Haugen's Hill/Allenspark
Operation Dates: 1930's - 1950's
Area Stats:
* Lifts: 1000 foot rope tow
History: Records indicate that a rope tow was constructed here
sometime during the 1930's.  Later on, Colorado State University began
to train here for ski jumping.  There is no word when the jump was
construction or if it still partially remains today.
Directions: Outside of Allenspark on the Peak to Peak Highway in the
Willow Creek Drainage

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Area Pictures:
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"I skiied at Allenspark at least once while a student at
CU-Boulder. It was probably winter of 1950 or 1952 -- laid up with broken ankle 1951. I
remember enjoying gentle slopes and winding through the trees.

A good friend had a terrible leg break there on very easy beginner
slope, as that was the days of "bear-trap" bindings. Skiis couldn't come
off without purposely releasing the cable latch."
-Peggy S.

"Never actually skied here. But in the 70's, this area was one of my favorite camping and
horseback riding sites for me and friends. We never knew what the reason was for the clear cut
area in the middle of the fabulous forest. But it was an easy access to the higher peaks and
drainages above where we camped. And when we would camp there in spring and come down
off the peaks above timberline, there would ofter be enough snow in the clear cut areas to slip in
our hiking boots down to the dirt road where we stashed our cars. Little did I know that this was
the reason for the clear cut area. Perhaps, my friends Jeff, Walter, Bonnie, and I were the last
ones to ski (sort of!) at Haugen's Hill."
-John E.
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Info from The Colorado Ski Museum and John