Sharktooth Ski Area
Dates of Operation: 1971 - 1986
Area Stats: (1984)
*Elevations: Summit 4,750; Base 4,600; Vertical Drop 150 ft
*Trails: 1 open slope which was 1,000 ft long
*Lifts: 1 tow
*Ticket Prices: Adult $8, Child $6
*Facilities: Ski Patrol, Snack Bar, Snowmaking, Tubing, Ice Skating,
Night Skiing
History: Sharktooth has the lowest elevation of any ski area that ever
operated in Colorado.  It opened on a small hill outside of Greeley,
Colorado and did not have to worry about common ski area problems
like avalanches!  The area offered night skiing during its operation and
dust storms were just as common as snowstorms!
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Have you skied Sharktooth?  
If so, contact us with your memories!

"I skied there for the first time in the late '70's and the experience was memorable.  I was in
6th grade, and my day at Sharktooth kindled a great love of skiing that still exists today."
-Jennifer S.

"The people who owned Sharktooth were friends of my family when I was growing up in
Greeley.  I didn't ski back then but they had a tubing run out there that was a heck of a great
time for us all us kids.  I faintly remember that every now and then some kid would lose their
grip on the rope tow and all mayhem would break loose on the line.  "
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The Colorado Ski Museum
The White Book of Ski Areas 1984

* Picture thanks to The Colorado Skier
# Picture thanks to The Colorado Ski Museum
**Pictures thanks to Bob Schubring
Pictures taken in 2006 **
The following pictures, taken in 1976, were submitted by Lloyd S. who learned to ski
at Sharktooth Ski Area.  Lloyd is a friend with former owner Richard (Dick) Perchlik.
Dick Perchlik
Lloyd's daughters
riding up the rope
Dick during and
inspection of
Looking up the Ski Area
The view from the
parking area.