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July 30, 1998

Lost Areas #26 - Published 30 Jul 1998



Researching "lost" ski areas is the hobby of THE COLORADO SKIER.  We
have reported our findings on COLORADO, the SOUTHEAST, NEW HAMPSHIRE,
and are now doing VERMONT and ILLINOIS.  Is your state next?

For more trivial information on skiing and ski areas, check out our
separately posted companion articles entitled:   "THE COLORADO SKIER -

    LOST "COLORADO" SKI AREAS  -  EDITION #26    (7-30-98)


A.  TCS ANNIVERSARY  -  This issue completes our SIXTH year of
publishing "The Colorado Skier" on the Internet.  Thanks for sticking
with us.

B.  From time to time we receive complaints about doing "off-topic"
material such as trivia about cars, tires, and gasoline stations.  We
love trivia so probably won't stop.  However, we will try to add the
identifier "OT" to future off-topic material (non-skiing stuff).

C.  Some of the data in this post was obtained from "THE WHITE BOOK OF
SKI AREAS", which is copyrighted by Inter-Ski Services, Inc.



Here is the info on the 10 VERMONT ski areas we listed last time.

   {Copyright 1998, THE COLORADO SKIER.  All rights reserved.}

MT. TOM   (Woodstock),  [closed],  Located 2 miles north of Woodstock
on Hiway 12.  Called "Mt. Tom Skiway" in 1949 and 1961.  Became
associated with SUICIDE SIX in 1977 (sometimes collectively called
"Woodstock") and closed in 1982.
  Vertical Drop:  500 ft      Top:  1200     Base:  700
  Lifts:  2 Pomas         80% snowmaking

NORTHEAST SLOPES   (East Corinth),  [obscure],  Located north of East
Corinth on Hiway 25.  Opened in 1936.  Open thru 1991.  Still open,
according to some readers.
  Vertical Drop:  360 ft      Top:  1180     Base:  820
  Lifts:  2 surface tows    46 acres

NORTHFIELD OUTING CLUB   (Northfield),  [obscure],  Located in the
town of Northfield.  Small area, 1 rope tow, 1 40M ski jump.
Apparently separate from the NORWICH UNIVERSITY ski area.

OXBOW MOUNTAIN   (W. Bolton),  [name change],  Located just south of
W. Bolton on Bolton Notch Rd.  Very small area.  Was open by 1971.
Changed name to EAGLE ROCK in 1977 and closed in 1978.
  Vertical Drop:  ?
  Lifts:  2 handle tows, 1 rope tow      night skiing

PEACHAM COMMUNITY SKI AREA   (Peacham),  [very obscure],  Located 2
miles northeast of Peacham near the Ewells Mills.  Found only on maps
- from 1961 to 1971.
  Vertical Drop:  150 ft      Top:  1500     Base:  1350
  Lifts:  1 rope tow

PINE TOP   (Brattleboro),  [very obscure],  Located 9 miles south of
Brattleboro on VT 142 near the town of Vernon in So. Vernon.  "On the
premises of Stonehurst on Huckle Hill".  Data from 1947 to 1969.
  Vertical Drop:  300 ft      Lifts:  3 rope tows

PINNACLE SKI-WAYS   (Randolph),  [closed],  Located 2 miles south and
west of Randolph off VT 12.  Also called "Pinnacle Mountain".
Operated from about 1940 to 1977.   Called "Randolph" in 1940.
  Vertical Drop:  550 ft      Top:  1300     Base:  750
  Lifts:  2 Pomas

PROSPECT MOUNTAIN   (Bennington),  [closed],  Located 8 miles east of
Bennington on VT 9 near Woodford.  Opened in 1939 as a small rope tow
area.  Expanded in 1960 with the addition of a T-bar.  Closed about
1989.  The area is currently a very active cross-country area.  At
least one of the T-bars still exists.
  Vertical Drop:  726 ft      Top:  2876     Base:  2150
  Lifts:  2 T-bars, 1 rope tow

PROSPER SKI HILL   (Woodstock),  [very obscure],  Located 4 miles
north of Woodstock on VT 12 near the town of "Prosper".  Data from
1947 and 1949.
  Vertical Drop:  400 ft      Lifts:  3 rope tows

PULSIFER'S   (Woodstock),  [very obscure],  Located on the back side
of MT. TOM according to a 1939 book.  Rope tow.


1B.  Who remembers these Lost VERMONT Ski Areas?

   The Putney School
   Richmond Ski Tow
   Round Top Mountain

   Ski Bowl
   Snow Valley



  Here is the info on the 10 ILLINOIS ski areas we listed last time.

   {Copyright 1998, THE COLORADO SKIER.  All rights reserved.}

BARBERRY HILLS    (Cary),  [very obscure],  Located 1 mile east of
Cary at Fox River Grove on US 14.  Might be FOX TRAILS (which see).
Data from 1967.
  Vertical Drop:  145 ft      Lifts:  2 rope tows

BUFFALO PARK    (Algonquin),  [closed],  Also known as BUFFALO
MOUNTAIN (from 1978 on).  Located on IL 31, 1 mile south of Algonquin.
Operated from about 1964 to 1983.
  Vertical Drop:  200 ft       Lifts:  6 rope tows
  night skiing       100% snowmaking

FOX TRAILS    (Cary),  [closed],  Located southwest of Cary, off US
14.   Also called "Norge Ski Slide" on a 1973 highway map.  Operated
from about 1964 to 1976.   [See Barberry Hills.]
  Vertical Drop:  135 ft      Lifts:  9 rope tows
   night skiing       snowmaking

GANDER MOUNTAIN    (Antioch),  [closed],  Located 8 miles west of
Antioch and north of Hiway 173.  Operated from about 1964 to 1974.
  Vertical Drop:  200 ft      Lifts:  3 Pomas,  6 rope tows
   night skiing

HOLIDAY PARK    (Ingleside),  [closed],  Located off US 12, on Hiway
134, 2 miles south of Fox Lake.  Toboggan run.  Operated from about
1967 to 1986.
  Vertical Drop:  200 ft      Top:  850 ft     Base:  650
  Lifts:  1 double chair, 5 rope tows    night skiing  100% snowmaking

JAMES PARK    (Evanston),  [closed],  Located in southwest Evanston
near Dodge Ave and Oakton St.  Part of a city winter sports park with
indoor and outdoor ice rinks, sledding, and tobogganing hills.
Operated from about 1977 to the mid to late 80's.
  Vertical Drop:  300 ft      Lifts:  2 rope tows
   night skiing      100% snowmaking

LOST VALLEY    (Spring Grove),  [obscure],  Located off Hiway 12,
north of Fox Lake.  Operated from about 1976 to 1979.
  Vertical Drop:  200      Lifts:  2 chairlifts,  2 rope tows
   night skiing

MARRIOTT'S LINCOLNSHIRE RESORT    (Lincolnshire),  [closed],  Located
on the grounds of the large (400 rooms) Marriott resort.  Operated
from about 1976 to 1983.
  Vertical Drop:  50 ft      night skiing
  Lifts:  1 T-bar

PERE MARQUETTE    (Grafton),  [very obscure],  To be located in a park
north of St. Louis.    [Oct 71 SKI magazine - stopped because of bald
eagle nesting site.]
  Vertical Drop:  420 ft      Top:       Base:  500
  Lifts:  chairlift,  4 rope tows     100%  snowmaking

QUINCY PARK   ( ?? ),  [very obscure],  New lift in 1967. [Sep 67 SKI]

This completes Lost Illinois and we move west to Nevada.


1D.  Who remembers these Lost NEVADA Ski Areas?

   Adobe Summit
   Elko Sno Bowl
   Galena Creek
   Grass Lake
   Incline Village Ski Bowl

   Kyle Canyon
   Mt Charleston
   Mt Rose Bowl
   Murray Summit
   Pequop Summit



a.  DEERFIELD Ski Area  -  Last time we mentioned that Jeremy had
espied a ski area east of I-91 in the general vicinity of the town of
Deerfield, MA.  Some suggested that it belonged to the DEERFIELD
ACADEMY.  Very close.  Deerfield is a prep school to prepare
youngsters for entry into college.  It has a sister school,
EAGLEBROOK, which apparently prepares youngsters for entry into
Deerfield.  The ski area is located on the Eaglebrook campus and is
used by both schools.  The area has a T-bar and a few hundred feet of
vertical.  Jeremy found some info on the Internet.  Thanks, Jeremy.
BTW, the ski area is open to the public one day a year.

b.  AMESBURY, MA  -  We have data on ski areas in this vicinity
variously called:  Amesbury Ski Tow,  Locke's Hill,  Locke's Ski Tow,
and Atlantic Forest.  On different days we think there were 3 separate
areas, or just two, or maybe just one with lots of names.  Anyone have
any concrete info on how many areas there were?

c.  INTERVALE, NH  -  We failed to find this old area on a field trip
last Fall and some readers wondered where we looked and where we
thought it might be.   So:  It is North of Intervale (in Lower
Bartlett), on the East side of Hiway 16A, on the South side of the
East Branch of the Saco River.  We drove up 16, crossed over to 16A
near the river and then turned East on a good road on the North side
of the river.  We figured we could see the ski area across the river
if the area had faced north.  Not a trace.  No cuts in the thick
forest.  And no bridges to cross the river.   So, if we went looking
again we would look for a small road (heading East) off 16A just South
of the river and we would look for places to ask questions.  The area
had a 600 ft vertical and a T-bar and Poma.  Jeremy discovered that
the Poma has been removed.    Let us know what you find.

d.  SUPREME FIELD AGENT - From time to time we have bestowed the title
of "TCS Field Agent" on TCS readers who go out into the field to check
on lost ski areas.  These are the folks who have stopped to check on
the status of lost areas in their vicinity or who have gone out of
their way to drive to a lost area or who have reported on areas that
we missed.  You know who you are - if we printed a list, we would
leave someone out.

Now lets talk about JEREMY.  He goes out almost every weekend to check
on lost ski areas.  And he finds lots of them, including many we
haven't been aware of.  And he stops to ask questions and to do
research.  Jeremy is a real fan of lost ski areas and thankfully he
reports his findings to us.  Jeremy goes to school in VT and lives in
MA so his main beat is New England.  And he covers it well.  Keep it
up, Jer, and thanks for sharing!

e.  Please feel free to ask about any lost US ski area at any time.



a.  "OLDEST SKI LIFT IN COLORADO" is an item we have been researching.
Last time we did a partial analysis wherein we reported that there are
no rope tows remaining in CO.  Oops!  We were thinking of major areas.
JIMMY (CO) points out:  CRANOR HILL - Poma, ropetow;  CHAPMAN HILL - 2
rope tows;  OURAY - 1 rope tow;  LAKE CITY (we have as a T-bar).
Sorry about that.  GEORGE (CO) asks about handle tows.  Yes, there are
several handle tows in Colorado but they are all fairly new.

b.  SNEAKY TRIVIA  (OT)  -  The movie "Titanic" received 14 Oscar
nominations.  What is the largest number of nominations a single
feature film can receive?   ANSWER:   17    Titanic missed on
Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor.

c.  INSTANT TRIVIA  -  In what year did computer manufacturer GATEWAY
2000 become just GATEWAY?  Answer - 1998.    SILLY TRIVIA  (OT)  -  In
what year did The Green Hornet's faithful Japanese valet Kato, become
his faithful Filipino valet Kato?



Great Winters lead to Great Springs, so this year it was the Far West.
Elsewhere, with a few exceptions, it was not a great Spring.

[Note:  In the past we have used phone recordings for closing data.
This year we used the Internet which is slightly less reliable.]

Sunday River closed on 2 May      Killington closed on 25 May

Vail, Winter Park, Breckenridge, Keystone closed on 3 May
Loveland  10 May     Berthoud Pass  7 June     A-Basin  21 June

Snowbird (UT) usually operates weekends thru May, but this year
(weekends) made it to 14 June.

Squaw Valley  1 June    Alpine Meadows  7 June, plus weekends thru 28
June      Mammoth  5 July

Mt Bachelor (OR) closed 4 July.  Timberline is, of course, still open.

Blackcomb (BC)   plans to be open until 3 August.



a.  Oh my God!  They've killed MT TOM!  Those bastards!    Yes, Mt Tom
(MA) is a goner.  And their summer water park as well.  Two bad snow
seasons hurt, and then Riverside (just down the road) opened a big
water park.

b.  KILLINGTON (VT) - Will be adding two quad chairs, a few trails,
and making the connection to PICO this season.

c.  COPPER MTN (CO)  -  Owner Intrawest is planning to spend $400 mill
at Copper over the next 10 years.  They plan to change Copper from a
great ski area to a world class resort.  This year it is $66 mill for
two new HS lifts, and an entire new base lodge at the bottom of B
lift.  A Six-Pack will replace the B and B1 doubles.  A HSQ will
replace the E triple.  BTW, the two doubles and triple are for sale.
Now's your opportunity!

d.  VAIL is spending $59 mill this year.  Sound like a lot?  Look
again.  That's 59 mill for 4 ski areas vs 66 mill at just Copper!
KEYSTONE will get a new HS quad to replace the Santiago triple on
North Peak (about time).  Also big improvements to their snowboard
parks.  BRECK gets a new HSQ, too.  Everyone gets infrastructure and
services stuff.  BRECK has long range plans to build a new lift and
trails on Peak 7.

e.  WINTER PARK (CO)  -  Has started their base village with a combo
condo/retail bldg.  It took out 200 parking spaces and an inter-
mountain  (MJ to WP) connecting trail.  Whoopee.

f.  SQUAW VALLEY (CA)  -  Will finish constructing the pulse gondola
which connects High Camp with Gold Coast.  And they will build the
"funitel" (Garaventa) from the base to High Camp.  The funitel (first
in the US) will have 28-passenger gondola cars and two parallel
support cables which allows operation in high winds.  The capacity is
4000 pph.

g.  VERNON VALLEY (NJ) is getting a complete makeover.  This used to
be two areas called Vernon Valley and Great Gorge (formerly operated
by Playboy).  Intrawest bought the combined area and changed the name
to MOUNTAIN CREEK.  Get this, Intrawest is ripping out 15 of the
existing 17 lifts!  What they had was 13 doubles, one triple and 3
surface lifts.  Going in this season are 2 HS Quads, 1 FG Quad, and 1
8 passenger gondola (all from Doppelmayr).

There will be more lifts next season.  Also the snowmaking is being
completely redone.  The summer "Action Park" (now renamed Mountain
Creek) will be tamed and "familyized" by the removal of the bungee
jump and go-cart tracks.  Intrawest will heavily market the area to

h.  SNOW BASIN lives!  -  We wondered when Utah would get around to
thinking about the Olympic venues (see article under Potpourri).  Snow
Basin will be the home of the Men's and Women's Downhill races.  But,
as we speak these courses and a way to reach them do not exist.
However, this summer Snow Basin will be installing:  1 HSQ, 2 8-
passenger gondolas, and 1 15-place jigback tram - all from Doppelmayr.

i.  LOVELAND (CO)  -  Is still planning to build a chairlift up to the
Continental Divide (within their permit area).  However, now the
Forest Service biologists are taking a second look.  They are
concerned because Loveland sits atop the Eisenhower Tunnel which is
the only place in Colorado where wildlife can cross the I-70 freeway
unimpeded.  Chances are the chairlift will be allowed with
restrictions on Spring and Fall usage and prohibition of Summer use.

j.  OKEMO (VT)  -  Will be operating the MT SUNAPEE (NH) ski area for
the state of NH.  Fees from the lease will be used to help upgrade

k.  OTHER LIFT NEWS  -  Usually we report on new ski lifts based on
news releases from the ski areas.  This year we also have obtained
news releases from the lift manufacturers.  Lots more data, but a
little sterile:  just the type of lift, capacity, and of course, the
manufacturer.  No details on placement, name, etc.  To keep it short
we have omitted Canada.

EAST    (HSQ =3D detachable quad,  GC =3D Garaventa CTEC)

Mad River Glen, VT  -  FG double  (replacing Sunnyside double)   GC
Mt. Snow, VT  -  HSQ   Doppelmayr
Jiminy Peak, MA  - FG Quad   GC
Attitash, NH  -  HSQ   GC
Holimont, NY  -  FG triple   GC
Snowshoe, WV  -  HSQ   GC


Crystal Mtn, MI  -  HSQ   Poma
Schuss Mtn, MI  -  FG Quad   GC
Alpine Valley, WI  -  HSQ   Poma
Cascade, WI  -  HSQ   Dopp


Aspen Highlands, CO  -  FG triple   Poma
Steamboat, CO  -  HSQ   GC
Angel Fire, NM  -  HSQ   Leitner
Snowbird, UT  -  HSQ   GC
Park City, UT  -  HSQ   GC
Deer Valley, UT  -  HSQ, FG Quad, 6-place gondola  all GC
The Canyons, UT  -  2 HSQ   GC


Crystal Mtn, WA  -  Six-pack chair   Dopp
Stevens Pass, WA  -  HSQ   GC

Alpine Meadows, CA  -  FG triple   GC
Dodge Ridge, CA  -  FG Quad  GC
Heavenly Valley, CA  -  2 HSQ   Doppelmayr
Mammoth Mtn, CA  -  2 HSQ, 8 passenger gondola   Dopp
Kirkwood, CA  -  FG Quad   GC
Sugar Bowl, CA  -  FG Quad   GC



a.  BIG GOLF CART!  -  We are always looking for "ski lifts" used in
non-skiing environments.  In Myrtle Beach, SC (golf capitol of the
world) there is a golf course called "Skyway" which is located across
the intracoastal waterway from the main highway.  The parking lot
connects to the clubhouse by gondola.  There are two CWA cars
operating in pulse mode.  The cable is continuous, like a gondola, but
the cars stop in each terminal for loading/unloading golfers, golf
bags, golf tees, etc.

b.  PACOIMA?  -  In amongst the ski lift info was the news that the
County  of Los Angeles has purchased a one car jigback tramway for use
in the Pacoima Dam vicinity.  Anyone know what for?  Sounds pretty low
capacity.  BTW, Pacoima is in the extreme north end of the San
Fernando Valley.

c.  BRAND LOYALTY  -  One might think that ski areas would tend to buy
the same brand of ski-lift year after year.  Like airlines buying
aircraft, having one brand reduces training time and requires less
spare parts, etc.  So, true?  No.  Since the lifts are nearly
identical and cost the same the only criterion is "when can you
install it?"    Case in point.  Last year THE CANYONS (UT) bought a
HSQ from Doppelmayr, a HSQ and FG Quad from Garaventa CTEC, and a HSQ
and Gondola from Poma.  They never could have gotten all the lifts
from one manufacturer in the time allowed.

e.  CABLE SPLICING  -  A while back we discussed some "technical
details" of a gondola cable splice at VAIL.  ED (MA), who knows far
more than we do about cable splicing, wrote with some tips.  We said
the splicer folks  were always from Switzerland.  Ed says they have to
be state certified and are therefore usually local.  We vaguely said
splices overlap "several  feet".  Ed says a one inch cable would
require a 130 ft overlap.  Generally only one splice per cable is
allowed.    Is the overlap area fatter?  Maybe not.  The cable has a
plastic core and it is removed in the splice area.    Thanks Ed.
(Going to the fair this year?)



a.  IS UTAH READY?  During the Nagano Olympic TV coverage CBS host Jim
Nance said more than once that "Utah was ready" for the 2002 Olympics.
I'm sure that by "ready" he meant "eager", not "prepared".  Consider
this:  the Winter Olympics will take place during the 01/02 season.
That means that the venues have to be ready for the 00/01 season for
practice events.   That's just two years away.    So, what isn't
ready?  The speed skating track hasn't been built yet.  The Alpine
Downhill courses at Snow Basin haven't been built yet (see news
elsewhere).  The big jumps and bobsleigh track at the Utah Winter
Sports Park (Kimball Junction) haven't been built yet.  And the access
to the facility is a two lane road winding uphill thru an upscale
housing development - not transportation friendly.  Oh yes, CBS asked
the Mayor of SLC what would happen if I-80 over Parley's Summit
(connecting the athletic dorms to many skiing venues) was closed by
snow.  The Mayor replied that a transportation plan had not been
developed yet.

Utah is ready - ready for a lot of work and planning.  Good luck.

b.  COPPER MTN lift and trail names.  Copper has some of the most
clever trail names around including some punny ones.  In the past
their lifts were all lettered.  They have named the HS lift which
replaces the B and B1 chairs  "Super Bee".  The lift replacing the E
lift will be called Excelerator.   Themes  -  COPPER:  Copperopolis,
Coppertone, Copperfield's;  MINING:  Overlode, Ore Deal, Main Vein;
NUMBERS:  Two Much, Triple Treat, Formidable;  CUTE:  Loverly,
Bittersweet, Carefree, Soliloquy;  PUNNY:  Near a mtn called "Jacques
Peak" is a run called "Jack's Pique";  the run under the former I-lift
is called "I-Beam";  to get back from the I-lift to the main base one
drops down a run called "I-dropper".   Fun names!

c.  HISTORY FOR SALE:  Skiing periodicals have listed the following
ski areas for sale  (Be the first on your block to ......) :

o  MT ABRAMS  (Locke Mills, ME)   Vertical: 1030 ft,  Lifts:  2
chairs, 3 T-bars.   "Mortgagee's Foreclosure Auction"

o  SILVER CREEK  (Humbolt, IA)   Vertical: 130 ft,  Lifts:  2 T-bars,
4 rope tows  (Formerly WINTER PLAYLAND 1958-78 and WINTER WORLD in 78-
84.)  "Health of owner forces sale."

Vertical: 350 ft    Lifts:  double chair, Poma, rope.

o  MOOSE MOUNTAIN  (Brookfield, NH)     Last operated in 1990

o  HIGHLANDS  (Northfield, NH)   Only $500,000.  Last operated in
March 1996.  Vertical: 800 ft   Lifts:  triple chair, 4 surface lifts

d.  SKI FASHIONS  -  In an old "Vermont Life" article about MRG, there
was a pic showing a young woman on a ski slope, wearing a plaid skirt!
And no, she had ski poles, not a field hockey stick.  :-)

e.  SNOW COUNTRY, one of the Big 4 consumer skiing magazines (along
with Ski, Skiing, and Powder) has always been a little different than
the other 3.  They put less stress on equipment and fashion reviews
and more on ski resorts, ski town lifestyles, and mountain real estate
news.  They have also been less successful and have been for sale for
several months.  Now they have announced a new name and emphasis.  In
September, "Snow Country"  becomes "Mountain Sports and Living".  We
hope they keep their annual feature ranking the top 100 North American
ski resorts.


8.  HIGHWAY MAPS  -  A Research Tool

We have written a lot about our ski area trail map collection.  We
also collect highway maps - for their own selves and as an aid in
research into lost ski areas.  As a tool, maps present good news and
bad news.

Good - Highway maps may establish:
o  the existence of a ski area, including the correct spelling
o  location, relative to other ski areas and highways, towns, etc.
o  rough determination of operating dates
o  some clue as to name changes

Bad - Highway maps are poor tools in the following ways:
o  no ski area statistics
o  area names frequently misspelled,  symbol in the wrong location
o  When area A changes name to B, maps sometimes show A and B
o  Dates are inaccurate.  Maps will add a new ski area 2 to 3 years
after it opens;  they will keep showing the area 8 to 10 years (longer
for Gousha) after the area closes.  So year data has to be

Got any maps to contribute to our collection?  We don't expect so.
Most folks throw away old maps (we never do).  If you had a 1992 and
1985 map of Iowa, you would throw the 85 away, right?  However, if you
are cleaning out  a desk drawer and find a pack of stuff from your
1977 trip to Oregon, save those maps.  Or if you are helping clean up
Gramps house for sale after he moves to a condo, maybe a shoe box full
of maps will turn up.  If so, keep us in mind.

What do we want?  The older the better - 50's, 60's, and 70's are
best.  We would love to see a map showing Iowa ski areas - never have,
ditto Missouri, Maryland.  The Midwest would be useful.   These maps
can be regular gasoline company state maps or sub state (e.g., Lake
Tahoe) or city or county.  Just check to see if there are ski area
symbols AND area names and check the date.  If you have old undated
Rand McNally or Gousha maps, we can tell you how to date them.
National Forest and topo maps are extra valuable as they continue to
show lifts well after the ski areas close.

Please E-mail and see if we want what you have before sending.  We
will be glad to pay postage or do trades or whatever.



o  PAUL (NH) says the Hickory Ski Center (Warrenburg, NY) ski area is
still open.

o  Whatever we said about BM Lifts (Canada) "becoming" Leitner is
misleading.  Leitner is a large Italian ski lift manufacturer just
starting to penetrate the North American market.  One step was to
acquire BM.  Thanks to RICHARD (Europe?) for helping to clarify.

o  It's easy to prove that a particular situation HAS occurred - you
only need one example.  It's much harder to prove that something has
NEVER happened - one example disproves the theorem.  We stated that
there had never been an inbounds avalanche death in Colorado.
However, two readers gave examples - one at Copper Mtn and one at A-
Basin.  Both victims were patrollers.  We will have to study harder.

o  ERIC (CA) was surprised that RIBLET TRAMWAY was still in business
(so were we).  He wonders if they ever built a "tram".  Nope, no trams
or gondolas or detachable chairs.  Just FG doubles, triples, and
quads.  Eric wonders if they still build the "center pole" doubles.

o  CHRIS (NH) points out that MOUNT PROSPECT in Lancaster, NH is still
operating.  One rope tow and two trails.  Weekends only.  Cool.

o  Two folk have written about MONT BLEU in Kansas.  We'll get back to



a.  Most folks believe that it is necessary to get far away from a
sinking ship so you won't be caught in the "suction" as it sinks.  In
the Titanic case there is much evidence that, as the ship sank, folks
just stepped off the deck into the water.  No suction.  But lots of

b.  We are led to believe that the only survivors of the Titanic were
those that left in lifeboats.  However, one young man stepped into the
water from the deck, and then floated for several hours (holding onto
debris) before he was finally rescued.  He almost lost his legs, but
did eventually recover.  This young man, Dick Williams, went on to win
the US Open tennis championships in Newport, RI in 1914.  One of his
opponents was Carl Behr, who was also a Titanic survivor.



a.  Please provide your CITY NAME (and YOUR first and last name) in
your first E-Mail to TCS.  Why?  So we will stop bugging you. 

  Cheers from THE COLORADO SKIER  (Keystone opens in 3 months!)

"It isn't pollution that's harming our environment.  It's the
impurities in our air and water that are doing it."   DAN QUAYLE

"I tell you, that Michael JACKSON is unbelievable, isn't he?"   AL
GORE  (speaking after the Chicago Bulls won the NBA Championship)

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