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Trivia #26 - Published 18 December 1998

  Greetings from THE COLORADO SKIER 

This is part of a series on SKI AREA TRIVIA.  It is posted separately
from our companion series on "LOST SKI AREAS".  Check it out.

      THE COLORADO SKIER TRIVIA - EDITION #26   (12-18-98)


A.  It's been a good year for the collection of lost ski area info.
Also for trail maps.  We appreciate your contributions.  Thanx.

B.  We could use your input concerning which "Lost" states to do next.
After Vermont, it will be MASSACHUSETTS or MAINE, your choice. In the
Mid-west maybe INDIANA or OHIO.  The West is wide open:  IDAHO or
MONTANA, or maybe it's time to do a Pacific state like OREGON or
WASHINGTON.  Let us know.  Remember we get to look at All of the lost
ski area data every day - and you don't!

C.  Some of the data in this post was obtained from "THE WHITE BOOK OF
SKI AREAS", which is copyrighted by Inter-Ski Services, Inc.



a.  There are many U.S. ski areas with the word "Mt" in their name (Mt
Snow) and the word "Mountain" (Aspen Mountain).  What other
physical/geographical words appear in ski area names?  Is there a
Bermuda DUNES, an Erie CANAL, or a Kansas PRAIRIE?  How about Swamp,
or Ditch, or Tundra?  Get to work, be creative.  (Thanks Joshua)

b.  Name several U.S. SKI AREAS which have closed (for at least one
season) and then re-opened - within the last ten years.

c.  At which SKI AREAS are the following trails located?

 1)  Kansas,  Cyclone,  Emerald City,  Tin Woodsman,  Cowardly Lion
 2)  Downunder,  Outback,  Kangaroo,  Boomerang,  Aussie Alley

d.  Which still operational ski areas existed (with mechanical lifts)
in 1940?

e.  NOSTALGIA QUESTION - Which ski areas have operated under at least
three (3) different names?

[Note:  "nostalgia" in this case does not refer to old ski area info
but rather to re-cycled TCS newsletter questions.  That is, these
questions have appeared before (in some form).  We do repeats because
new readers often suggest questions we have used before.]

Bonus One  -  Which, if any, of the current ski lift manufacturers are
American (U.S.) owned?

Bonus Two  -  Which U.S. ski areas are installing new GONDOLA systems
for the 1998/99 season?

Bonus Three  -  Has there ever been a U.S. ski area chairlift where
the seats faced "sideways" (perpendicular to the cable travel)?



a.  Which four (4) U.S. SKI AREAS received new GONDOLA systems for the
1997/98 season?

("The Flight of the Canyons"),  and SQUAW VALLEY  (actually the new
"pulse" gondola at Squaw was started last year but not completed until
this season).   [Some folks guessed Vail and Telluride, but those
gondolas operated the previous season.]

GUESSES:  New TCS reader (and roller coaster nut) ERIC (CA) got all 4.
Richard (CA) got 3.

b.  How many different SKI LIFT MANUFACTURERS have built chairlifts at
North American ski areas?   Is it:   a) 1-10,  b) 11-20,  c) 21-30,
d) 31-40,  e) 41+

ANSWERS:  Amazingly, the correct answer is "e", over 41.  We have a
list of 53 chairlift manufacturers!  Here are some you might have
heard of:  BM (Blue Mountain), Borvig, Carlevaro/Savio, CTEC,
Doppelmayr, Hall, Heron, Lift Engineering, Mueller, Poma, Riblet,
Samson, Ski Lift International, Stadeli, Thiokol, Von Roll

GUESSES:  JAN-ERIK (OR) guessed "d".  Everyone else guessed b or c.

c.  Which U.S. ski areas have DETACHABLE double or triple chairlifts?

ANSWERS:  DOUBLE - Aspen Mtn;  TRIPLE - Gore Mtn and Mt Bachelor (the
triple at Bachelor was replaced after the question was asked.)

GUESSES:  Most everyone knew about the one at Aspen.  A few also knew
Gore.  JOHN (VT) knew all 3.

d.  Name the SKI AREAS with these ski trail names:

     1)  MD,  MBA,  AB,  PhD,  Cum Laude,  Pass/Fail
     2)  Styx,  Hades,  Demon,  666,  Pitchfork

ANSWERS:   1) - Dartmouth Skiway, NH;  2) - Purgatory, CO

GUESSES:  3 folks got Purgatory, 1 got Dartmouth, no-one got both

e.  NOSTALGIA QUESTION:  At which ski areas is a gondola or chairlift
the only access (or principal access) to the main base lodge.

SILVER MOUNTAIN, ID (gondola);  MT WATERMAN, CA (chairlift);  MT
BALDY, CA (chairlift).   Honorable Mention:  SUGAR BOWL, CA (requires
gondola or chairlift ride to main base, however there is auto access
to a secondary base);  OBER GATLINBURG, TN (cable car from town,
however you can also drive up).

GUESSES:  There were 6 votes for Sugar Bowl, 4 for Mt Waterman, 3 each
for Mt Baldy and Sunshine, 2 for Silver Mtn, and 1 each for Grouse and
Gatlinburg.  2 folks mentioned June Mtn.  IMO June doesn't qualify
because they have a base lodge next to the parking lot and you can ski
to it.

BONUS ONE  -  Which Ski Areas share NAMES with Amusement Parks?

ANSWERS:  MAGIC MTN ski area (one in Big Bear, CA, and one in Vermont)
vs MAGIC MTN amusement park in Santa Clarita, CA.  (Heritage Square in
Denver was once called Magic Mountain.)   There have also been several
amusement parks and ski areas with the word "holiday" in their name.

GUESSES:  Most guesses were for Magic Mtn (Eric, CA knew both ski
areas!).  One person compared Kings Dominion with King Ridge (or King
Pine).  A real stretch was "Mt Disney" within Sugar Bowl.

BONUS TWO  -  Which U.S. ski areas have a view of an ocean?

ANSWERS:  Camden Snow Bowl, ME;  Mt. Baldy, Snow Summit, Snow Valley,
and Bear Mtn, in So Calif;  and Alyeska, AK.  BTW, it is physically
impossible to see the ocean from Mt Hood or Mt Rainier.

GUESSES:  A spectrum of replies covered all the correct answers.  (We
suspect that it is seldom clear enough to see the ocean from the SoCal
areas!)    (And, FWIW, seldom possible to see SLC from Alta!)

BONUS THREE  -  Steve Allen hosted the first "Tonight Show", late
nights on NBC.  However, there was an earlier late-night comedy
variety show on NBC.  Can anyone remember its name or any of the
stars?  (Think comedians and one statuesque blond.)

ANSWERS:  "Broadway Open House" starring Jerry Lester with "Dagmar"
(Ruth Egnor) and Fat Jack Leonard.  The Kirby Stone Quartet provided
the music.

GUESSES:  One lonely guess for "Your Show of Shows" which is my all-
time favorite show (except for "The Avengers", of course.)



a.  SILLY TRIVIA:  "In what year did The Green Hornet's faithful
JAPANESE valet Kato, become his faithful FILIPINO valet Kato?"

Answer:  Obviously the year was 1941, just after the bombing of Pearl
Harbor on Dec 7.  This story may be just legend.  Some experts say the
opening line of the show said "faithful valet" without nationality
while others say it was "faithful Filipino valet" from the gitgo but
he was supposed to be of Japanese ancestry, which fact was dropped.

BTW, one long-time reader (who shall mercifully remain nameless) said
(about the date of the nationality change) "It must have coincided
with the start of W.W.II - say 1944?"   No wonder we flunk History!

b.  LIFT FIRSTS - In our data base we note that the first detachable
QUAD chair was built at Breckenridge in 1981.  We never thought much
about the "first ever detachable" (of course, most gondolas are
detachable).  Recently we learned that the first detachable DOUBLE
chair ("sesselbahen" with sideways chairs) was built in Switzerland
for the 1945-46 season by "Foundry in Berne".

c.  LOVELAND  -  Claims that their new FG quad is "the highest quad
chairlift in the World".  We wonder if it is the highest chairlift of
any capacity.  It rises to 12,700 ft.  The doublechair at A-BASIN
rises to 12,470 ft.  The alpine platter at SNOWMASS reaches 12,510 ft.

d.  HEIDI'S HOUSE??  -  We have a AAA guidebook entry for HOLIDAY
HILL, CA (now Mountain High - East) in the 60's which shows a summer
tourist attraction (reachable by "double sky-chair") called "HEIDI'S
HOME".  Anyone ever been there or even heard of it?

e.  NEW HOTEL CHAIN?   SNEAKY TRIVIA - How many of the 11 ASC ski
areas have a hotel named "Grand Summit"?


4.  LOST SKI AREA FOLLOW-UP   (First two are based on recent visits)

a.  COPPLE CROWN, NH - Operated from 1965 to 1976.  Vertical Drop of
400 ft.  T-bar and two rope tows.  Located about 4 miles south of
Wolfeboro on the Middleton Road.  Drive east on a road by the "Copple
Crown" sign.  The base lodge is now a Rec Center with pool and tennis
courts.  Private property  - no trespassing.  You can drive to the top
of the mountain where the upper T-bar terminal still remains.  The
lift line and trails are completely grown in.  [Note:  the residential
road from the base lodge to the top of the ski hill is marked
"private".  This is probably meant to keep out hikers, hunters, and
hooligans  -  but not hobbyists.  Actually we were looking for lots or
houses for sale.   ;-) ]

b.  CAMPTON, NH - Still operates, sometimes.  Vertical Drop 400 ft.
Double chairlift and rope tow.  Night skiing.  No snowmaking, so
operation is sporadic.  Did not operate the last two seasons.  Located
in the southeast portion of the town of Campton in the "Waterville
Estates" subdivision.  Drive up Hodgeman road to Snobrook road and
look for the signs or drive up Brookville road and turn on Hodgeman.
The ski area is part of the subdivision recreational facilities but is
open to the public.

c.  BLEU MOUNTAIN, KS.  Two readers asked about this one and we wrote
to them directly.  Did you get the info you needed, guys?

d.  LOST ILLINOIS  -  We were pleasantly surprised to receive several
notes from readers who remembered some of the lost Illinois ski areas
and had skied some.  MARK (IL) reports that BUFFALO PARK is now a
snowboard area called RAGING BUFFALO.  Does it have lifts, Mark?

e.  PALOMAR MOUNTAIN, CA  -  New reader "RP" (CA) - got ready for the
ski season by breaking his leg playing soccer (bummer).  Actually he
was just coaching soccer.  (Probably some 7 year old girl kicked him
in the shin!)  As part of his rehab, he took up hiking.  And he became
the second TCS reader to find the lost ski area at Mt Palomar.

This ski area (from the 60's) seems to hold a fascination for Southern
Californians.  Not much to see, just some overgrown ski runs on
private property.  Maybe it's the famous name.  Or maybe folks are
just surprised to find a ski area that far south.  (Wait till you hear
about the 2 lost ski areas near San Diego!)

f.  BOSTON HILL (No Andover, MA) -  Two readers noted that there has
been construction activity at this area which most recently housed an
archery range.   Our guess is condos!

Note:  Please feel free to ask about any lost ski area at any time.



5A - NEW LIFTS  (Last time we just listed new lifts.  Here are some
more specific details.)

a.  JIMINY PEAK, MA  -  The new quad chair will service several new
runs on new terrain to the upper left of the existing mountain.
Thanks to reader GIL (MA) for the web site tip.

b.  LOVELAND, CO - Last time we mentioned the spectacular new
chairlift up to the Continental Divide which opens up former walkup
open bowl terrain.  All necessary gov't agencies had approved the
chair - until a state biologist pointed out that the terrain was on
top of the Eisenhower tunnel - the only "land bridge" across I-70 in
all of Colorado.  How will the Lynx and Wolverine get across the
freeway?, she asked.  When it was pointed out that there are no Lynx
or Wolverine in Colorado, she demurred.  The chair is being built with
the proviso that there will be signs and fencing forcing skiers to
return to the Loveland base and not ski down across the divide to the
west.  FWIW, deer and elk have little problem crossing freeways.

c.  DEER VALLEY, UT  -  is opening two new terrain areas.  A new
Beginner area will be opened to the left of the main base, accessible
by the "Little Stick" trail.  It (and a connected housing area called
"Deer Crest") will be served by a 6-place gondola and a FG quad.  The
bigger news is the opening of Empire Canyon (between Deer Valley and
Park City ski area) with a HS Quad and a FG quad.

d.  MAMMOTH, CA  -  is replacing the upper half of their two stage
gondola (a 4-place Bell, 1965) with an 8-passenger Doppelmayr gondola
as well as a mostly glass upper gondola terminal.  Chair 4 (the last
of the original Riblet center-pole doubles) will become a HSQ and
another HSQ will run up to a point near the top of chair 5.

e.  RAGGED MOUNTAIN, NH  -  On our recent NH trip we spent some time
touring this charming ski area.  For 98-99 they have added a new trail
on the main mountain and have added a whole new beginner area,
complete with its own slow moving triple chair.  There will also be a
new base lodge, with a bar/lounge, cafeteria eating space, restrooms,
and ski patrol and first aid space.     RAGGED is a rare example of a
successful small ski area.  Just 10 years ago they had only one double
chair and a T-bar with about 20 runs.  Now they have 2 triples and 3
doubles and twice the number of trails.  Next Spring their new golf
course will open.  Keep it up, Ragged!

f.  STEAMBOAT, CO  -  The new HSQ will be the first lift in the new
"Pioneer Ridge" terrain, on the left as you look up from town.  There
will be several new runs and more lifts in the future.

g.  HEAVENLY, CA  -  One new HSQ will replace the "Gunbarrel" chair on
the CA side and another will replace the "Stagecoach" chair on the NV

h.  MT SUNAPEE, NH  -  New operator OKEMO, is replacing the Summit
chair with a HSQ and a FG quad will service the back side.

i.  BIG SKY, MT  -  Big news here:  a new rope tow!  It will service a
snowboard park.

j.  MOUNTAIN HIGH EAST  -  Even bigger news here:  a chairlift is
being removed!  Actually it is an old unused double up the main slope
and the tower removal will open up more and safer ski space.


a.  NEW AREA!  -  For the first time in 20 years (Beaver Creek - 1978)
a new ski area is opening on Forest Service land.  BLACKTAIL MOUNTAIN
is located in the Flathead Valley near Kalispell, MT.  It will have 3
(used) chairlifts, 24 runs, and 1440 feet of vertical, all for $24 a
day.  This is an economical operation which plans to turn a profit.

b.  THE VAIL FIRES  -  Arsonists (presumably eco-terrorists) set
several major fires on Vail Mountain on the night of 19 October.
Totally destroyed were the Ski Patrol Headquarters on Vail Mtn, the
very large Two Elk Lodge restaurant, and Camp One, another eating
facility.  Also damaged were the top terminals of 4 chairlifts.  The
fires were set to protest the CAT III expansion into supposed Canadian
Lynx terrain.  However the Lynx is no longer an issue  (We may do an
essay on that subject - anyone interested?).

The fires did not much affect the 98-99 Vail operations.  The PHQ was
replaced by a modular structure and a yert.  The Two Elk Lodge (which
will be totally rebuilt next summer) was replaced by a huge tent, more
modulars, and presumably many, many porta-potties.

3 of the 4 chairlifts had minimal damage.  Mostly just loss of the
lift op shacks and some scorched concrete.  A little paint and grease
and those lifts will be open as originally scheduled.  The chair 5
"back bowl" chair, however, has its motor at the top and it was
destroyed.  Vail estimates 2 months for repair which would be about
the time the back bowls open anyway.  Access to the "China Bowl"
terrain is unaffected.

FWIW, only about 10% of the entire mountain was affected by these
fires.  No effect on Golden Peak, Northeast Bowl, Mid-Vail, Chair 3,
Game Creek, and Lionshead (gondola and restaurants).

c.  FIRE SALE IN THE ROCKIES  -  Season tickets were sold at a bargain
price for a brief time this Fall.  COPPER MTN started the sale by
offering a Family (2 adults, 2 children) season ticket for $795.  Vail
Resorts elected to match that offer at their Summit County (Keystone
and Breck) areas.  Then WINTER PARK upped the ante considerably by
offering a $795 ticket for ANY 4 unrelated skiers, the so-called
"buddy pass".  Vail and Copper Mtn matched that offer.  So that means
that you could get a season pass for just $200 (if you had 3 friends).
They sold like hotcakes.  90,000 passes were sold in a few weeks.

Analysis:  The ski areas took in $18 mill of upfront (pre-season) cash
and rekindled skiing interest on the Front Range (e.g., Denver).  Some
analysts, however, looked at the downside.  If the areas don't repeat
the offer next year, the "new" skiers will quit in disgust.  Some
local ski bums have bought the passes and now don't need to work the
40 hours a week required to earn a pass.  So, a potential labor
shortage problem.  Ski bums in VAIL and BEAVER CREEK were miffed that
their areas weren't in on the deal.  And, there will probably be big
crowds on weekends.  Bottom line?  Too soon to tell.

d.  SEVEN SPRINGS (PA)  -  has been sold to Booth Creek Ski Holdings.
This area, possibly the oldest in the state, was owned by the Dupre
family which had become splintered in recent years - hence the sale.

e.  MT ABRAMS (ME)  -  We reported this area for sale.  It has been
sold and will continue to operate.

f.  "Bolt on" as in "to screw up" - We have previously reported that a
young college grad talked his family into buying the BOLTON VALLEY, VT
ski area so he would have a career.  Unfortunately they forgot to buy
the base lodge.  Now we learn that they also forgot to buy the name!
So last season the ski area was called "Bolt'n in Vermont".  How
cornball!  The son has now given up and the area status is uncertain.

g.  NEW JERSEY is known as the "Truck Garden State" but is not known
as an alpine skiing Mecca.  17 ski areas have become "lost".  This
year, add two more.  BELLE MOUNTAIN and CRAIGMEUR have silently packed
up their ticket booths and snow guns.  Both could re-open some day.

h.  THREE STRIKES, YOU'RE OUT!  -  For the third (3rd) year in a row,
the Men's World Cup Downhill race scheduled for WHISTLER (BC) had to
be canceled due to poor snow, wet/icy conditions, or fog.  Give it up,
guys!   Leave it to real ski areas like VAIL.


It hasn't been a very good early season for ski area openings.
LOVELAND was the first to open, on 13 Oct.  KEYSTONE, which in the
last 3 years has either tied or beaten Loveland, decided not to
compete this season, opting to wait until they could open several
runs.  Waiting didn't help and they opened with only one run on 23
Oct.  Meanwhile, HEAVENLY opened on 18 Oct with one very short run.

KILLINGTON  gave it the old prep school try on 22 Oct (with their
strange combination of lifts, walking, and wagon rides for access!)
but closed after 3 days.  The best news was WOLF CREEK, CO  which
opened on 30 Oct with a 50 inch natural base.  Within a few days they
had all runs and lifts open with a 55 inch base  (and then got another
22 inch dump to bring their base to 72 inches).

New England finally fired off a few snow gun salutes on 5 Nov with
Killington, Sunday River, Sugarbush, and Okemo opening their ticket
windows.  Hunter (NY) followed on 6 Nov.

Meanwhile, back in Colo, Breck, Copper, Winter Park, and Vail all
pushed back their opening dates due to poor snowmaking weather. Breck
finally opened on 6 Nov, Vail on 9 Nov, and Berthoud Pass (natural
snow) opened on 10 Nov.   Unfortunately, not much snow since then.

[Note:  One "natural snow area", SKI COOPER, which traditionally opens
around Thanksgiving, still had not opened as of 14 Dec.]


6.  ERRATA,  CORRECTIONS, AND UPDATES  -  (Wow, a whole section just
on our mistakes!)

a.  KILLINGTON will not be connecting with PICO this season.  We
naively depended on the 97/98 trail map which showed the 98 expansion.
If trail maps were accurate predictors, LOON would have expanded years

Killington and the state of Vermont have signed an agreement which
allows for the interconnect and also calls for a land swap and some
adjustments in the taking of water for snowmaking.  The ski area, the
state, and environmental groups are satisfied with the agreement.
However with all that land and water swapping, apparently adjacent
land owners have to get in their say and there might be lawsuits.  So
ASC prudently decided to delay the start of this quite expensive
project until all parties have been heard from.  Maybe next year.

b.  SQUAW VALLEY Funitel  -  As several readers pointed out, the new
high capacity gondola from the base will travel to GOLD COAST, not
High Camp.  High Camp is still served by the tram.

c.  Clarification - In the last issue, under "Lost Nevada" ski areas,
we listed INCLINE VILLAGE SKI BOWL and MT ROSE BOWL.  Several readers
suggested that these ski areas are still open.  Actually the first
name is a one-time name for "Ski Incline" which is still open (as
Diamond Peak).  We forgot our rule of never listing alternate names of
open ski areas as "lost areas" - it just confuses folks (e.g., Pico
Peak, Killington Basin).  OTOH, Mt Rose Bowl refers to neither the
current Mt Rose or to Slide Mtn.  All is revealed in the next issue.

d.  HEAVENLY VALLEY - actually doesn't exist.  This California ski
area changed their name to just "HEAVENLY" several years ago.  (We
don't pay enough attention to OPEN ski areas!)  During our research to
determine when, exactly, they changed their name we observed that
major ski guides like The White Book didn't note the change until
around 1991.  However, the Heavenly (Valley) brochures showed the name
change way back in 1972!  (Apparently a stealth name change.)

[Reminds us of a joke.  An NFL team with the very non-PC name of
"Washington Redskins Football Team" has bowed to public pressure and
changed their name to just "Washington Redskins".  (Think about it!)



a.  Lift Cable Tensioners - For those of you tired of checking to see
if your chairlifts run CW or CCW, here are two new things to look for.
The bullwheel on the lower lift terminal is not fixed, but rather
rests on a movable carriage which runs on tracks.  The carriage moves
back and forth as forces on the cable change.  Why?  Well, consider a
chairlift at rest - between towers the cable sags some from its own
wait plus the weight of several empty chairs.  Now add 300 lbs of
skiers for each chair between a set of towers.  The cable will sag
some more.  But as it sags, the cable must get longer.  So where does
the extra length come from?  Voila'!  The bullwheel carriage moves
forward (uphill) to allow for the cable sag (and moves backwards to
account for a cable stretching over time).

What keeps the carriage from moving all the way forward (to its limit
switches) each time it moves?  Well, on older lifts, there is a cable
running from the back (downhill side) of the carriage, over a pulley,
and to a giant concrete slab.  The weight of the concrete and the
length of the carriage travel are carefully set to match the minimum
and maximum tensions required for the lift cable.

Modern lifts have replaced the concrete weight with one or two
pneumatic or hydraulic pistons to provide the proper tension.  The
major advantage here is the smaller space taken up by the pistons as
compared with the pulley and weight system.  This is especially
convenient with bullwheel loading lifts where the skiing public is
waiting in line about where that weight would be.  Feel free to check
all this out and report back this ski season.

Note:  These mechanisms are most easily viewed on FG lifts.  For
detachable lifts there is that big overhead building and the transfer
track which interfere with convenient viewing.  Consider that when you
board the chair, you are behind the bullwheel and the chair is not
even on the main cable.  Once you settle in the chair you will have to
look up for the pistons just before the chair accelerates you into
outer space.  Try not to fall off while doing research!

b.  In the next issue we will discuss chairlift "chair" construction.
The magic shape of the month will be the "triangle".

c.  YAN Grips - In the past we may have given the impression that ski
areas were correcting the alleged faulty YAN grips problem (on just
one of the YAN models) by merely replacing the grips.  Not so.  Might
work on FG lifts but not on Detachables.  Every brand of grips is
different.  So the rehabbed Yan lifts are almost totally rebuilt.  New
motor and controls, new terminals, new grips and hangers.  What can be
salvaged is the chairs, the towers, the terminal supports, and
sometimes the main cable.  The latest rehab is the "Sunday River
Express" HSQ at Sunday River which is being rebuilt by Poma.

d.  SURPRISE!  -  We had assumed that after the lift grip fiasco that
Yan lift builder LIFT ENGINEERING (of Carson City, NV) had gone out of
business.  Not so.  According to their ads and industry news, Lift
Engineering is still working in the skilift industry.

e.  SAMSON?  -  We are at least a little bit familiar with most of the
skilift manufacturers but have never heard of Samson.  They built 27
chairlifts between 1971 and 1988.  Anyone seen any of their lifts?



In early October we made our annual pilgrimage to New Hampshire to
check on loving relatives, good friends, fall colors, and a few ski
areas new and old.  We already mentioned our two "lost ski area"
visits to COPPLE CROWN and CAMPTON, up under Section 4 (Lost).  We
also visited RAGGED MOUNTAIN which is described in Section 5.

One major highlight of our trip was a visit to SUNDAY RIVER, ME.
There we caught up with long time TCS newsletter contributor, SKIP
KING.  Skip was kind enough to give Sissy and me a tour of some
facilities.  We toured the pump house and control room for the
snowmaking - and learned a lot.  We studied the movable bullwheel
carriage and tensioner weight for a FG lift (as discussed above).  And
Skip provided a step by step explanation of how a detachable chairlift
works from the arrival of a chair at the lower terminal, to its
departure, including the grip mechanism, the auxiliary track through
the terminal, and the reconnect to the main cable.  Fascinating and
complicated!  Thanks muchly, Skip.

[BTW, the next time you folks are near the South Ridge Base Lodge, go
upstairs to the restaurant area and check out the historic ski lift
items:  a Cranmore skimobile car, and an example of the Sugarbush,
Killington, and Mt Snow gondola cars.  Cool!]

Got to mention the DEERFIELD FAIR.  This is a classic old-time
agricultural fair in Deerfield, NH.  We saw a neat dressage-type horse
show and some serious "hoss-pullin' heyah at the Deahfield Fayeh".  My
personal highlight was the french fries.  No frozen, reconstituted
potatoes here.  Fresh, whole washed potatoes are sliced as you watch
and then dumped into the oil, with skins on.  More than I could eat
for $1.50.  The condiment table held the usual salt and ketchup and -
could it be ?  Yes, vinegar!  The only way to eat french fries.  Yum.



a.  UTAH 2002  -  Last time we mentioned the many, many construction
projects still required for the Olympics.  Here are two more:  There
will be (hopefully) an entirely new access highway to SNOW BASIN
(venue for alpine speed races).  We thought that the athletes dorms
would be at the University of Utah in downtown SLC.  True - except
that they haven't been built yet.  Need a job in construction?

b.  SILVER CREEK, IA  -  After we mentioned this area being for sale,
reader TRENT (from where?) recalled calling this area after a snow
dump and asking how conditions were.  The man who answered the phone
said conditions would be fine once they mowed the grass!

c.  MOUNTAIN CREEK, NJ  -  This area originally planned a six-pack
chair for one high traffic area, but opted instead for an eight
passenger standup gondola.  The reason:  They figured that their
target skier clientele, New Yorkers, could never get organized enough
to line up six abreast, but they all knew how to board elevators!

d.  "WIDE OPEN SPACES"  (OT)  -  Appropriately, the video for this
"Dixie Chicks" hit single was filmed in Colorado.  The outdoor music
venue shown is at SILVER CREEK (ski area), CO.



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In reply to your comment in Lost Areas # 26: "2 folks mentioned June Mtn. IMO June doesn't qualify
because they have a base lodge next to the parking lot and you can ski
to it."

--If you count a "lodge" as ticket services and restrooms--well ok. But there are no other guest services at ticketing in the parking lot and the old day care center is now a conference hall, used for big tour groups only--and is off limits to regualar guest

W Decker, Bishop CA

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