Sentinel Point Ski Area
Dates Proposed: 2002, but the area has been considered since the
Proposed Stats: (Initially)
* Lifts: 1 quad, 1 triple
*Facilities: Base lodge, eventually including condos and a hotel
*Elevations: 10,000 - 11,500 feet on the west side of Pikes Peak in
Teller County
Proposal: The main concept behind this proposal is to attract local
skiers from the Colorado Springs area with cheaper lift ticket and food
prices.  The whole area is on private property and has water rights for
snowmaking.  They currently do not have access to the surrounding
Forest Service land, although the developers have discussed the
Location: West side of Pikes Peak near the Crags Campground
Editor's Note: There have been many proposals in the Pikes Peak
region; this is the same location as the Gold Rush Ski Area proposal.
News Articles on the
(from mid 1990's *)

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(Has an area map)

No Avalanche of Investors
for Ski Area
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