Drowsy Water Ranch
c. 1948

Drowsy Water Ranch
www.drowsywater.com was established as a dude ranch in the
mid-1920s. It's hidden in a canyon six miles west of Granby on U.S. 40 and north 1.5 miles
on County Road 219. Since 1977 the ranch has been owned and managed by Ken Fosha
and his family.

For about three years following WWII skiing was offered as an amenity to winter guests.
The narrowness of the valley left no choice but to have a rather steep ski slope. A road,
now used for horseback rides, was built to allow easy egress for beginning skiers. One of
the original ranch buildings was made over into a ski lodge and is now a dinning hall.
Unusual for this hill was its mode of uphill transport; a single-sled boat tow pulled to the top
by a winch and cable. (Most boat tows from this period, what few there were, were
double-reversibles, or "jigbacks." Examples include Aspen's and Steamboat Springs'
Howelsen Hill.) The cut through the trees for the tow is nearly grown in but can still be seen.
A photo of the tow on the ranch's brochure can be seen at the Grand County Museum in
Hot Sulphur Springs.

Drowsy Water Ranch now only takes on summer guests. It's on private property; call first
or stop by the main house. My thanks to Ken Fosha for his information and tour.

      Bill Fetcher
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Former Ski Lodge
(Now a dining hall)
Ski Hill
Tow Path Through