sent short lists of lost ski areas in NY and VT. We already had them all in our data base (of course!) but, interestingly, in each case (i.e., NY & VT) there was one pair of ski areas separated by a slash. This implied to us that there was a name change involved. We checked, there was, and we did NOT previously have that info. So we thank you.

RESEARCH LESSON: Recognizing that a ski area name change has occurred is one of our most difficult tasks, particularly in states we aren't really familiar with. Oh sure, if we note that TWO areas are located in "Cowpatch", we take a second look. But if one is listed as in "East Cowpatch", it will slip right by us. So, if you know of some little ski area with more than one name, please let is know. Skip the big ones, like Madonna and Glen Ellen.

Right now we are struggling with the multiplicity of ski area names in NY towns like: Roxbury, Monticello, Lake Placid, Beacon, Remsen, and Saranac Lake. Any known name changes there would be appreciated.

e. Loyal reader BILL (CA), uses GRANLIBAKKEN (CA) for every third trivia answer. It's still open, Bill. However, at 280 ft of vertical and one Poma and rope, who knows why.


a. There were 8 formal trivia questions in Trivia 20. Of the 18 folks who answered at least one question, surprisingly, 13 of you took a stab at the STANDARD OIL question. In a "penny wise, pound foolish" effort to save space we deleted a line which said: "Your answer should include the OLD name and the NEW name, e.g., `Standard Oil of Iowa is now Hawkeye Oil.'" Only three of you answered that way. Counting old and new names there are 10 potential answers. No one got all 10. In fact, so many people missed "Ohio" that we will have to trot (or perhaps canter) back to the library and double check our answer. We will provide a complete description of the old and new names in the next TCS trivia issue.

Someone asked if "Texas Petroleum" is now Texaco. NO, we made up the name to do the "Texas Pee" joke [you DID know it was a joke, didn't you? :-) ]. We did check, tho, and found 10 company names starting with "Texas" and followed by: "oil", "gas", "pipe", or "pipeline". But, no Texas Petroleum.

Meanwhile, no one even guessed at the "Closed Theme Park in the Southeast". (Hint: It was in FLORIDA and changed names/theme.)

b. Ski areas with 3 or more names: Most of you guessed answers in categories II and III of these three categories: Cat I - OPEN areas with 3 distinct names; Cat II - CLOSED areas with 3 distinct names; Cat III - Open or closed areas with name VARIATIONS (e.g., Arapahoe, Arapahoe Basin, A-Basin). No CAT I answers?

c. MARC (NY) guessed all but one of the Eastern gondolas and then asked "How did I do"? You dood good. Hint: The one you missed is not in New England or New York.

d. Once, we asked how many CLOSED ski areas y'all have skied. The (temp) winner had skied six. Someone remarked that JOSHUA would win this contest. Joshua finally answered. Would you believe that Joshua has skied at 55 (55) CLOSED ski areas? Talk about your jinx!

e. CORRECTION - We woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, remembering a possible mistake in our list of the ski areas with the most vertical drop. What we remembered was that SNOWMASS added a new (lower) base area and as we said in the Fall, added another 100 feet to their vertical. That puts SNOWMASS at 3721 ft, which moves them ahead of ASPEN HIGHLANDS into third place, still well behind BIG SKY and JACKSON HOLE.

f. More moldy oldies - Add BLACK MTN, NH and BOUSQUET, MA to the list of ski areas opening before 1940.


a. Loyal reader SISSY (NH) says that there is a sign in front of MAGIC MOUNTAIN, VT saying "Opening Dec 96". Is it really true?

b. TELLURIDE has received preliminary Forest Service permission to expand to the south, eventually doubling their terrain, adding several new lifts, and climbing to the highest lift-served elevation in the U.S. The city and county are behind the plan so it may work.

c. STEAMBOAT has received preliminary approval to add another 1000 acres, 15 to 20 runs, and two new lifts.

d. VAIL recap - New base lodge and HS Quad at Golden Peak. New 12 passenger gondola at Lionshead. New HS Quad and trails to connect ARROWHEAD with BEAVER CREEK. Last year the $28 Mill makeover at SUGARBUSH attracted attention. VAIL will spend $50 Mill.

d. SUGARBUSH - "Slidebrook" is a 2 mile long chairlift connecting SUGARBUSH and SUGARBUSH NORTH. It is fairly flat and serves no ski runs. TOM says what happens if the chair has to be evacuated? It is flat, so how will the patroller ride that little bicycle thingee "down" to assist with rescues? And since there are no ski trails, how will the rescued skiers ski out? Even if there is a primitive access road, it is FLAT. And since it is a HS Quad and carries skiers in both directions, there could be lots of stranded folks. Don't be one of them!

e. WHOOPS! MYSTIC MOUNTAIN, the new ski area at Nemacolin Woodlands is actually in southWEST PA, not southEAST. Sorry about that.

f. ARROWHEAD (CO) closed a few days early this season when lift operators noticed that one of the poles on their only chairlift was leaning at an odd angle. Nothing broke or bent; they concluded that the ground had settled. The pole is embedded in a giant hunk of concrete. We have observed that no one ever digs up the concrete from abandoned lifts. It is just too much work. So either Arrowhead (owned by Vail) will have to remove the concrete and start over or install a new tower base above or below the old one.

g. More YIN and YAN. After we described the accident with the YAN detachable Quad at WHISTLER, we mentioned that all the YAN quads in VT were grounded for an "unrelated" inspection. Loyal reader BILL (CA) reports that while he was in UTAH, all the YAN quads there were temporarily closed for inspection. Hmmmm.

h. Meanwhile, in CO, after the RIBLET lift tower collapse at SNOWMASS, the Colorado Tramway Safety Board ordered the inspection of all Riblet chairlift towers in the state. The inspection required removal of snow as the suspected problem was at the connection between the tower and the base flange. No problems were found.

BTW, earlier in the year it was announced that the position of Chief Inspector for the Tramway Safety Board was vacant. Wonder if that position was filled.

i. The only Colorado ski areas which don't allow snowboards are ASPEN MTN and KEYSTONE. They are both reviewing that policy. So far, ASPEN has made the decision to continue the ban for one more season. Rumors have KEYSTONE allowing boards on an experimental basis this spring.


a. KATHY D (from Doppelmayr) reports that CTEC and Garaventa DO have a relationship but she's not sure if it's financial or just cooperative. CTEC stand for "Cable Tramway Engineering Company" or something close. What country is CTEC from, Kathy D?

Another question for Kathy D. While we were updating our files to add the BIG SKY tram, we noticed that it was the first Doppelmayr TRAM in our records for the U.S. and Canada. Is that accurate? Do you have any trams in Europe? [Note: "Kathy D" is not to be confused with "Mickey D's", the folks who bring you Mad Cow burgers.]

b. Last time we indicated that we are of the EE persuasion and several of you indicated likewise. Not everyone is, tho. Two ME's wrote to discuss the chairlift tower failure at SNOWMASS and had about the same thing to say. We had suggested that when designing a lift tower, you just estimate the maximum load, double it, and design from there. The ME's say that that would be fine if "static" load was the only consideration. But in case of a lift tower there are "dynamic" vibration loads causing continual stress bending due to uneven loads from occupied and unoccupied chairs and, of course, wind. They both used the term "metal fatigue".

They wonder how much was known about those forces 25 years ago. Well, we will find out as there are hundreds of Riblet chairlifts. However, many ski areas, like VAIL, replace their chairlifts after about 20 to 25 years so maybe that is within a safe time frame.

[Note: Someone might argue that chairlift towers have been around for 60 years and that is enough time to figure out the correct design. However, the original towers were the "lattice", "erector set" type. The single "tube" design came along later, about the time that VAIL opened in 1962. Not a very old design concept.]

c. TRAM TIME - The 40 passenger tram at Stone Mountain, GA is being replaced by a brand new 80 passenger version, hopefully in time for the tourist season and the Summer Olympics in nearby Atlanta. Loyal reader SCOTT (GA) made his monthly visit and reports that the "load" cable is installed and one tram car is now hanging in the lower terminal. The other car is still in the parking lot. The "haul" cable is strung but not taut.

d. TRAM TIME II (& III) - We read a news item indicating that there will be a double decker 180 passenger tram (!!) at Ischgls, Austria.

e. TRAM TIME IV - Two folks say they have ridden the "Hell's Gate Airtram" over the Fraser River in BC. One says it was scary; the other says not worth it. One guide book said "consider the hype and look it over before paying". We'd ride any tram.

6. ASK TCS (Snavely explains it all to you)

(One of the things we really like about doing the newsletter is the chance to answer questions, whether we know the answer or have to do research. Here are two questions, with answers.)

a. JOHN (VT) asks which came first, WINTER PARK or MARY JANE, and were they ever separate areas? Answer: Winter Park is one of the oldest ski areas in CO, having opened in 1940. Winter Park expanded into the Mary Jane terrain in 1975. The areas were never separate.

b. ROBERT (U.S. Army - Bosnia) asked about some old lifts at A-BASIN. Currently there are 5 lifts: 4 double chairs and one triple. Four of the lifts were built in 1978 after KEYSTONE acquired A-BASIN (the 3 year old "Lenawee" chair was not replaced). The "Palivacinni" chair was brand new, replacing a Poma which went up to the bottom of the Gun Barrel (now North Glade) run. The "Molly Hogan" baby double replaced another double which had previously replaced a bunny Poma. The "Exhibition" triple replaced two doubles and a Poma which had run to mid-way. Up until 1965, one of those doubles was a single. Those 3 lifts shared a corridor thru the trees. The new triple angles slightly to the left thru the trees, thus making the old lift tower bases (visible at low snow) appear to angle to the right.

The "Norway" chair has always been where it is. The "Lenawee" chair was built in 1975. From 1965 to 1975 there was a Poma in Lenawee Park (now called Halfmoon Glades). It started to the right of the current chair base and angled further east ending up east of the current chair, below the rocks and East Wall entrance. (What year is your topo map?) Lastly, up to 1971 there was a Poma running from just below the Norway chair base up to the right to the ridge where the "Pali" chair tops out. From the Poma you could ski back down into Norway Bowl or down the front side. Is that enough detail?

[Note: We can provide this kind of detail on several Colorado ski areas. For example, there used to be a short "Mach 1" double chair at Breckenridge. You can see the line thru the trees to the right of Mach 1, looking up. Anyone have any questions?]


a. About the skiing gnome figure with the downhill ski and shoulder ahead. BILL (CA) thinks that maybe gnomes are double-jointed. Do you have inside or personal info? JONATHAN (ONT) suggested that maybe he was telemarking. Nope. This was definitely an (alpine) parallel traverse into a stem turn. We say stem instead of stem christie because his hands were back. A more advanced skier would have his hands out front.

b. DIA forgot to get their phone number listed in the Denver phone book. There is a "DIA" listed, tho. If you call you get a guy who runs a model airplane facility which he cleverly calls DIA.

c. We forgot to answer the question: "Which popular movie western was filmed in Ridgway, CO?" Answer: TRUE GRIT, starring John Wayne. We passed thru Ridgway during filming. In the town park was a gallows, and a rock wall, made of plastic. The railway station was real but up on rollers, just moved in for one shot. Wonder what they used for a train - there are no tracks. Across from the park was a giant wooden courthouse which housed the courtroom from the movie and the basement office of Marshall Rooster Cogburn. We returned a year later and were frankly very startled to note that the courthouse was GONE! Apparently just a hollow shell. Movie magic.


Several of you have been kind enough to send trail maps for our collection. A review of your "snail-mail address requests" and "notes accompanying care packages" indicates that you are really not much interested in trading maps, and don't care much about the promised postage money. Mostly you just want to contribute to the collection. We appreciate that. We figured maybe we should characterize the collection so that you won't think we just throw this stuff in a bottom drawer. So:

The maps ("maps" means ski area brochures OR trail maps) are carefully filed in file folders currently filling 2.5 drawers of a file cabinet. The granularity of the file folders is either region (e.g., Midwest), state (e.g., Wyoming), or individual ski areas (e.g., Vail) depending on the applicable volume.

At the last inventory update, there were (U.S.) 1144 maps for 235 ski areas in 32 states. For Canada there are 48 maps for 27 areas in 3 provinces. We also have a sprinkling of brochures for other countries. In addition we have about 120 regional (mostly state) guides, listing multiple ski areas.

Most unusual: We started collecting in 1964, but our oldest brochure is 1957, from MT BALDY, CA. One favorite is "SKI SAFARI BASIN" which ran a snow cat on Mt Shasta in 1967. On the brochure it said: "NO Six-Mile Aerial Tramway, NO chairlift, NO T-bar, NO lift lines, NO Lifts! (not even a Super-Deluxe Chrome-Plated Garbleblogett!)

Other favorites include older maps for Colorado areas showing, for example: Breckenridge with just Peak 8 and 2 chairlifts, Winter Park with no Mary Jane or Vasquez Ridge; and Vail with no Lionshead or China Bowl.

For COPPER MTN, CO we have a map or brochure for every one of the 24 years they have been open. Getting close on Keystone. Actually we have the most maps for TAOS, 29. Still missing one for the 85/86 season. Can anyone help?

[Note: We count "one" for each map or brochure, by year, and don't count duplicates. For example if we had, for Aspen Mtn: 1976 - brochure, 77 - 3 maps, 78 - map and brochure; the total count would be 3, one for each of three years.]

There are maps for 30 closed areas and an uncounted (so far) number for areas which have changed names or merged. Any questions?

We would love to see more contributions to the collection. Just ask MARK for our address. We treat every care package receipt like a birthday celebration!


a. ROBERT (city?) asked if the 4,000 ft T-bar at STOWE is the longest T-bar and if it still exists. No, it went bye-bye around 1986. The old T-bar at SKI COOPER, CO was over 6,500 ft long. The longest T-bar we are aware of currently is at KIMBERLY, BC at about 5,900 ft.

b. The only regular reader we have in FLORIDA is a Mr. CARR. The self-confessed trekker who wrote in about "Teri Garr on Star Trek" is also from Florida and also named CARR. Coincidence? We wonder. Do you live in Tallahassee, Ms Carr?

c. BEN (WA), with a blown knee, wondered how many other readers besides himself and JIM (MD), had blown knees. JUDITH (MD) admits to an ACL replacement and skis (the bumps) with a knee brace. TIM (CA) did a face plant into a rock at LOVELAND and after a sled and ambulance ride ended up at Lutheran Medical Center in Wheatridge. He says the food is good and so is the E-Mail service.

d. BRUCE (MA) [personal message] - We haven't heard from you previously since Nov. You should receive a msg back from MARK if we receive your E-Mail.

e. TIM, who grew up in Rochester, MN, took exception to our crack about MN not having any Mexican restaurants. There are several, he says, including Chi-Chi's, El Torito, Taco Johns, and Taco Bell. Like we said ........

f. "Quick and Dirty" was supposed to be a way to get personal messages to indvidual readers. But everyone is a busybody. "BMEWS" received several comments. BILL H (NJ), noting our reference to a jug handle in central Jersey, wondered if we worked on AEGIS at RCA, Moorestown. We replied no, we worked on BMEWS (actually at RCA Service Co in Riverton). We also spent two years at the Clear, AK BMEWS site and travelled to Thule, Greenland a few times. (This all happened before most of you were born.)

g. JOHN (CO) points out that ALL 4-WD vehicles have a differential on the front axle. However, part-time 4-WD's usually don't have a differential between the front and rear axles. Can that still cause a skid on ice?


a. THE TCS JINX - Would you like to see a TV show canceled? Let us know, we will start watching it. If we do, it will be toast. Each TV season we pick a one hour drama or comedy drama to watch. Our track record has not been good. Two years ago we watched "Brisco County, Jr". It was canceled after one season. Last year we watched "Extreme" and "VR.5". They each lasted about six weeks. This year we picked "Charlie Grace", a PI show starring Mark Harmon. It lasted about six weeks. Our favorite scene: Charlie is involved with an actress who is following him around learning to be a PI for a TV show. For plot reasons, the bad guys are chasing the actress so Charlie takes her to his house for safekeeping. They start kissing and necking and the following dialog ensues - She: "Are we safe here?" He: "Well, I have my gun." She: "Continuing the metaphor, I was thinking more of a holster." He: "Oh ---- OH!"

We are only talking one hour Drama shows here. Even really BAD Sitcoms last forever. How else can you explain "Full House"! But, if you must know, our comedy pick this year was the "Bonnie Hunt Show". (Placed on hiatus after six weeks!)

b. A man named C.V. Wood was the Big Kahuna for Disney during the building and first few years of DISNEYLAND operation. He left Disney and became a "theme park consultant" billing himself as "The Master Planner of Disneyland" until Disney sued. Wood's first theme park was PLEASURE ISLAND in Wakefield, MA near Boston. It opened in 1959 and is now closed. His second theme park was FREEDOMLAND, in NYC. It opened in 1960 and lasted five seasons. Mr. Wood was very good at building theme parks that lacked one item - the Disney magic.

c. Name the following movie: A John Wayne western, directed by Howard Hawks, and filmed at Old Tucson. Wayne comes to the rescue of his friend, a drunken town marshall, played by a very famous actor. A colorful character actor plays the old deputy. This trio is joined by a young rising star whose character name is a state name. There is also a love interest (female) for Wayne. Much of the movie takes place in the marshall's office/jail. NAME THAT MOVIE.

d. Two movies currently being filmed in Colorado: "Going West in America", with Danny Glover, filmed scenes in Leadville, Minturn, Red Cliff, and a car teetering over a precipice on Battle Mountain (US 24). Also, "The Shining" a TV miniseries being filmed at the "Stanley Hotel" in Estes Park. The hotel is where Stephen King got the idea for the story but it was not used in the movie version. INSTANT TRIVIA: The Stanley Hotel was named after the Stanley Bros. who invented the Stanley Steamer steam-powered automobile.


a. Please provide your CITY NAME (and YOUR first and last name) in your first E-Mail to TCS. It's just for our records.

Cheers from THE COLORADO SKIER (member, I.S.H.A, ACE, BSA)

"A recent poll indicates that if the presidential election were held tomorrow, no one would vote because they all think the election is in November!" Dennis Miller

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