Elk Meadows / Mt. Holly
Operation Dates: 1972 - 1999, 2001 - 2002
Area Stats:
* Elevations: Top: 10,400', Base: 9,100', Vertical: 1,300'
* Facilities: Base Lodge, Condos, Hotels, Snowmaking, Tubing, Ski
Patrol, Rental Shop, and Restaurant
Lifts: 1  Yan Double, 1 Heron-Poma Double, 1 Poma Double, 1 Poma
Triple, 1 CTEC-Garaventa Quad

Mount Holly Ski Area opened in 1972 in the Tusher Mountains of
Southern Utah.  The ski area consisted of a Heron-Poma double chair
and T-bar.  Mount Holly catered to skiers from southern Utah, Las
Vegas, southern California and Phoenix.  

By 1985, the Elk Meadows Ski Area was developed on the slopes above
Mount Holly.  Elk Meadows operated as an independent area and
installed a Poma triple chair, Poma double and platter lift.  By 1988, the
two ski areas were marketed together and a shuttle bus connected them.  
Skiers from the upper Elk Meadows also had the option to ski back to
Mount Holly via a trail which tunneled beneath the access road.

The ski areas were owned by Henry Jung of Canada by 1994.  Elk
Meadows boasted a vertical drop of 1,300 feet with a summit elevation of
10,400 feet.  An article in the
Salt Lake Tribune describes the area's
business as, "Even on the busiest of holiday weekends, the resort is
seldom crowded.  That fact, coupled with an excellent ski school
program, makes it ideal for newcomers to skis."

Accommodations were later added to Elk Meadows.  By 1994, the area
hosted over 320 beds, with more hotels in nearby Beaver.  Financial
problems arose at the area by the mid 1990's.  The owners sought
bankruptcy protection and the ski resort was sold in 1997 to a group from
Portland, Oregon called Schmitt Industries.  Lift tickets that year cost
thirty dollars.  Initially, Schmitt Industries made improvements to the
resort, which new CTEC-Garaventa quad chair called the Lake View
chair and a used Yan double chair to replace the Village T-bar at Mount
Holly.  The West Village Lodge also saw an addition to add more seating

Schmitt Industries proposed a major expansion for the ski area during the
late 1990's, which would have included more hotels, condos, and a golf
course.  Difficulties between the county and ski area officials over a water
treatment plant and water rights led to the area's initial closing.  Wayne
Case, from Schmitt Industries, said in 2000, "Elk Meadows is closed and
it's going to stay down until there is a clear direction from the Department
of Environmental Quality."  Based on engineers estimates, the proposed
water treatment plant's output would be about 99.9% pure.  The
reclaimed water then is used for snowmaking and irrigation needs.  

According to the
Salt Lake Tribune, Wayne Case and John Rupp from
Schmitt spent over 15 million dollars on the failed resort by 2000.  The ski
area did not open for the 2000-2001 winter but reopened the following
winter.  Skier visits topped at about 20,000 that winter, while the ski area
continued to struggle financially.  

Elk Meadows closed after the 2002 season running out of operating cash.
 The ski area was recently sold to Craig Burton of Development LC
hoping to reopen the ski area a private resort.  Their business plan is
similar to that of the Yellowstone Club in Montana and is estimated to
cost over 3.5 billion dollars.  Improvements include a gated resort
community, lifts connecting the two ski areas, and a Jack Nicklaus golf

Update: Elk Meadows will operate for the 2010-11 season as Eagle
Point.  For more information, click

Directions: From Beaver take UT 153 East to Hyrum Lee Drive.
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