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February 24, 1997

Lost Areas #23 - Published 24 February 1997


Researching "lost" ski areas is the hobby of THE COLORADO SKIER. We have reported our findings on COLORADO, the SOUTHEAST, NEW HAMPSHIRE, and are now doing VERMONT and WYOMING. Is your state next?

For more info on skiing and ski areas, check out our separately posted companion articles entitled: "THE COLORADO SKIER - TRIVIA", "THE COLORADO SKIER - SKI NEWS", and "THE TCS LISTS".

LOST "COLORADO" SKI AREAS - EDITION #23 - 24 February '97


A. In this issue we continue with "Lost VERMONT" and "Lost WYOMING".

B. We had a little technical/administrative snag with our postings to "SKI-VT" last Fall. You can check our web page to see if you missed any issues. (There were Oct and Nov issues but none in Dec or Jan.) We think that the problem has been corrected. As for our failure to publish in Dec and Jan, excuses won't change anything. Suffice it to say: TCS is back! Try to contain your irrational exuberance. ;-)

C. Recently we received an entire shoe box full of ski area brochures and trail maps. Many thanks to PAUL T of Chester, NH for his contributions to the TCS collection. A quick glance shows about 12 maps/brochures for areas we didn't previously have, particularly in MA and NY. Also many more items of interest.

D. Some of the data in this post was obtained from "THE WHITE BOOK OF SKI AREAS", which is copyrighted by Inter-Ski Services, Inc.


Here is the info on the 10 VERMONT ski areas we listed last time.

{Copyright 1997, THE COLORADO SKIER. All rights reserved.}

BREAD LOAF MOUNTAIN SNOW BOWL (Bread Loaf), [name change], Located 10 miles east of Middlebury, on Hiway 125, near the town of Bread Loaf. Used this name in the 40's and possibly the 50's and then became MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE SNOW BOWL (still open).

	Vertical Drop:  600 ft          Base:  1500  	Lifts:  2 parallel rope tows	50m ski jump   

BUNNY'S SKI TOWS (Woodstock), [name change], Located 3 miles north of Woodstock on VT 12. Original name for SUICIDE SIX started by Bunny Bertram in the 30's. 130 acres including "Suicide Six" run.

	Vertical Drop:  650 ft	        Lifts:  4 rope tows   

CHIPMAN HILL (Middlebury), [obscure], Early skiing (1940 to 1950) at Middlebury College in the town of Middlebury on Washington St. Open slopes. 30m jump.

COLD HOLLOW MOUNTAIN (East Enosburg), [very obscure], Located 2 miles south of town. On highway maps only, circa mid 60's.

DANVILLE SKI TOW (Danville), [very obscure], Located off US 2. On highway maps only in the 60's.

DUTCH HILL (Heartwellville), [name change], Located 2 miles south on Hiways 8/100. Opened around 1948. Changed name to DUTCH MOUNTAIN in 1977.

	Vertical Drop:  570 ft   	Top:  2470          Base:  1900  	Lifts:  1 T-bar, 1 J-bar, 1 rope tow   

EAGLE ROCK (W. Bolton), [obscure], Located 9 miles northeast of Richmond and south of W. Bolton. Formerly called OXBOW until 1977. Closed in 1978.

	Vertical Drop:  ?  	        Lifts:  1 T-bar, 1 rope tow   

GILBERT'S FARM (Woodstock), [closed], Historic home of the first rope tow in the US, in 1934, powered by a Ford Model T. Bunny Bertram moved operations to SUICIDE SIX a few years later.

GLEBE MOUNTAIN FARM (Windham), [name change], Located on "Glebe Mountain". Changed name to TIMBER RIDGE in 1969.

	Vertical Drop:  302 ft	        Lifts:  T-bar   

GLENDALE (Newfane), [very obscure], Appeared on highway maps only, from 1964 to 1971.

Comments from Readers: HERY (NJ) remembers seeing signs for DUTCH HILL around 70-71. ADAM (VT) remembers BROWNELL MTN from his youth. It is located west of Hiway 2A south of Williston. Closed in mid-70's.

1B. Who remembers these Lost VERMONT Ski Areas?



Here is the info on the 10 WYOMING ski areas we listed last time.

{Copyright 1997, THE COLORADO SKIER. All rights reserved.}

AMERICANA SNOW KING (Jackson), [name change], Temporary name for SNOW KING (still open) from 1983 to 1986 while it was operated by the "Americana Snow King Resort", a large hotel at the base. The hotel and ski area are now called just Snow King.

BARRETT RIDGE (Ryan Park), [obscure], Located 22 miles southeast of Saratoga, on Hiway 130 near the town of Ryan Park. Appears in two 1949 books and on highway maps in the sixties. Was probably the same area as RYAN PARK. May also have been SNOWY RANGE (the old one).

	Vertical Drop:  875 ft	        Top:               Base:  8800  	Lifts:  chairlift,  2 rope tows   

BIG HORN (Greybull), [name change], Located 38 miles east of Greybull on US 14 near Granite Pass. Temporary name for ANTELOPE BUTTE (still open) in 1984.

	Vertical Drop:  900 ft	        Top:  8800         Base:  7900  	Lifts:  2 T-bars   

CASPER MOUNTAIN (Casper), [name change], Early (40's, 50's) name for HOGADON (still open). Hogadon is located on "Casper Mountain" within Casper Mtn Park, 8 miles south of Casper. In 1960 the area was listed as "Central Wyoming Ski Corp." and it was known as HAPPY HOGADON in the late 70's.

	Vertical Drop:  400 ft	        Lifts:  2 rope tows   

DIVIDE (Afton), [very obscure], Located on US 89 near the Idaho border. Shows up on many highway maps in the 50's and 60's. No data. It may have been resurrected as SNOWSHOE HOLLOW in the 80's.

EAGLE ROCK (Evanston), [open, sometimes], Located 15 miles east of Evanston, off I-80 on old US 30. Hard data from 1967 to 1989. Little since. Has one of the few SINGLE chairlifts left in the U.S.

	Vertical Drop:  550 ft	        Lifts:  1 single chair, 2 rope tows   

FORTIFICATION MOUNTAIN (Pinedale), [name change], Located on "Fortification Mountain", 10 miles northeast of Pinedale off US 187. Sometime (63-66) name for a ski area which was also called SURVEYOR CAMP (1949, 1960), PINEDALE (late 60's, 70's), and WHITE PINE (70's & 80's). Closed in 1987.

	Base:  8600	                Lifts:  platter,  rope    

FUN VALLEY (Greybull), [very obscure], Located 38 miles east of Greybull. Early name for ANTELOPE BUTTE (still open) until 1965.

	Vertical Drop:  650 ft	        Lifts:  T-bar,  Poma   

HAPPY JACK (Laramie), [closed], Located 15 miles east and south of Laramie and south of I-80. Operated from before 1963 to about 1977. May be a new name for SUMMIT which operated nearby.

	Vertical Drop:  300 ft	        Top:  8600         Base:  8300  	Lifts:  2 T-bars, 2 rope tows    (Constam and Sneller T-bars)   

JACKSON (Jackson), [name change], An early name for SNOW KING, circa 1949, 1962. 1949: "Jackson on Snow King Hill".

  Vertical Drop:  1400 ft	         Lifts:  chairlift,  2 rope tows,  20m & 40m jumps  

1D. Who remembers these Lost WYOMING Ski Areas?



a. New Reader MARCIA (MA) was climbing "Mt Watatic" in north-central Mass and encountered some ski runs and lift remnants. She had encountered an official "Lost" ski area. Here are the data:

MT WATATIC (Ashby), [closed], Located 4 miles west of Ashby, MA on Hiway 119. Old area - was operating as far back as 1949. Closed around 1983.

	Vertical Drop:  550 ft          Top:  1800          Base:  1250  	Lifts:  Double chair, 2 T-bars  night skiing        40% snowmaking    

b. SNAVELY AND SISSY EXPLORE NEW HAMPSHIRE - In November we had a chance to check out (up close and personal) a few lost NH areas:

HIGHLANDS - Located on Bear Hill Rd, 3 miles southeast of exit 19 off I-93 near Northfield. No one there when we visited. The area has 800 feet of vertical, a Borvig triple chair, and 4 surface lifts. A marginal area. Last season the snowmaking system failed. This season the owner called for skiers to buy season passes early so cash could be raised for repairing the snowmaking system. Apparently the ploy didn't work. A "local" told us the area would operate only if snow permitted, implying that there would be no snowmaking.

BRICKYARD - Closed 1984. This area was located adjacent to the summer tourist town of WEIR'S BEACH. We couldn't actually see the ski area even tho there is a road at the base. It is easily seen from the lake but it is a top-down area with the old "base area" (on top) buried behind some motels and other retail businesses.

KINGS GRANT - Closed 1983. Located at the KINGS GRANT INN at the intersection of highways 11B and 11C. Small area, 100 ft vertical and 2 rope tows. There are remnants of the tows and lights.

ALPINE RIDGE - Closed 1984. Was located at the entrance to (West of) the existing GUNSTOCK (formerly BELKNAP) ski area. Slopes are still visible but lifts have been removed.

COBBLE MOUNTAIN - Small area in the 1940's east of BELKNAP. The only memory is a stables by that name off the GUNSTOCK parking lot.

OSSIPEE MOUNTAIN - Closed 1992. Located just east of the town of Moultonboro. We couldn't find the ski area altho we were on the correct road and had a topo map. Apparently it sits just behind some current farms/summer homes. Anyone seen it?

MT WHITTIER - Closed 1983. Located in W. Ossipee at the intersection of Hiways 16 and 25. Fun place to visit. This is the one that had the gondola running over the highway (NH 16). After the ski area closed the gondola continued to operate as a tourist attraction. It is closed now but the base terminal is a gift shop and there are old gondola cars outside. The labels say "Gerhard Mueller" (Switz.). We didn't previously know that MUELLER built gondolas. Possibly the only one in the U.S. There are many Mueller chairlifts in Canada. The lift towers and cables are still in place. Off Hiway 25 is the main base. The old rope tow slopes are part of a defunct water park. The main T-bar slopes and base lodge are fenced and posted.

BTW, Gerhard Mueller received a patent for the rope tow in 1932 in Switzerland, the first known patent for a ski lift.

c. LOST MASSACHUSETTS? - Two readers asked about or suggested lost MA ski areas. This could be the next state after Vermont - or maybe MAINE or NEW YORK. Be thinking about your preference.

d. Of more immediate concern is which ROCKY MOUNTAIN state should follow Wyoming. We are thinking about MONTANA but could do IDAHO or UTAH if there is more immediate interest. Cast your vote NOW.


a. SUNRISE, SUNSET... - We never did answer this trivia question from a few years back. If the SHORTEST DAY of the year is 21 Dec, why is the EARLIEST SUNSET on 7 Dec and the LATEST SUNRISE on 4 Jan? ANSWER: It's mostly geometry. In astronomy circles (or ellipses) calculations are made assuming that the sun is a single point. For real people (excluding astronomers) the sun has a finite width. From the time that you first see the top of the disc until the entire disc is above the horizon is about 3 minutes. During that 3 minutes the Earth has rotated. The geometry works out such that the center of the disc is lowest on 21 Dec but the top edge follows the dates indicated above. Now you may be thinking that this is just mathematical mumbo jumbo and doesn't really affect anything. Not true. We really do perceive sunrise when the sun's disc first rises above the horizon and it really does start getting light out.

That was a very brief overview. If you would like a detailed 10 page treatise on the subject, send 2 Wheaties box tops and $2.00 in stamp or coin to General Mills, Box 1313, Minneapolis, Minn. Act quickly and you will also receive a FREE Captain Midnight Decoder Ring.

b. SNEAKY TRIVIA - In what popular TV commercial does an older man (an artist) say: "Great Googley Moogley" ? (sp?)

4. SKI NEWS (Updates only - other news in previous issues)

a. RAGGED MOUNTAIN, NH - has installed their triple chair (obtained from the defunct KING RIDGE ski area) on a new peak, "Spear Mountain". There are 5 new runs, with snowmaking.

b. TENNEY MOUNTAIN, NH - This area closed several years ago, then reopened as LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN for 3 seasons, and has recently been dormant. This season they re-opened with a new owner - looking good.

c. HIGHLANDS MOUNTAIN, NH - This area, near Northfield, off I-93, has been barely surviving and last year lost their snowmaking capability. They may operate this season with natural snow.

d. PICO, VT - The former owners of this old, historic area declared bankruptcy and, for a time, things looked bleak. However, several readers advised us that "American Skiing" stepped in to rescue the area and it did open by Christmas. AMERICAN owns 7 other New England ski areas. [Is the "Magnificent Seven" now the "Great Eight"?]

e. KILLINGTON, VT - Revision: There are TWO new HS quad chairs, "Ram's Head" and "Needle's Eye". Two readers sadly noted that both chairs fail to go as high on the mountain as their predecessor double chairs - a bad sign. There are also 2 new surface lifts at Ram's Head and an access FG quad ("Northbrook") from the bottom of Needle's Eye to the top of Snowshed.

f. According to our Doppelmayr correspondent, Big "D" has installed the following new lifts (besides those previously mentioned):

  • BOGUS BASIN, ID - detachable quad
  • BIG SKY, MT - detachable quad
  • DIAMOND PEAK, NV - fixed grip quad
  • SIERRA-AT-TAHOE - 3 detachable quads (gee, they had 3 quads already, pretty impressive upgrade)

g. VAIL - Lots of Vail news. Last time we said VAIL had received "final" approval for the new bowls. Of course, it wasn't final and there was another review - of possible impacts on traffic and such. When Vail assured the Forest Service that 900 new skiing acres would only re-distribute the existing skiers and no NEW skiers would result, the naive Forest Service once again approved the expansion.

The Federal Government has also approved the merger of VAIL ASSOCIATES with RALCORP, owners of Breck, Keystone, and A-Basin. We guessed that BRECK would have to be sold off (for anti-trust reasons). However, the Government ignored the effects on destination skiers and, only looking at the effect on lift ticket prices for Front Range Skiers, made Vail sell off A-BASIN. Front range (Denver) skiers mostly ski Winter Park, Loveland, A-Basin, Keystone, Breck, Copper, and Vail. Vail would have owned 4 of those 7 areas, but now will only own 3. Also see "VAIL" under "Builder's Emporium", below.

h. GEORGE GILLETT (former owner of VAIL) has been busy acquiring ski areas. His company, Booth Creek Ski Holdings, which recently bought 2 areas in NH and 3 in CA, has now acquired "THE PASS" (Alpental, Hyak, Ski Acres, and Snoqualmie) in WA, and GRAND TARGHEE in WY.

i. INTRAWEST - current owner of BLACKCOMB (BC), has now purchased the adjacent WHISTLER ski area and COPPER MTN (CO) to add to their several ski areas in Canada and the U.S. Big bucks coming at Copper.

j. We can't wait for the new BUMPER STICKER: "He who dies with the most ski areas, WINS."

k. BIG SKY, MT - In "Snowriders" a Lone Peak tram car is blown out of the sky. Funny scene. Unfortunately reality is much sadder. In December, a patrolwoman was killed when an avalanche charge exploded prematurely. In another incident, a patrol caused avalanche moved down off Lone Peak and took out the "Shedhorn" chairlift. It will be closed for several weeks. Thanks to our field agent JACK for the sad info.

l. COOPER SPUR, OR - The base lodge at this old and historic ski area on Mt Hood burned to the ground. The ski area remains open.


a. THEMED CHAIRLIFTS - Last issue we mentioned the "kite" themed chairlift hovering over a new roller coaster in Wildwood, NJ. We guessed that it was a DOPPELMAYR. KATHY D says no, it's a POMA. Does that mean that the "themed" triple at "Blizzard Beach" at DISNEY WORLD is also a Poma? The theming there is snow-ski chairlift with "skis" attached to each chair (which actually serves water slides). Upon review we now realize that our method for telling a Poma apart from a Doppelmayr only works for detachable quads.

b. THE NEW VAIL GONDOLA - "Is cable here to stay?" Have you ever thought about how you connect the ends of the lift cable after you string it over all the tower wheels? You can't tie the ends in a knot; welding the ends together would never hold; a large clamp would never fit thru the wheel assemblies. What they do is overlap the cable ends by several feet and splice them together. You probably know that a cable is made up of smaller cables which are made up of individual wire strands. An expert (always from Switzerland) unravels the two cable ends and then weaves them back together in some mysterious manner. Splices never come apart.

VAIL, however, did have some adventures with cable splicing on the new Lionshead gondola. Imagine a 3 mile long cable, weighing many tons, and the tension it must take to keep the cable taut during the splicing. The two ends are held by giant "clamps" (we have no idea what these look like). Well, one of the clamps slipped and many feet of cable scraped thru it, becoming unusable. So, a new 1,000 foot section was ordered (from Switzerland, of course) and inserted, now requiring TWO splices. But then, after splicing, it was determined that the cable was too loose. So a section had to be cut out and still another splice made. (Do "splicers" get paid by the hour?)

All this took time. The gondola, which was supposed to open in Nov, didn't open until mid-Dec. And all this time the LIONSHEAD base area was closed because of the danger to skiers passing beneath the cable. Lionshead is the prime early skiing terrain for Vail, as VAIL VILLAGE has no beginner/intermediate runs (except cat-tracks) and the new GOLDEN PEAK quad chairlift was not operational, either. Bad luck.

That new Golden Peak quad chair is unique. It goes on up to the base of chair 11, thus allowing quad travel to the mountaintop in only two quad hops. But it also has to serve "Golden Peak". So, there is a midway unloading area. The HS chair has to detach and slow down for unloading and then re-attach to a high speed cable for the remaining journey. It also changes direction at that point. This is the first time we have heard of a midway stop on a detachable.

c. THE MIGHTY MAX - Vail wasn't the only ski activity with startup problems. MAX (Mountain Air Express) was supposed to start flying from COS to the ski towns in early December. However, due to bad weather they didn't get in enough "proving" runs with their Dornier turboprops to satisfy the FAA. They thought about using their parent WESTPAC's 737's to fly the routes until they realized they didn't have any mountain qualified 737 pilots (Duh!). So they paid to send their own customers on competitor United! MAX was flying by late December.

Here's a curiosity: There is ANOTHER "Mountain Air Express" which flies from Long Beach, CA to Mammoth Lakes and Lake Tahoe.

d. TO THE MAX - The world's highest and longest tram (cable car), dormant for several years, is now up and running again. The "Merida Telepherique" travels to the top of Mt Espejo (15,629 ft) in Venezuela. The total length is 8 miles. Two 45 passenger cars.

e. "HIGH ROLLER" is a roller coaster which runs atop the 1,000 ft STRATOSPHERE TOWER in Las Vegas. On 27 Dec a wheel came off one car and tumbled to "the concrete" below. We assume this was the observation deck, not the street. Within 7 hours "engineers" pronounced the train safe to operate again. These are the same engineers who had pronounced the train ready to operate that morning.

f. Thought for the day: Any chairlift whose chairs are painted yellow or light blue is really, really old.


a. FUNICULAR CRASHES - A cable on the QUEBEC CITY funicular broke, sending a brakeless car crashing down to the station below, killing one and injuring several tourists. Sad.

b. SNOWRIDERS - This is the latest "Warren Miller" (actually his son does them) film, no different than the last 30 except for the snowboards. Lots of sponsor plugs (at one point the skiers wrapped a taxi with sponsor logos) and this years airline of choice was WESTPAC (Western Pacific). Our own Boris recognized "himself" (sort of) in the flic. There was a scene of a snowshoe race with a mass start where everyone fell, 50 feet out - remember? Before that scene was a close-up of a racer tying his boots and attaching his snowshoes. Those were the unmistakable Boots of our own BORIS (aka Mark).

There was a scene of a backyard rope tow area in Mass. Does anyone remember where that was? (town and highway were identified) Also there was a scene in Scotland with a sideways double chair. Is that the one in CAIRNGORM? (addressed to our friends in Great Britain)


1) Last Fall, many newspapers carried an article about BIG SKY, MT. The cutline under a picture mentioned the magnificent view: "... it's 11,150 feet to the valley floor". Wrong. The top of Lone Peak is 11,150 feet but the surrounding valley is at about 7,000 feet. Therefore it's more like "4,000 feet to the valley floor".

2) The "Alta Powder News" described a ceremony honoring EARL A. MILLER, inventor of the 10-way release "Miller" bindings and also the "ski break"! Well either the bindings had severe side effects or the reporter meant to say "ski BRAKE". Funny.

d. LAS VEGAS - The new large metal roller coaster at the NEW YORK, NEW YORK hotel has been renamed from "The Big Apple" to "Manhattan Express". The hotel opened on 3 Jan. We were there on 28 Dec and the coaster was being tested. Over and over again, with no passengers. We should have volunteered to be a sandbag. This one is 203 feet tall, second in height only to the nearby "Desperado" (209 ft).

e. TOM MOORE is alive and well. We hadn't heard from our oldest and most frequent correspondent since early August. Seems he is busy and also the victim of too much incoming mail. Hadn't noticed our E-Mails or Newsletters amongst the chaff. And now he is off to Africa to safari and to climb Mts Kenya & Kilimanjaro. (E-Mail by cell phone?)

f. "SNO" - Did you guys all get your free copy of this new magazine from American Skiing? It is edited by no less than our old friend SKIP KING from Sunday River. Lots of glossy color pictures and ski articles and only a slight bias towards the many ASC ski areas. But, it's free (so far). A little snow bird told us that Skip's picture appeared. At first we thought he was on page 55 (getting dressed) but we finally found him for sure on page 60 (working out).

g. SECRETS OF THE BATCAVE REVEALED - We decided that it would be easier on those of you that want to send trail maps, etc., if we stopped hiding our S-Mail address. So here it is: "The Colorado Skier 1021 Garlock Lane Colorado Springs, CO 80918-3115"


a. Reader JAY (NY), wants to know why the HARRIMAN CUP ski race at SUN VALLEY is no longer held. Actually there are several races from that era which are gone including: ROCH CUP at Aspen, SNOW CUP at Alta, SILVER BELT at Sugar Bowl, SILVER SKIS at Mt Rainier, and the GOLDEN ROSE at Mt Hood. We think it's mostly due to the WORLD CUP.

In the 30's, 40's, and 50's there were only two world class ski events: the WINTER OLYMPICS, held every 4 years, and the FIS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, held in most alternate years. Altho major racers trained for those events, they were free to compete in other regional races in Europe and the U.S. the rest of the season. In the World Cup format there are several race events each season and points are awarded for relative finish in each race. The racer with the most points at the end of the year wins the World Cup. Since racers have to compete in all or most of the races to obtain points, they have no time for the regional races. Without the racing stars, the regional races lost their glamour and died off. FWIW, the first World Cup season was 1966/67 and was won by Jean Claude Killy, and Nancy Greene.

There was a more specific reason in re the Harriman Cup. The cup was named for Averell Harriman, Chairman of the Union Pacific RR. In Dec, 1964, Union Pacific sold SUN VALLEY to the Janss Corp (best known for creating Westwood Village next to UCLA in L.A.). The last Harriman Cup was held in March 1965. Cause and effect.

b. JAY also wanted to know who WON the various HARRIMAN CUP races. Well, the event was held over 20 times, with 3 races for each gender, meaning there were over 120 winners. Please be more specific, Jay, or send me your S-Mail address for the whole list. HIGHLIGHTS: As was typical of race events of the era, there was a slalom race and a downhill race and the racer with the best results in the "combined" (both races) won the cup. DICK DURRANCE and CHRISTIAN PRAVDA each won the cup 3 times. Other prominent winners were Friedl Pfeifer, Jimmie Huega, and Buddy Werner. On the distaff side, Andy (Mead) Lawrence won the cup twice and other winners included Gretchen Fraser and Barbara Ferries. [Great questions, fun research!]

c. Reader CARL (CA) found a CENTER POLE QUAD at SKI SUNRISE, CA. It was made by RIBLET and looked old. Our records indicate that that quad was installed in 1979. The "midwest" center pole quads we had spotted earlier include: SUNDOWN, IA, 1979; VILLA OLIVIA, IL, 1977; and INDIANHEAD, MI, 1969.


This is a great movie. We highly recommend it to fans of skiing, skating, music, comedy, and just plain movie buffs. The movie stars Sonja Henie, John Payne, and Lynn Bari, with Milton Berle and Joan Davis for laughs, along with the Glenn Miller orchestra. This is one of only two movies that Miller did. Appearing with his band are Ray Anthony on trumpet, Tex Beneke on vocals, The Modernaires with Paula Kelly, and the dancing Nicholas Brothers with Dorothy Dandridge. Most of the movie takes place in SUN VALLEY, with many skiing and skating scenes. This movie is shown every afternoon at the Opera House at Sun Valley resort.

Rent the movie or watch for it on AMC. Next time we will discuss some rather strange aspects of the making of the movie.

Speaking of Movies, two have been filmed in Colorado recently. "THE SHINING" will be coming to TV. It was filmed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. The original Stephen King story took place at the Stanley but the Hollywood version used the Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood for exteriors. The other TV movie is called "ASTEROID". It is a cheap disaster movie. Most of it was filmed in Denver, with Denver standing in for Dallas and Kansas City.

"JACKIE CHAN'S FIRST STRIKE" has a skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile sequence. The ski area was supposed to be in the Ukraine. Signs used Cyrillic characters but in the background of one scene there was a signpost all in English. It pointed to the "Scott Chair". Since the rest of the movie took place in Australia we guessed the snow scenes were done there. Sure enough, at: FALLS CREEK, east of Melbourne in the "Victorian Alps". One character was played by "John Eaves" whom we recognized as a prominent stunt skier. According to the credits he did stunt skiing and was the skiing stunt coordinator.

As you probably know, Jackie Chan does all of his own stunts. Before the movie he had never snowboarded (actually he didn't look very good). And yes, he actually did ride off the cliff and catch the helicopter skid. He repeated the stunt 7 times to get the right shot. He also fell from the chopper into the water 8 times (with a wet suit - but for the close-ups he had to take it off).

Oh yeah, was the movie any good? Roger Ebert says it looks like it was made by 13 year olds for 13 year olds. We loved it!


In the last issue we listed the many U.S. cars made by Japanese companies (and vice versa). Follow-up: Reader CHIP (MA) once saw a bumper sticker on a GEO Spectrum (Isuzu) which said "People who buy foreign cars are traitors" Dumb! FWIW, the "GEO" line of Japanese cars will now be called "Chevrolets". Whatever.

One of the worst cars ever built was the Lincoln Versailles, which was really a Mercury Monarch with added chrome and leather seats. The public didn't buy it. GM tried the small luxury car gambit by converting a Chevy Cavalier into the "Cadillac" Cimarron. The public didn't buy it. Now GM is trying again with the Cadillac CATERA. This time it isn't a Chevy, it's an OPEL Omega. Would you buy an imitation German Cadillac, when you could buy a real BMW or Mercedes?


a. Please provide your CITY NAME (and YOUR first and last name) in your first E-Mail to TCS. Why? Why not?

Cheers from THE COLORADO SKIER (aka Snavely)

  • "In summer we live off the tax losses we suffer in winter"
  • Ernie Blake (discussing the early days at TAOS)

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