Duck Lake Ski Area
Years of Operation: 2 or 3 seasons during the 1950's
Lifts: 1 surface lift
History: According to Dick Wilson, a 10th Mountain Division
member, the area was operated by Bill and Annette Holmes of
Georgetown before the opening of Geneva Basin to the immediate
south.  They also owned a small bar and restaurant in Georgetown. At
one point Geneva Basin considered expanding into this old ski area.
Location: Directly north of Geneva Basin Ski Area.
Please Note: This area is on private property.
Area Pictures:
The remains of the surface lift.
Looking down the lift line / an area
An old lodge at the base that
was once owned by the
Coors family.
The far right lift is at Duck Lake
Be sure to also view the Geneva Basin
Have you ever skied at this resort?  If
so, contact us with your memories.
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This lift appears to be a home-made form of a J-bar
The bottom drive unit