Trail Maps:
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Operation Dates: 1930's - 1986
Area Stats: Summit 9,760; Base 8,500; Vertical Drop 1,260
*Trails: Beg: 10%, Int. 40%, Adv: 50%
*Ticket Prices: (1984) Adults $7.50, Children $3.50
*Rentals were available from $6.95 per day for adults
*Season: Thanksgiving - April
Lifts: 3, 1 t-bar (Stats: Built by Stadeli 1270' length, 240 vertical, 650
people per hour, 400 fpm), 2 rope tows
Facilities: Snack Bar, Ski Rentals, Rustic Cabins for lodging nearby
History: The current ski area probably opened around the mid 1950's,
but skiing has been popular year round on the nearby glacier.  The area
was also called Silver Mountain (1979/1980) and Silver Lake before
that.  According to readers the base area consisted of temporary
buildings with no real bathrooms (outhouses!).  In 2002, there was a
proposal to reopen this ski area as a snowboard resort.  Plans were
drafted by SnoEngineering but fell through.  The area continues to sit idle.
Directions: Take I-70 west and exit on the Fall River Road exit after
Idaho Springs.  The area is a couple miles from I-70 past the town of

Update:  Saint Mary's is reopening, click here for more
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Magazine on St. Mary's
Glacier Resort: **
History Pictures:
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The Lower T-Bar*
An old card that shows skiing on the
glacier near the area. #
Skiers on the T-Bar*
Skiing down!*
Pictures taken in May 2003:  ^
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The base of the Stadeli T-bar lift.
Various line pictures of the T-bar.
The summit of the T-bar.
Trails located on the lower mountain.
The upper rope tow and trails.
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"I skied St. Mary's in the early '80's... very small area.  Cold and windy."
- Lee

"Skied the glacier with the U. of Colorado ski team in the fall of 1961.
Remember it well as I was a "flat lander" who had some difficulties
adjusting to the altitude. Carried my skis and a young lady's, sweating all
the way to the base of the glacier."
- Jim M.

"I skied the glacier many times from 1972-1976. I had a pair of Cliff
Taylor short skis, perfect for the glacier because they were very light and
easy to carry, as well as being controllable so I could get in a lot of turns.
There was snow there year around, and in late September there was new
snow to soften up the old hard ice. By October I was off to climb ski
Loveland Basin."
Steve S.

"My wife and I used to drive up to the glacier back in the mid-70s on
summer weekends.  I would put on my Head ski boots and trudge
up the glacier one steop at a time until I reached the top.  I normally only
made a few runs then headed for the house!

Interesting note:  Without fail we would be skiing with the then mogul
king, Mike Taylor (I think I have his first name correct).  He was
fantastic!  Back then a full beard was fashionable for free-style skiers!"
-Owen Y.
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* Pictures thanks to Scott B.
# Picture thanks to Dan G.
^ Picture thanks to Brad C.
$ Picture thanks to The Colorado Skier
** Picture thanks to Cameron H.