The Double Loading Six Person Ski Lift
In 1999, Poma was contracted to install the first double loading lift system
in the United States.  The new six-person ski lift replaced the Quick Silver
Quad chair, which was the first high-speed quad in the world.  

Quick Silver Super Six Stats: Speed 1,100 FPM; Length 5,600 feet;
Vertical Rise 632 feet
Follow the pictures vertically!
This lift was built by:
The six-person chair travels down the line.
Here is the side view of the chair terminal.
It passes through 2 depression sheave trains and
enters the terminal.
This is the point where the chairs are queued to
either one of the two loading docks.
Here is a close-up of the Poma detachable grip.
The chair rounds the station
The chair enters the terminal and the black metal
strip at the top of the picture pushes on the coiled
springs and the chair detaches from the cable.
Here is a view of the two loading areas.
Next, the chairs alternate between two loading
Looking up the line.
The operator controls.
The lift's stats.
The old Poma detachable grip still found
on many ski lifts in Colorado!
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*All Pictures thanks to Jeff P.