Ski Trail Mountain
Operation Dates: 1968-1971
Area Stats:
* Lifts: 2 Platter Lifts (stats: Built by Poma in 1968 with a length of 600;
vertical of 80', with a capacity of 300 pph each)
* Elevations: Base: 8,400 feet, Vertical Drop 450 feet
* Facilities: unknown
History: The ski area was a family operation open on weekends and
holidays. George C. Carlson, Jr. was in charge of operations. It started
out with a rope tow, then later added a Mitey Mite.  The area closed a
couple seasons later, according to the owner, "because snowmobiles stole
our business."  It also appears to have operated initially as King Ranch,
according to lift records at SAM Magazine.
Directions: Ski Trail Mountain is about 4.4 miles from Highway US 34
on CR 41
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Please Note: This area is on private property!
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"I remember skiing at "Ski Trail Mountain" which was between
Grandby and Grand Lake.  I remember there was one rope-tow (actually
used a bulldozer for the power source) and there were two trails.  Not
many people around and the snowmobile craze hadn't really kicked off yet,
plus I recall that Grandby reservoir had been drained."
-Fred F.
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