Glenwood Park Ski Area
Dates of Operation: 1965 - 1966
Facilities: 1 warming hut
Lifts: 1 PHB/Hall double chair (stats: built in 1965 by Hall with a
length of 985', 183' vertical, capacity of 1000 pph, and a speed of
465 fpm)
Note: This area is not related to the Red Mountain ski area, which
was located below this area.
History: Glenwood Mountain Park Ski Area was located on Red
Mountain to the west of Glenwood Springs.  The area opened with a
900 vertical foot double chair.  The lift was built for a cost of 60,000
dollars in 1965.  While Riblet, Heron-Poma, PHB/Hall all bid on this
project, PHB/Hall was the lowest bidder.  The location of this ski
area proved to be too hard to get to.  After poor attendance the area
was closed and the lift was sold to Sunlight in 1967 for 21,000
Pictures: *

(By Paul Hauk of the USFS)
An overview of the ski area during
Pictures of the Hall lift when it was
moved to Sunlight Ski Area
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*Pictures thanks to P. Hauk and the Colorado Ski