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Pikes Peak
Operation Dates: 1939 - 1984 (Did not operate 66/67, 80/81)
Area Stats (1984):
*Temporary Base Lodge (they were in the process of building a real one)
*2 new runs that were graded to remove rocks
History: Pikes Peak was the major ski area in the Colorado Springs
area for many years.  The area was rather small compared to areas like
Vail and Keystone.  The trail maps to the right show the area before the
major expansion project.  During their addition in the early 1980's they
added a  700,000 dollar triple chair made by Poma USA.  The chair
provided new terrain above the timberline, but snow was really
wind-blown and sometimes sparse at those elevations.  After the lift was
installed area was unable to pay taxes and Poma USA for the lift.  The
first year Poma bailed the area out by lending them money to pay taxes,
but their luck was running out.  Poma removed the lift later that spring
and the area has been closed ever since.
Pictures (early '80's):
The base of the triple chair.*
Looking down the newly graded runs
with the triple on the right.*
Picture Taken in 2003:
A view of the area in 2000:
A Picture of Pikes Peak Ski Area from
Woodland Park. ##
Here is the view from the Pikes Peak
Highway looking at the area. #
An Overview of the Area: ^
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More pictures **
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"You forgot to mention that in addition to the lifts listedat Pikes Peak Ski Area. There was an
International Pickup truck from1964 -1965 that took you to the racing trails above devil'
playground. Itran every 1/2 hour and was drove by one of the national ski patrol.
ahhhhhhhhh the good old days."

My children learned to ski at the Pikes Peak ski area in the late '60s. At that time there were
only a 'paddle' or 'disk' lift across the base for beginners, a longer 'paddle' lift for the main runs,
plus a rope tow if they were crowded enough to need it. Open weekends only and only if there
was enough snow for a dedicated group to pack down with their skis (no grooming equipment)
before opening.

Family season ticket was only $25, so I took my kids up there several Saturdays while my
husband was in Vietnam winter of '68.

Area was so small that it took much, much longer to ride up the lift than to ski down. From the
top of the main slope I could easily hear my kids yell at each other down in the beginners area.

Once I rode up with a group in someone's vehicle to the Elk Park knoll and skied back down
through the trees. That was quite an adventure! but really too difficult for me, so I didn't do that
-Peggy S.

"From 1973 - 1982 I taught climbing with a friend named Jim Cain.  He said his father and
mother ran the Pikes Peak ski area.  They used to make a big pot of chili at their house in
Colorado Springs.  Then they took it up to the warming house to sell to skiers at lunch time.  
Those old family run ski areas had an atmosphere that I miss now. The skiing was not as
dramatic but the life style was special."
-Ron F.
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## Picture thanks to Brad C.
^^ Picture thanks to Caroth
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