Chautauqua Mesa
Operation Dates: January 1949 - 1952, 1962, 1963
Lifts: 1 tow with an engine from a World War II Dodge truck
Facilities: Ski Jumps, 1 improved slope
History: Chautauqua Mesa started in 1948 as a ski jump built by local
residents.  The area later opened the following year boasting a 200 foot
rope tow.  As residents looked for steeper terrain the rope tow was
moved uphill so it could serve a wider variety of terrain.  The area finally
closed down during the early 1950's citing the lack of snow and
vandalism of the tow as the reasons shutting down.  A revival in the
1960's also failed
Directions:  The area is located west of Baseline and 16th Street.
(Credit Carnegie Library Boulder, CO)
Chautauqua Mesa during the 1950's
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Pettem, Silvia.  "Chautauqua Mesa Ski Area was in
city's back yard."
 The Daily Camera.  1-7-03
"I skied at Chataqua Mesa, Boulder, in 1949 with my Phys Ed ski class
(for credit) during winter quarter my Freshman year. As an absolute
beginner, I found the rope tow so hard to ride that I preferred to remove
my skis and walk up. We were glad there was just enough snow to go
there at all, after initial lessons on the lawn by the Freshman girls' dorm. At
least we learned to walk on skis, fall, get up, and
-Peggy S.