Catamount Ski Area
The idea of constructing a ski area at the base of Lake Catamount
begun during the 1970's.  The project went bankrupt probably for
many of the same reasons why
Stagecoach and Steamboat Lake went
under.  During the early 1990's Jerry Blann, former manager of Aspen
Skiing Company, was a key figure in the re-proposal of Catamount.  
They were going to construct fourteen ski lifts, which included a
high-speed gondola.  At the base 3,756 residential units and 1,000
hotel rooms were going to be built.  One of the major selling points for
the project was the proposal to build a light rail line between
Steamboat Springs and Catamount Resort.  This proposal collapsed
when the major financial backer, Mitchell Energy and Development
Corp. decided to leave the project.  A couple years later Tim and
Diane Mueller, the owners of Okemo Resort in Vermont, decided to
propose a similar plan to the Forest Service and the request was

Steamboat Ski Area viewed Catamount as their "Beaver Creek or
Snowmass."  They felt having two ski areas in the area would draw
more tourists and increase return visits due to more skiing options in
the area.

The proposal for Catamount is currently idle now.
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