Hoosier Pass Ski Area
Operation Dates: 1938-1949
Area Stats:
* Lifts: One tow, the year installed in unknown, but probably a couple of
years after the initial operation.
* Facilities: A large restaurant that featured a bar, dancing area, rest
rooms and various other amenities (this building no longer stands).  The
cabin pictured below was primarily used as a warming hut.
History: The ski area first opened in 1938 with solely a warming hut.  A
restaurant was added the following season along with cabins and a general
store.  At some unknown date later, the area constructed a 800 foot long
rope tow that carried skiers up the areas two trails.  Skiers enjoyed the
slopes until the late 40's when the facility shut down after the rope tow
Directions: From Breckenridge, take Highway 9 South out of town
towards Fairplay.  The ski area is outside of Blue River.
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Area Pictures: *
The old slopes of the area
are quickly growing in with
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Pictures thanks to
Tim T.

An old cabin on the property
that was associated with the
ski area.