Apex Ski Area
Operation Dates: 1947 - 1950's
Area Stats: 2 tows; lodge;
History: (See memories for more information....)
Note: This area is on private property!
History Pictures: #
Skiers going down the main slope.
The Apex Ski Lodge
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"Apex wasn't a rope tow; it was a barge, pulled uphill with a load of folks atop.  My
family skied there in the early 1950's."
-Lon Gregg

"I skied there as a child about 1949.  There was a rope tow at least sometimes.
Usually we climbed the hill. There may also have been a sled and a winch as other
areas such as Aspen had these."
-Richard G.

"My late husband was one of the owners.  The area had two rope tows.   The lodge is
the picture on the upper right which says APEX on it.  The picture with steps and a
pipe rail, is not in, or on the ski area property.

Dec. 7, 2006 of the "Gilpin County News" has a more accurate historical
article done by Linda Jones.  The small errors are our fault for not having edited it
more carefully.  It is in fact, edited from the original article published in the "Gambler",
earlier in the fall.

The GCN article has an excellent colored photo of the lodge, as well as a picture of
my husband ,Horace Hix, and one of the partners, Dennis Longnecker."
-Hildegard Hix

"I forgot to mention that the little log  house was the small rope tow house.

Lon Gregg refers to going up the hill on a barge. He is probably remembering the army
half track, mentioned in the article.

Richard G. says"---a rope tow at least sometimes". There was no sled and winch.  He
may well have walked up as the ski hill operated only on weekends.

So many fun memories."
-Hildegard Hix
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