Silver Hills Ski Area
Dates of Operation: 1966 -1984
Lifts: 1 J-bar; 1 tow
* The J-bar was made in Austria before WWII and was originally
installed at Camp Hale, then later at Cuchara, and finally at Silver Hills.
History: This ski area was owned and operated by Clara Reida and
Margaret Locarnini, who also were owners of the Singing Acres Ranch
nearby.  The ski hill also had a tubing operation.  While no trail map
was ever printed; the area used lift tickets, had a rental shop, and a
small lodge where one could eat.
Location: East of Westcliffe on Highway 96, a few miles past Querida.
Area Pictures: *
The Lodge and Fire Pit
(The lodge was moved to Bear Basin Resort)
The Rental Building
Looking Down the Slope
The Lower Lift Platform
The tractor that was used to pull the rope
Some rope tow remains.
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"My brother, sister and I learned how to ski there with the 4-H club.  
Wooden skis, rope tows, and a poma with a cable/disk rather than a
pole/disk like you see today.  Great people, and a perfect place for 10 yr
old kids to ski around without getting in trouble.  It all seemed so big
-John N.
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* Pictures thanks to the Colorado Ski Museum
and George Bullene