Tenderfoot Mountain
Operation Dates: 1948 - early 1950's; possible private use in the
Area Stats: 6 runs: 75% beginner; 25% intermediate
Facilities: 1 base lodge; 1 summit warming hut;
Lifts: 3 surface: 1 J-bar (Larchmont Model: 5LB2); 2 rope tows
Tenderfoot Mountain opened in 1948 and local newspapers said,
"[There was a] White gold strike on Tenderfoot Mountain."  The ski
area was located in the heart of the Pikes Peak gold region.  It was
constructed by Cripple Creek Ski Club members, who selected the site
and built the J-bar.  The portable rope tow was used the first ski season
because the J-bar was not totally finished, but was later kept to add
more lift capacity.  The area closed in the 1950's; the lack of snow and
expert terrain probably contributed to its closure.
The area's J-bar was moved to Monarch in 1956.
Directions: Take Highway 67 towards Cripple Creek.  The ski area is
about 2 miles before the town on your left.  If you pass Rangeview
Road, you've gone to far.
Please Note: This area is on private property, please keep out!
Trail Map:
Pictures Taken 1948: **
The J-bar, possibly converted to a
T-bar later.
The Base of the Rope Tow and Lodge.
Area Pictures: *
(Taken 2003)
An overview of the ski area.
A catwalk on the west end of the area.
A "green" run from the top.
The summit warming house.
Left: The J-bar return

Right: The rope tow line.
Lift  Signs
A trail marker.
The J-bar line.
The J-bar return terminal with the rope
tow in front.
J-bar parts
Have you ever skied Tenderfoot?  If
so, contact us with memories!

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John M.

Pictures thanks to:
*Brad C.
**The Colorado Ski Museum
"I worked at Tenderfoot Ski Area in the 1990's It was privately owned By David Veren. I am a
welder and David and I installed the t-bar lift in 1991 or so David built the cabin at the top that is
shown in one of the Pictures on your site of Tenderfoot. David cut a half pipe down the north face for
an inner tube run. We would take the rope tow to the top and use giant truck inner tubes to slide all
the way down to the bottom. That was more fun than skiing or snowboarding down. It took a lot of
nerve and guts to take the high speed banked turns, also a few trips down to learn how to maintain
control without flying off the edge of the banked turns and flying airborne off the catwalk at the end of

Only a few locals had the opportunity to enjoy David's Ski Area. I worked in Cripple Creek bar
tending at a casino at night and helped David try to get Tenderfoot up and running during the day. All
of our hard work and money went in to it!  We were unable to open mainly because it didn't snow
enough for a deep base until late in the season, the two years we were trying to open. However on
the bright side ...I have never had so much fun Skiing, Snow boarding, riding snowmobiles and the
snow cat, but most of all inner tubing down the pipe David cut down the north face. And that is a little
known FACT about The Ghost Ski Area TENDERFOOT."
-John T.