Peak One
Operation Dates: 1967 - 1979; 1989
History: Peak One is located about a mile from Interstate 70 at the
Frisco exit.  It was used for many years by local high schools as a training
place for ski jumping.  Once the program was cut across the state, Peak
One was closed.  It later reopened for a year to host Junior Olympic
Pictures from the 1980's: *
Pictures taken in 2003: #
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"I was a member of the Breckenridge Racing Club in the late
'60s and around '67 or '68 our coaches were toying with the idea of
starting a Nordic team. They packed up any of us that were interested (most
of the team) and drove us over to Peak One to see if any of us had any
talent for jumping. (I did not) Jumping a 50m hill on Alpine skis was
more than a little intimidating and probably not the best way to attempt
the sport, but we gave it our best shot. The Nordic team never
materialized but jumping those hills was quite an experience."
- Kevin C.
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*Pictures thanks to The Colorado Ski Museum